Curvy Kate’s Smoothie: The moulded bra up to a J cup

Curvy Kate recently released the Smoothie, a moulded plunge bra up to a J cup (though only in two band sizes). Though I usually wear a 30JJ in most brands (and often a 30K in Curvy Kate), early reviews suggested it came large in the cups. This, combined with the natural curiosity of a large-cupped moulded bra, meant that I had no choice but to try it in a 30J!

CK Smoothie full1Apologies for the very yellow photos! I honestly could not be more surprised by the fit. I have always had to size up in the cups in CK, and I’ve never gotten the best profile, but the Smoothie is something completely different. If I didn’t know any better, I would think it was made by a different brand! Though it is loose in the band (stretching to 32 inches), I have also found it to be large in the cups, fitting perhaps more like a “standard” 32J on me. Other reviews have found the bands to be somewhat inconsistent, with most reviews falling between true-to-size and slightly loose. I would probably suggest sizing down in this, as a too-tight band is a much easier fix than a too-loose one! I can’t quite convince myself to buy the matching underwear for such a basic set, but others may fall in love with the high-waisted style briefs also available.

CK Smoothie closeup1Completely unexpectedly, I think I have found a new favourite bra. The Smoothie has a subtle leopard print pattern on both the cups and band (huzzah!), which livens it up without showing under clothes. It also has a tiny jewel on the centre gore, which itself has black leopard print detail, something I absolutely love! I’m also surprised by the cleavage I get from it! In terms of profile, the Smoothie gives a very uplifted, naturally rounded shape, similar to what I get from most Bravissimo styles – think your boobs but better! The cups are constructed of a fairly stiff foam, which is rigid enough to keep a good shape without compromising comfort. The central gore is also lower and narrower than on the other CK bras I’ve tried, which is great for those with close-set breasts. It also has fully adjustable straps and a three-hook fastening, which is always good news.

CK Smoothie rotated

As wonderful as this bra is, it isn’t without problems. The main issue I have with this bra is how high-cut it is under the armpits, which results in some rubbing throughout the day. As such, it may not be the best choice for those with short torsos or high-set breasts, though it may be worth a try. This may be improved if the straps were slightly more central at the front, which would (theoretically) also be more supportive. The second (potential) issue is that it seems to have a square “dent” at the bottom of the cups. If it was only there whilst wearing, I would think it was due to cup buckling, however it is still there when I am not wearing it. I am not sure if this is due to how it was stored before sale, or if it is how the cups are actually formed, but some may find this a problem.

I would consider myself to have fairly balanced fullness, perhaps slightly more full on top. Overall, I think a 28JJ would be perfect for me in this, so I would suggest a band size down with your usual cup size (e.g. 32J -> 30J). I can’t really compare it to other CK bras, as most of them have not worked for me! The Smoothie has also been reviewed at Invest In Your ChestBras I Hate, Broods Big Bras and A Sophisticated Pair. It seems to be constructed to work for a variety of breast shapes, which is quite rare, though it means some may need to try a few sizes before finding a good fit – those who are full-on-top may find their usual size to fit well, while those who are bottom-heavy may need to size down more. It may also be important to note that the Australian run were apparently mislabelled and ran very large in the cup, as shown by Brood, something to keep in mind if ordering from Australia! The Smoothie will also be released in hot pink and blush for the next season, which I’m quite looking forward to – the blush looks like a a great option for a light-skinned nude tone!

Along with the Smoothie, I may have treated myself to a fun set in the form of the Curvy Kate Tease Me in Cherry/Blush, also in a 30J.

CK Cherry Tease Me full1As expected, it is slightly too small in the cups on me, though not quite as small as the Thrill Me. The band stretches to 31 inches new, so ideally I think I would need a 30JJ in this (or 28K accounting for stretching over time), suggesting it’s quite true to size. The Tease Me features the usual three hook fastening, with fully adjustable (fairly stretchy) straps. As expected from a 30J, I find the wire width fairly spot on, though I wish the gore was just a touch narrower.

CK Cherry Tease Me closeup1Though I’m sure it goes without saying, I adore this set. It gives a fantastic Marie Antoinette style cleavage, the detailing is amazing, and the colour combination is an absolute winner. I’m not much of a thong person, but the thong has to be my favourite part of this set – I am in the love with the red polka-dot mesh frills! I may have found my true love in the Tease Me, and so wish I’d managed to snap it up in the emerald green, something I’m sure will haunt me forever!

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7 thoughts on “Curvy Kate’s Smoothie: The moulded bra up to a J cup

  1. Lovely review! I could not get past how high this bra was for me on the sides (plus how far the underwires extended), but I often have this issue with Curvy Kate bras. The only one I have found real success with is the Tease Me, but I do think the Smoothie is one of CK’s best bras to date. It’s certainly worth trying, especially if you’ve struck out with some of the older molded cups available!

  2. Hi! I am a big fan of the blog, and am kind of amazed at how similar our busts are. It’s practically a miracle (for me). I have been debating about the Smoothie for a while – I love moulded bras, but haven’t really owned one since outgrowing J’s – and while I generally don’t do so well in Curvy Kates, this seems pretty promising. Only thing is that I’m actually closer to a 30K than a 30JJ in most bras (Panache Jasmine, Bravissimo), so I’m concerned about your comment that the back was strechy. Do you think the bra shape overall would survive having the back taken in quite a bit? Or would it warp the wires or some other such thing?

    You look fab by the way. It kills me that there isn’t a variant of the Tease Me line that comes in plain colors (black, nude, white) without frills – because, yeah, the Marie Antoinette style cleavage! But I can’t wear them under ANYTHING. Ugh. Not-moulded Curvy Kates don’t work for me at all, but those ones… Well, I just love them.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog. Very helpful.

    • Hey Zoe! I’m sorry I totally missed this comment, slowest replier ever. Did you try out the black Smoothie yet? I think it has pretty solid construction and would hold up to going down 2 inches or so, it could be worth getting one and pulling the band tight to see how it holds up? I’m pretty tempted to alter mine down, to be honest – I want it to last forever! Apparently the Tease Me is being discontinued so I’m going to have to stock up on as many of those I can find – sigh!

      Sorry if I’m way too late to help, anyway! Am I right in thinking this is the same Zoe who recently joined a certain group I’m in? In which case, I’m glad to see you’ve started your blog! Can’t wait to read more :)

      Anna x

    • Thanks for the compliment and all, but please don’t compare me to other women, and especially don’t talk about what all women need to have to be attractive to you. I’m quite certain many women are perfectly happy with different body types.

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