In Love with Freya’s “Lacey”!

The Freya Lacey may not be a new or exciting bra, but it’s definitely a gorgeous one – plain enough to blend in under clothes, but with enough little details to keep her cute and fun! So, when I got the chance to try her out courtesy of Large Cup Lingerie, I clearly had no choice!

LCL Lacey packaging WM

Cha, who runs Large Cup Lingerie, was a huge help with sizing. I opted for a 30J in the balcony bra, and, since I wasn’t sure what size I needed in the briefs, Cha very kindly offered to let me try the shorts in both M and L. The set arrived speedily and beautifully wrapped – getting tissue wrapped lingerie in the post is one of my favourite things, it’s like getting a present!

Lacey 30J full

I think it’s safe to say, I really do love this bra! The combination of cream and mocha, the delicate polka dots, the scalloping on the band, the tiny buttons, all such subtle details that turn a basic bra into a beauty! In terms of fit, I found the 30J to be just slightly small in the cups, but from experience, the extra space from a larger cup tends to be lost under my armpits. Also, the central gores on Freya bras often don’t lie flat in larger cup sizes, which can make the cups slightly larger than if the gore tacked properly. So, this considered, I believe a 30J is the best fit in the cups for me. The wire width is also fairly spot on in this size, and could perhaps be just a hair narrower.

New out of the packaging, the fully stretched band measures just over 31 inches, so it runs fairly loose. Not a problem for those on the upper side of a 30 band, but small 30s may need to size down to get the best support. I already need the bra on the tightest hooks, so I’d prefer a 28JJ/K, but sadly this bra only goes to a J cup on a 28 band. On me, it gives a nice, naturally rounded and uplifted profile, which is what I personally favour for everyday wear! The weak wires combined with my close-setness mean it gives a slight cleavage on me, but in lower cup sizes (with firmer wires) it should give more separation.

Lacey 30J close up

It has the usual three sets of hooks and eyes, and very wide (over an inch) comfort straps. Not the best choice for a vest top, but, in my opinion, hugely comfortable and supportive. The pattern continues onto the band and the straps, which I am always a fan of – so many manufacturers stop at the side boning! However, it does mean that the straps are only half-adjustable, which may be a problem for some. I did get some slight wrinkling at the bottom of the cups however much I adjusted, so I think that’ll have to go down to a shape issue. The cups are somewhat high-cut compared to some of my other bras, but not unwearably so – just something to keep in mind if you favour low-cut styles!

With approximately 41 inch hips and usually fitting into a size 14, I found the shorts to fit best in size M. As with the bra, I love the tiny details on these – I love the use of buttons instead of bows! It’s just a touch less feminine, which is always good considering the huge lack of androgynous lingerie on the market. Finally, I love how this set can just pass as nude – considering how my current “nude” bra is in fact bright yellow, I’m sure this will blend in much better!

That’s all from me, for more reviews of the Lacey, check out Invest In Your Chest, Undiegamer and CurvyWordy!

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9 thoughts on “In Love with Freya’s “Lacey”!

  1. I am in love with this bra and have had my eye on it forever (literally). Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to find it in the $60-70 range which is more than I am willing to spend on a bra at the moment.

    Do you find that this gives you a wide looking shape at all?

  2. Okay, first off, sorry for looking! But I really like that you showed it from the side, that’s the main thing I want to know about. You just don’t really see a side view on websites. But it looks like a good support, nobody wants to be Baywatch-running when they’re walking normally! Ha ha!

    I personally prefer underwear that’s more cutesy, but it looks like a great casual set. Have to agree with you on the ‘nude’ colour scheme. A lot of them do come in yellow, and these would probably be closer to my skin tone!

    Naomi xxx

  3. Interesting that you found the band loose! I wonder if the band gets stretchier past a GG cup? It definitely felt like one of the tighter 28s I’ve tried. I wish I still had this bra so I could measure it. If I ever decide to replace it (a thought I am certainly mulling around) I’ll measure it.

    Great review, reminds me what a lovely bra this is :)

  4. We are the same size!! I just order some curvy kate 30Js because my G/H cups were given me quadra boobs (and to think, just a year ago, I was wearing a VERY ill fitting 34 DD from Victoria Secret!) Yay boob twins :) great blog

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