My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Avocado

Avocado are a luxury Polish brand, making some of the most beautiful bras around at the moment. Bored of matronly bras, Joanna and Anna Lejwoda created Avocado to provide elegant, sophisticated designs for full busts without compromising on fit or support. Their designs range from beautiful basics to sumptuous showstoppers, covering a size range of 60 D-L, 65-80 C-L, 85 C-H, 90 C-G, and 95 C-F (EU sizing, size chart here).

Avocado Nina Red

Nina in Red, available in 60-95 bands and E-L cups.

Nina features a simple cut and clean lines, but the rich red colour, glossy ribbon detailing and sheer mesh panels take it from a basic to a very stunning set. Avocado currently have five basic cuts (A, D, F, H and K), and this bra is cut K. This set is available in 60-65 D-L, 70 C-L, 75 C-K, 80-85 D-H, 90 D-F and 95 D-E.

Avocado Greta Black

Greta, available in 60-95 bands and E-L cups.

Greta is another of my favourite sets from Avocado, featuring a black mesh base with a combination of graphic lines and swirling embroidery. This bra is cut A, and is available in 60 F-L, 65 E-L, 70 D-L, 75 C-K, 80 C-J, 85 C-H, 90 C-G, and 95 C-F.

Avocado Charlotte

Charlotte, limited availability.

Charlotte is only left in a few sizes, but I had to include this lavish take on what could have been a basic beige bra. The swirling floral embroidery over a rich caramel base is just amazing, and this is available in A and H cuts, though there are only a couple of sizes left.

Avocado Creole

Creole, available in 60-95 bands and D-K cups.

The Creole is a very popular design, currently in its 8th colourway. I love the jewel-toned magenta and berry hues, and the intricate almost baroque-style embroidery is so rich and extravagant. Many sizes are now unavailable, but this bra was made in 60-65 D-K, 70-75 C-K, 80 C-J, 85 C-H, 90 C-G and 95 C-E.

If you’d like to try something from Avocado, here’s your chance! Avocado have very kindly offered the prize of two €50 e-vouchers to spend with them, to go to two winners! To enter, complete the Rafflecopter tasks below. The first entry of leaving a blog post comment is required, but all other entries are optional, and you only need to do them if you’d like to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck!

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Images courtesy of Avocado Lingerie.

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119 thoughts on “My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Avocado

  1. Love the bras in this brand, been dying to try them after seeing Miss Underpinnings blog post :) Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize :)

  2. I love the Vedette! I have a couple of Avocado bras in 65G but would love to try a 60GG now because they were ever so slightly too big in the band :)

  3. Never heard if the brand before, but I’ve been after a bra that looks like Greta for a while now – love to win it!

  4. Greta, Annick or Nina in red – can’t decide which one is prettier… probabably I would take Nina, the most sexy :) (and Valentine’s Day is coming ;))

  5. The Nina set looks like it wouldn’t show under clothes and I have always had a soft spot for red lingerie. So I would love to have that one.

  6. I’d love to get the Nina in red because it looks like a good substitute for the Paris or Paige from Miss Mandalay. Not that I wouldn’t get all three if I could though.

  7. Just found Avocado recently and have wanted to try out the Greta ever since! The Charlotte is also lovely. All these pretty Polish brands are making me want to move there!

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