My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak (Effuniak) is a Polish brand, offering a fantastic range of sizes and styles. Their mission is to provide bras for everyone, regardless of size or breast type, something that they do quite well! Their bras are readily available in band sizes 65-100 (approximately 30-44 UK), and cups AA-KK. However, many of their bras can be custom ordered, giving a custom size range of band sizes 50-105 (approximately 24-46 UK), with cups up to a 70M and sister sizes.

Ewa Michalak skin tone bras

L-R: S Czekolada, SM Nana beżowa, PL Toffik, S Porcelanka, S Satine

One of the things I appreciate about Ewa Michalak is the range of skin tones they’ve produced, from the luxurious S Czekolada to the delicate S Satine. They produce a variety of styles, in a few basic cuts. The cuts include: PL (a padded plunge style for all cup sizes); S and SM (padded and unpadded plunge/balconettes for large cups); 3D and 3DM (padded and unpadded plunges for small cups); CH, CHP and HP (padded half-cups for mid-to-large cups); HM (an unpadded half-cup for small-to-midrange cups); KM (a padded plunge nursing bra for all cup sizes); and ST (a strapless bra for small-to-midrange cups). Though I have mainly listed S/SM bras in this post, most S and SM designs are also available in 3D and 3DM versions.

Ewa Michalak SM Czarodziejka

SM Czarodziejka, limited availability.

One of my favourite recent styles, the absolutely stunning SM Czarodziejka. This is one of the sexiest bras I’ve seen recently, and I was so close to buying it before my size sold out! I love that the sheer lace turns it into a bedroom set, as well as being plain enough to wear as a basic black bra.

Ewa Michalak CHP Gazeta

CHP Gazeta, available in 65-95 bands and B-J cups.

A set that excited a lot of people when it came out, the incredible CHP Gazeta. The newspaper print and red accents make this such a unique design, one that manages to be quirky and sexy all at the same time.

Ewa Michalak S Teczowe Kfiaty

S Teczowe Kfiaty, available in 65-95 bands and D-KK cups.

One thing I love about Effuniak is that they aren’t scared to go for unusual designs. The S Tęczowe Kfiaty is a wonderful twist on florals, featuring a rainbow of contrasting neon tones.

Ewa Michalak SM Burek

SM Burek, available in 65-95 bands and D-K cups.

They also have plenty of sweeter, romantic designs, such as the breathtaking SM Burek. The delicate floral embroidery on top of the sheer dusky rose cups is just perfection – I so want to get my hands on this!

If you’ve been lusting after anything from Ewa Michalak, here’s your chance! Effuniak have very kindly offered a prize of one set of Ewa Michalak lingerie! To enter, complete the Rafflecopter tasks below. The first entry of leaving a blog post comment is required, but all other entries are optional, and you only need to do them if you’d like to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck!

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Images courtesy of Ewa Michalak (Effuniak).

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214 thoughts on “My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Ewa Michalak

  1. I’m a big fan of Ewa bras, after searching and many trial and errors, her bras are what fit me best. I’m so glad there are blogs like yours or else I never would have heard/found out about Ewa. Keep up the good work girl :)

    • S is amazing, I’ve got Miss Shapen’s super-generous 60L Gazeta coming to me soon, seriously hoping it fits. Make sure you’ve gone and confirmed your entry now the widget’s live :)

  2. Not sure if my last comment went through :) but keep up the posts on this blog, love reading it, and fingers crossed for the Ewa bras 😛

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  4. I really love Ewa Michalak bras; the narrow wires work really well for my shape. If I won, I’d choose the CHP Gazeta, mainly because of how much I love the print. 😀

  5. Ohhh wow, these are all gorgeous…especially the news print, love it!! Sadly ive never had the pleasure of owning any Ewa….yet! xx

  6. Wow, I absolutely am in love with 99% of the bras from Ewa Michalak. But as a student, I could never afford to treat myself to any of them. One can dream! Famme Fatale and Milady are my ultimate favourites.
    Laura x

  7. I’ve got the Gazeta on the way at the moment (I think, I haven’t heard anything in about 2 months :/), but I’ve never tried anything EM before and I’d really love to! I’d probably pick the CHP Miedziak :)

  8. I’ve never tried EM but I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I would love to try one of the 3DM or half cup styles.

  9. I probably would get the Strapless Toffi – it’s a simple yet adorable design, and the idea of a strapless that can exist on it’s own without straps is intriguing.

  10. I would totally take the SM Trefl, even though it’s an older bra and the newer ones are’s one I’m familiar with and,.it’s black lace. I looked amazing with it.

  11. Something in the S range… I need to do more research on specific bras, but even though I’m only a G, I’ve heard they’re awesome for soft tissue, which has been SUCH a problem for me!

  12. As most of my bra wardrobe is currently Ewa Michalak I do have quite a few of the bras… The CHP Famme Fatale I do not have though, and, it’s one of the sets I’ve loved but haven’t really been able to justify to myself, which I think makes it perfect if I would win. :)

  13. For someone with a lot of immediate projection, EM bras are a godsend! So hard to pick just one, but the Gazeta and Miedziak would totally be top contenders!

  14. I’ve wanted to try Ewa Michalak for ages, they have so many pretty bras (if only ordering from them wasn’t so intimidating!)

  15. I think I would order the S Teczowe Kfiaty…because COLOURS!! I’ve been dying to try Ewa bras and I think this would be a good start to an addiction

  16. I really want a black bra (grew out of my old one), so I’d go for the S Szykus.
    Other than that, I would like to try the CHP cut. Maybe the Fiolek?

