My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: BiuBiu

BiuBiu is a full-bust clothing retailer, creating a variety of clothes cut for curvy figures. Stocking everything from casual tops to work clothes at very reasonable prices, they have become a firm favourite in the full-bust community. Their sizing is based on waist and bust measurements, covering sizes 34-46 (waists from 65-102cm) with three bust sizes of B, BB and BBB (up to 30cm waist/bust difference).

Biubiu Monaco Blue Dress

Monaco Dress in Blue, available in 36-46 B/BB and BB/BBB.

The Monaco Dress in Blue is a stunning piece, made from a gorgeously thick blue cotton. The square neckline is bold but practical, and I’m always a sucker for a full skirt. I’m sure many will be fans of the long sleeves, which will definitely help to stay toasty in the colder months!

Biubiu Rouen Vert Dress

Rouen Vert Dress, limited availability.

The Rouen Vert Dress is a beautifully fresh summer dress, featuring warm greens and yellows in Italian cotton. This dress is currently in the sale for 99zł (approx £22), so it’s a great one to snap up if your size is left.

Biubiu Gotham Top

Gotham Top, available in 36-48 B/BB and BB/BBB.

Possibly one of my all-time favourite BiuBiu pieces, the bold Gotham top. This top is so popular it’s come back for another production run, which, looking at it, is quite understandable.  The black and grey print is striking, the neckline interesting, and the long sleeves both beautiful and practical. This top could be worn casually, to work, out for drinks, it really is incredibly versatile.

Biubiu Haarlem Cherry Top

Haarlem Top in Cherry, available in 36-46 B/BB and BB/BBB.

One of BiuBiu’s basic top, the beautiful Haarlem top in Cherry. This cut is available in a variety of colours (including my favourite emerald green), and is another incredibly versatile piece. The wrap cut is incredibly flattering, and the ruching is a much more interesting choice than a plain shirt.

Biubiu Modena Button Shirt Purple

Modena Button-down Shirt in Purple, available in 34-42 B, BB and BBB.

Finally, one of BiuBiu’s button-downs, the Modena shirt in Purple. I’ve tried BiuBiu’s Vanity Fair before (review here) and found it to be a wonderfully practical quality shirt, so I expect the Modena is similarly great. There are a few companies around who make full-bust button-down shirts at the moment, but this deep purple colour and professional cut results in a fun yet work-appropriate combination, something BiuBiu seem to do very well.

If you are a fan of BiuBiu, you might like this prize! BiuBiu have very kindly offered a prize of one BiuBiu dress and two BiuBiu tops, to go to three separate winners! First prize will win the dress, with the two runner-ups winning a top each. To enter, complete the Rafflecopter tasks below. The first entry of leaving a blog post comment is required, but all other entries are optional, and you only need to do them if you’d like to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck!

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Images courtesy of BiuBiu.

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128 thoughts on “My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: BiuBiu

  1. My favorite item? EVERYTHING!!! Seriously though, if I add everything-I-want-from-the-shop-that’s-in-stock-in-my-size it comprises about 80% of the available stuff.
    I’m wishing they’ll bring back the Oia dress especially in blue, but I’ll be in heaven with a Vienna dress or Lukka dress too (totally going for a dress if I win).

  2. I really love the Marsala dress; been tempted by it for ages! I also really love the Portofino and the Venice tops, because they seem so flattering for figures like mine!

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  4. I love all the long-sleeved tops. They’re great basics that I reach for all the time in winter (which seems to be most of the year in this country!)

    • Same thing here, it’s quite amazing to be able to wear clothes that fit and look good and still not be more cold than what is absolutely necessary. 😛

  5. I really like that gotham top and the haarlem top. I love the look of tops that nip in under my breasts but there is never enough material and the seam or waistband always seems to cut right across the girls. It’s great to see a company addressing that issue!

  6. I’ve loved the Marsala dresses in the plain red,blue print and the beige print for a long time.I really like the Lukka dresses,too.
    As for tops I like the Haarlem in emerald and sherwood rusty.

