Lovely Lingerie from Curvature Boutique

Back in November, I was lucky enough to win a prize in Invest In Your Chest‘s blogiversary giveaway: a £50 voucher to a new lingerie retailer, Curvature Boutique, situated in Essex. I had planned to visit the store, but plans fell through, and with me being a terribly forgetful person, it took me a few months to get anything sorted out. Luckily for me, the lovely Kirsty was endlessly patient and helpful, and sorted out sending the items to me, along with a few little bits and pieces – I particularly love the corset-shaped charm!

Curvature Boutique Packages

Unfortunately for me, the only full-bust brand they stock is Curvy Kate, so none of the bras were going to fit me. So, I opted for a variety of knickers and hosiery, which arrived boxed and wrapped lovingly in pink tissue paper. And, on a sunny day, what better to do than wander round the garden in your undercrackers?


I usually wear a size 14 in most clothes, but I got the Curvy Kate Tempt Me high-waisted shorts in an 18. I was expecting them to be a least a little big, but it seems CK run smaller than I thought, as these are a very comfortable fit. I paired the shorts with the black Scarlet Seamer tights in a large.


The tights are firm and structured with a lovely Cuban heel, and go perfectly with the briefs. I wore them together here with my Trashy Diva Courtney coat dress and some heels, in a very Dita-inspired outfit!

Curvy Kate Tease Me Cherry/Blush

The next items I chose were the Curvy Kate Tease Me suspender shorts and the nude/black Scarlet Seamer tights, which I’ve paired with my matching Tease Me bra. I chose the shorts in a 14 and the tights in a medium, though I think I’d prefer them in a 16 and a large respectively. Obviously the bra is much too small, but I’m hanging onto it anyway, especially now I have these shorts!


That last picture looks so elegant, but between you and me, I’m actually falling over because of the heels 😛 Again, the tights are well structured and reinforced, though I think the black modesty panel isn’t the best for sheer briefs.

Vixen May Fishnet Backseam Bow Tights

One item I knew I had to had: the Vixen May fishnet tights with a bow backseam, worn here with the high-waisted briefs.


These tights are so lovely! They make me want to throw on a corset and dance around with some oversized feather fans. I found them to fit fine, as fishnets are usually pretty forgiving. Unfortunately the bows don’t seem to be too well attached, and a couple had fallen off within 10 minutes of putting the tights on. I might attempt to re-attach the bows, as they’re just too pretty to give up on!

Curvy Kate Tempt Me Suspender Shorts in Midnight

Finally, the Curvy Kate Tempt Me suspender shorts in a 14, matched with black Scarlet Seamer stockings in a medium. Again, I think I’d prefer a 16 for the shorts, but they were still gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable. I do get some cutting in at the hips, but I seem to get that in just about anything that isn’t high waisted!


I absolutely love stockings. Somehow, for me, they’re one of the items that I own quite a few pairs of, but never really end up wearing. That said, I liked these stockings more than I expected to. Compared to pairs I’ve had before, I found them firm and well-constructed, but generously sized and comfortable.

All in all, I’m very happy with these pieces! I spend so much of my time looking for and at bras, it’s a lovely change for me to have a few different things from the world of lingerie. If you’ve been following me on tumblr or facebook, you might have gathered that I’ve had a sudden growth spurt in the boob department recently, putting me somewhere in the 30KK region for most UK brands. Which means that at this moment in time, I have absolutely no bras that fit, so it may be a bit quieter around here in terms of bra reviews. In the meantime, I may end up doing a few posts like this!

Aside from bras, do you have any lingerie loves? :)

Items purchased with a voucher to Curvature Boutique. Though most of the items were free, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. My wife walks past Curvature Boutique every day, and is consistently tempted by the amazing window displays…. Consequently, I regularly purchase sets and hosiery for my wife, and she is so delighted with the quality and comfort. I have every faith in Kirsty’s suggestions and advice on all aspects of underwear, and I will be taking my wife in to be measured for a corset this week. I am so pleased that others share my views on the superb service provided in Curvature Boutique, and it is wonderful to have such high quality garments available in my neighbourhood. I cant wait for the men’s underwear to be available…… I wish Curvature Boutique every success.

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  3. I love those bow fishnets! and that coat dress is the DADDY! Would you mind if I asked where it’s from. Your piccies are awesome!!

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