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I must admit, I’ve been putting this off for quite some time, and now I’m writing it I’ve no idea why I was!

Any woman who is bigger than a B cup – which is in fact the vast majority of women – will know how hard it is to find clothes that fit your bust: trying to find something that doesn’t drown your lower half, to find the mid-ground between frumpy and tarty (or downright indecent), to find clothes that don’t stretch and gape in all the wrong places. As a 28K/30JJ, I definitely know how that is, and that is why I was so happy to discover a certain company from Poland.

Some among you may have heard of BiuBiu – if not, then you should definitely check them out! Much like Bravissimo’s clothing range Pepperberry, BiuBiu makes clothes made to accommodate a range of waist and boob sizes, the levels B/BB/BBB being somewhat comparable to Pepperberry’s C/RC/SC, though most have found BiuBiu’s sizing to be far more consistent.

BiuBiu size guide

Going by my “usual”, that is, pre-festivities measurements of 42.5/29 (108/74), and seeing a sale at Christmas, I couldn’t resist getting the Summer City dress as a gift in a 38BBB. Somehow, though, I ended up with a 40BBB – I think the person who ordered it must have selected the wrong one! However, this meant it fit perfectly over the holidays, if a little loose on the waist.


I am absolutely, unashamedly, irrevocably in love with this dress. It fits perfectly, with no pulling or worried-looking seams! I found the waist was still looser than expected (as it’s a 40, not a 38), though it doesn’t bag around me. It seems to me that it is very true to the sizing chart.

I chose to wear this dress a couple of times over christmas with coloured tights. It isn’t my best look, but it was much to cold to wear bare legged! I am now on the lookout for a couple of nice thick pairs of tights in mustard yellow, green, baby pink…I have a strange feeling this dress will work with most light colours!

1The detail that has gone into this dress really shows through. The cut on my bust/waist; the beautiful pattern; the long, subtle zip down the back; the rounded v-neck, front and back…It is such an amazing feeling to have clothes that not only fit me, but feel like they were made just to make me look and feel fantastic.

Another great thing about BiuBiu? The zloty to GBP conversion rate is very, very good! When I got the dress it was (and in fact, still is!) on sale for 99 zloty, which is at present about £20. The cheaper option for shipping to the UK cost around £7.50 (35-40 zloty?), taking 10 days to arrive, and there was a further charge of about £7.50 from the bank for the currency conversion – boo! This meant that the dress cost £35 after P&P and charges, and if not on sale would be more like £50 – not cheap for a single item, but if you buy a few tops and dresses at once it should be quite worth it! Luckily, as BiuBiu is also Europe-based, there are no pesky customs charges to worry about.


I honestly absolutely love this dress, and I am absolutely furious at myself for going to university in the north of England, where I know it will stay colder for longer and I won’t be able to wear this comfortably for months! I can’t stop browsing the BiuBiu site, and I can’t wait until I can order some beautiful new clothes again. It will also most definitely be my first stop when it comes to having to buy smart attire, stocking both work-appropriate dresses and the elusive button-down shirt. If anyone is thinking about ordering, I can honestly, 100% encourage you to do it – you will not regret it!

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5 thoughts on “BiuBiu: Summer City dress

  1. Wow, this looks great on you! I was also eyeing it up on the website but my size sold out before I had a chance to buy it :(
    Here’s hoping clothes that actually FIT catch on in the UK (disregarding expensive Pepperberry) as my friends thought I was crazy to be buying clothes from Poland!

    • Thank you :) Hopefully it’ll be restocked, if not then I’m sure there’ll be something else equally as beautiful soon! I only found your blog today, looking forward to reading more :)

  2. Hi :-) I’m glad to have found your blog – through the BiuBiu Facebook page. I think you’re the first “big bra” blogger that wears my bra size. Interesting, though, how similar bra sizes don’t mean similar dress sizes. I wear a 30JJ/K – 32J, but the Summer City in a 42BB (only one I had the chance to try on) didn’t even *begin* to zip up in the back. I think it’s because I apparently have a broad back and shoulders. (The SCity 42BB’s owner, with a 30K/KK bra size, on the other hand, zipped up with no problem) I’m guessing I’d have to have a 44BBB, or maybe even a 46, and then it would probably be way too broad on the bottom – (waist ab. 81-82 cm, hips 99-101). Good thing I don’t like the dress (for myself – you look great in it).
    You must try other BiuBiu tops – I recently got the Porto in black and burgundy, which are incredibly flattering, as well as the Victorian Plum turtleneck – which, although not as flattering, is also great.

    • That’s really peculiar! Apparently I have fairly narrow, sloping shoulders, so you’re probably onto something there. Going by my current measurements of 112cm bust and 76cm waist I would theoretically need a 38BBBBB, yet I still find this dress fine! Hopefully this will stay the same in other clothes…It’s my birthday in a few weeks so I was planning on asking people for a few more BiuBiu tops and dresses 😉 I may just have to get the Porto, we shall see! :)

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