  7. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of dresses in general but I LOVE Biubiu’s designs. Their shirts are something I’ve been wanting for a long time but I am just too cheap to spend more than $5-15 on a shirt. (H&M, what have you done to me??) Their shirts are very reasonably priced for what they are though, don’t get me wrong. :) One day I will be able to afford them and they will be mine! :)

  8. Favourite items… Well, as my wardrobe seems to mainly consist of BiuBiu, Urkye and Collectif it’s a lot. The Harlem tops I have in multiple colours gets a lot of wear. The thicker winter dresses (Vienna, Oia) are also huge favourites, while I do prefer the older Summer City to Rouen Vert. And the shirts! Plain coloured cotton shirts for decent prices. The Vanity Fair is my favourite, the Modenas seems to run a bit too small in the bust for me, but I’ve worn my Vanity Fair shirts a lot.

  9. Can’t say I have a favorite item as I had only ever tried a single shirt, and while it was nice to wear, it was the wrong size unfortunately. It would never be fair for me to comment on something that’s so obviously illfitting. i’d love to try a dress, though, because I can never have enough dresses.

  10. I love hoodies because they’re so comfortable, but I’d prefer to show off my figure too. So my favorite is the Sherwood – it’s still casual, but the neckline and the empire waist make it look more feminine. And the dark blue and rusty red colors look so deep and rich in the pictures…
    But I really like the Gotham too. Why? Because nananananananana BATMAAAAAN!

  11. Hmm…my favourite would probably be the martini and the montparnasse dress. And frankly any blouse that can button, without gaping, and without being a size or more larger than my frame is pretty awesome.

  12. I’d love to try Biu Biu again. Last time I tried I ordered the wrong size, so hopefully I’ll get it right if given the chance.

  13. I really like everything I’ve seen from BiuBiu, but I’ve been wanting a nice button-down for forever, so I think that purple one is my current favourite!

  14. I love BiuBiu, but I’d love them to make more clothes that would be more fitted under the boobs. And some shirt-tunics maybe :)

  15. I love most of your items. But because it´s winter now the Brighton/Oila/Lukka,.. dresses and Olvera Sweater are the best options for this season. 😉

  16. I’ve been dying to try biubiu clothing, especially since I discovered the Monaco dress. Such a great shape, and the color is fabulous!

  17. I love the Solina shirts – they look so cozy! The sherwood shirts as well as the Montparnasse dress have also caught my eye – I may need to invest!

  18. I love the 3 Biubiu tops I own (portofino, haarlem and venice), I think my favourite is the portofino. I haven’t tried any of their dresses yet as the sizes were out of stock when I ordered. Top of my list is Lukka but I don’t know which colour is my favourite!

  19. I’ve heard nothing but good news about Biubiu clothes, from design to quality to customer service. I would love a chance to own one of their dresses.

  20. I love the basic tops like the Haarlem and Portofino – I have trouble finding regular tops that don’t swamp my waist and these are tailored beautifully.

  21. I would love to have Rouen Vert and Monaco dresses! But I can never find a well-fitting button down shirt, so I would probably choose one of Modena or vichy shirts.

  22. Their Martini dress is to die for (although I suspect it’s no longer available in my size). But I think it’s their blouses that actually do it for me, because they just fit SO well :)

  23. I love button downs and I’ve been meaning to try the Modena for forever. The Marsala dress has always caught my eye, but I’ve also wanted some simpler casual tops that were bust and small waist friendly for a while though.

  24. My favourite items, that’s a difficult one because I love so many of them. Oia dress, Marsala dress, Paris dress, Summer City dress, Martini dress. Basically: DRESSES! I never wore dresses before BiuBiu because every single part of me would have to wear a different size :)

  25. The Gotham top, the Martini dress, the teal shirt I believe it’s the Venice…pretty much everything, I love, but those are some of my favorites.

    • Also congratulations on all of your wonderful accomplishments! I’m just getting into the bra social thing and found your blog from BralessinBrasil’s awesome list and seeing as I’m 30-34 bands and JJ to L cups, decided to follow you. And I love your other pieces they contribute greatly to the bra community. I even saw your one of your posts on tumblr last year I think! Looking forward to your posts.

    • Heh yeah, this is my main blog, I write most of my own posts here :) I’m personally lusting after the Monaco dress and Gotham top, too lovely. Good luck!

  26. I love all of the button downs since it’s unheard of to find a button down that fits my bust and the rest of me well! (And I’m not even that busty… seriously, who are they making button downs for?)

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