  17. S Tęczowe Kfiaty!!! Ewa bras are the ONLY bras that work for me, being a close-set K cup. I only have one Ewa bra and that Tęczowe Kfiaty is absolutely STUNNING!

  18. I would be torn between the CHP Gazeta (so lovely!) and the SM Margot (so curious to try a soft-cup bra that offers that level of shaping and support)

  19. I have a woeful lack of flesh-toned-for-me bras at the moment, so I might aim for something there… But I don’t have much self-control, and that S Teczowe Kfiaty looks lovely…

  20. Oh man – I LOVED my SM bras until I outgrew them! I think the S Pieprzyk is adorable, although the Satine or Porcelanka are probably a bit more practical…

  21. I love EM – right now I only have her bras and I’m utterly in love with the S-style (both padded and unpadded) – that’s the best bra style I’ve ever worn in my life! <3

  22. I just love a lot of the prints, but I would love to spice up my lingerie drawer with the CHP Famme Fatale. Black with nude sexy? Hell yeah! 😀

  23. CHP Miedziak – my favourite set from the latest collection (for me even prettier than my another fav from all brands AW collections – Freya Ooh La La :))

  24. It would be so hard to pick just one! I think it would have to be the new CHP Miedziak. I haven’t tried the CHP style yet!

  25. Love the technicolor flowers on the Kfiaty! On the other hand, I might go with a PL style, and see if my chest will cooperate with an EM plunge bra.

  26. LOVE EM bras! I turned my BFF on to them, too, and she won’t wear anything else now! She was considering a ‘lift’ but after she tried the bras, realized it wasn’t her breasts that were the problem, it was her bras! I hope they’re always around because they’re the best I’ve ever tried. I would love any set, but since I don’t own a white one, the S Grace would be awesome! My dream would be to open a boutique here in the US that sells them, so that all women had the opportunity to wear something that is not only beautiful, but fits beautifully. I think I’d call it ‘I’ve Got a Better Secret’ 😉

  27. If I won, I would choose SM Czarodziejka or SM Malinka – SM is definitely style that fit me the best (I already have SM Burek – my favourite bra, and SM Nana) and if I could, I’d buy every piece of that collection :)

  28. I am lusting over the S style. Never tried one, but probably perfect for my shape. I hope they could get the CHP Stalówka back too. :)

  29. Have always wanted to try Ewa, but the cost has been prohibitive. That newsprint set is so gorgeous… would be great on stage as part of a burlesque act. Fingers crossed I win!

  30. I have been beyond hopelessly in love with the Gazeta since the first time I saw it. It’s so unusual! I’m generally not a padded cup kind of girl, but I would so make an exception for this set and the Charlie.

  31. I only tried an Ewa bra once, which sadly didn’t fit me, size-wise, and I haven’t been able to afford any since, but man, they put out some fabulous designs! And everyone keep recommending them to me :)

  32. I can’t believe I never noticed the SM Czarodziejka! It is so, so gorgeous! I love the way my SM Trefl fits (although with their sizing inconsistencies, the cups are a little small and the band a little big in my usual size), so I might just have to ask EM if they could sew me one of the Czarodziejka. Or tell my husband… 😀

  33. I love the CHP style, but it looks like they only go up to a HH which wouldn’t work for me. Is it possible to custom order them bigger? If not, I’d probably go for something in the S style.

  34. Oh gosh, I’ve been dying to try one of Ewa’s SM bras; they never seem to go up for sale secondhand! After reading Undiegamer’s reviews, I’m completely in love with pretty much all of them.

  35. SM Teczowe Kfiaty is my favourite at the moment but I have it already, same with PL Charlie. The ones I love most are basically either the ones I have, or the CHP ones, which do not come in my size 😀 … but I think I could give S Pieprzyk a try, or SM Czarna Mgielka :) … or I could wreak havoc and get them to make me Femme Fatale in a different style? 😉 dunno :)

  36. Thanks to lingerie bloggers I found EM brand and I love it. I’d be very happy to win a free set by Ewa Michalak. The new styles are very nice.

  37. What a tough choice! I love Ewa bras as flattering and comfy basics, which I wear with regular cotton bottoms – I’ve been intending to get a PL Onyks for quite some time, so I might just go for that . However, since the prize is a lingerie SET, I would be very tempted to get something incredibly over the top, such as the SM Grace with thong and suspender belt.

  38. I have a SM Czarodziejka on the way and would love to add another EM bra to my collection, they fit me nicely and don’t hurt my ribs where the wires end.

  39. Not going to lie, I’ve been scared to try an Ewa/Polish bra due to (possible) language barriers. Every set that I’ve seen are beautifully constructed and I would love to try them!

  40. Love how they fit…. Am dealing with some exchange issues even though I followed the policy to a T. So idk about their customer service. Fingers crossed!

  41. Honestly, I would email Ewa and ask for her advice! I have favorites based on the look, but I’ve never tried EM, and I’d want to ensure that I got the best fit.

  42. oooh that burek, and the pink one in the widget are so pretty! i wish more brands would be easily available in the us, we need these!

  43. I’d want to try the S Satine and/or S Porcelanka. I’m so sad I missed out on the green S variant with the spots – it was so perfect! We need more green bras!

  44. I have never heard of Ewa before but I’m glad I did. Now that I have my new correct bra size, I think I will definitely check them out. If I got one it’d be the 3D satin or the 3D pieprzyk.

  45. I said last time that I want an S style. I hope I would get either S Trapez or S Satine. Or get a CHP style, particularly Onyks.

  46. I can’t remember if I said this before,but I think I might have a problem with the email I used for rafflecoptor and can’t figure out how to change it to a different one.So if I happen to win anything use the email that I used for this comment. Thanks. :)

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