My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Panache Lingerie

Panache is an award-winning British lingerie company, dedicated to creating well-fitting, supportive, and comfortable full-bust lingerie. They currently have five individual brands, covering a total size range of 28-40 D-K, 42 D-J and 44-46 D-HH. With collections that encompass high-end, trend driven fashion to everyday modern core basics, they aim to offer support and comfort to every woman.

Panache Cleo Maya

Cleo Maya, available in 28-38 D-J

Cleo is the fun, flirty face of Panache, covering 28-38 D-J. Their designs feature supportive fabrics, bright colours and adventurous patterns, which makes them a perennial favourite to many full-bust bloggers.

Panache Jasmine Animal

Panache Jasmine Animal, available in 30-38 D-K

Superbra is the practical face of Panache, offering supportive, everyday essentials in 28-40 D-K. The Panache Jasmine is one of my all-time favourite bras, and I’m dying to get my hands on this sultry Animal print colourway!

Panache Sculptresse May

Sculptresse May, available in 36-46 bands and D-HH cups.

Sculptresse is one of Panache’s sub-brands that I wasn’t aware of until recently, designed to bring beautiful, stylish lingerie to the fuller figure. I adore this promo shot of the SS14 May, a full-cup bra due to be released in March. Aimed at larger bands and busts, Sculptresse cover 36 F-J, 38 E-J, 40 DD-J, 42 D-J, and 44-46 D-HH.

Panache Sport Cobalt

Panache Sport in Cobalt, available in 28-40 bands and B-H cups.

The Panache Sport collection covers 28 DD-H, 30 D-H, 32 C-H, 34-38 B-H and 40 D-GG. The superb comfort and support of this bra has made it a firm favourite amongst bloggers, and I’m pleased to say I will be reviewing it in the next few days.

Panache Masquerade Celene

Masquerade Celene, available in 28-38 D-G.

The last collection from Panache is Masquerade, an indulgent range filled with both sultry and romantic pieces. The SS14 collection comprises everything from plunges and balconettes to slips and basques, featuring a gorgeous colour palette of teal green, bridal white, royal purple and coral. Masquerade is one of brands I can’t help but wish I fit into!

If you’ve been lusting after anything from Panache, here’s your chance! Panache have very kindly offered a prize of one set of Panache Lingerie! To enter, complete the Rafflecopter tasks below. The first entry of leaving a blog post comment is required, but all other entries are optional, and you only need to do them if you’d like to increase your chances of winning.

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Images courtesy of Panache

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149 thoughts on “My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Panache Lingerie

    • SAME. Both of this season’s Jasmine colourways are amazing, and the Envy’s pants are big enough to be a holiday retreat. Neeeed. Thanks for commenting, just make sure you’ve gone and confirmed your entry now the widget’s live :)

  1. I love the Andorra range, especially the tangerine colour (even though I usually opt for black or white!). I also love the Jasmine bra in animal print. It looks like it fits beautifully on the model.
    Laura x

  2. Well, I have just bought my first Cleo bras after ruling them out in the early stages of my “finding my correct bra size” mission as not right for me….and my gosh, I wore my new Maddie for the first time today and it fits amazingly! I’m now interested in Marcie, despite previously thinking she’d be incompatible with my shape I’m starting to think I might be wrong….ooh really want to try Masquerade Amor, so beautiful! Actually a lot of the Masquerade styles are really stunning…

  3. Anything from Masquerade. Or one of the swim sets from Cleo. If the Cleo swimwear is as good as the bras then I’ll be hooked for life.

  4. I love my blue Marcie, so I’ve been thinking about getting one in a different color. Or maybe I would get something from Masquerade. It would be a hard decision!

  5. I would love to get another Marcie or Marcie babydoll. Then again, I am a fuller figure and would love to try a bra and panty set from Sculptresse. I bet it would be gorgeous!

  6. Masquerade’s SS14 collection is on fire, with the Antoinette as the standout. Cleo’s a lot of fun and bright colours, but I like the sophistication Masquerade brings on the table.

    My favourite set of SS14 is a tie between the Masquerade Antoinette, the Cleo Maddie Animal, and the Cleo Marcie in Yellow.

  7. Panache make so many beautiful bras, but I have to admit that the one I love the most is the Masquerade Rhea. It’s just so timelessly glam and I adore it in the Antique colourway.

  8. I’ll be forever sad that the panache sports bra didn’t work for me, everything I’ve heard about it is great and it really was comfortable, but I still had a little bit too much bouncing no matter what size I tried. The search for the perfect sports bra continues, but maybe I’ll have more luck with one of Panache’s other lines, Cleo seems very bright and fun.

  9. I just love my black Lucy (booring I know, but black is soo classy), and I would love to get a Panache Sports or the Animal print Jasmine

  10. I’d try the black Envy, I will probably get the red Lucy anyway and as soon as the Marcie comes in basic colors or a rich dark blue I would snap up one of those too.

  11. My favourite set is the Cleo or the Masquerade. Anything with vertical seams makes me look incredible! I love blues, turquoises, black, pink and pastel colours

  12. The most amazing set in this whole collection – ANTOINETTE.ooooooh. Oh god yes.And I’d get myself just that one if I won :)

  13. While I’m totally awed by the Cleo colours and prints, the Masquarade Rhea is my favourite! am wearing my baby blue one untill it falls apart, which could happen any minute…

  14. My favourite bra ever is the Masquerade Maia in aqua. In terms of looks and colour it’s the most beautiful bra for me.
    Now I would go for the yellow Cleo Mathilda Bandeau Bikini. I already own the Hattie, which seems to be the same cut and I love it!

  15. I really want to try the Cleo Marcie! Their Lucy was the first well-fitting bra I bought and I love it, but I’ve heard that Marcie might work a bit better for my breasts.

  16. Oh my god, I love all things Panache, so that would be a tough one! A Cleo Pixie set? The yellow Marcie babydoll? Maybe the Masquerade Celene? I’ll probably be buying all of them regardless, haha!

  17. I’m not really a fan of Masquerade Panache bras, but I love classic Panache and Cleo, their balconettes are the greatest of kind (especially Melissa and Chloe). I think I would choose Panache Fern, its vintage design is lovely!

  18. I keep wanting to try the Cleo Marcie or Maddie bras, but I’ve also tried on some styles from the Masquerade line that I love. I still don’t own anything by Panache, though; hoping to change that when I have the money!

  19. I really wish Panache would offer the Envy/Jasmine/Clara in a 28 band. I’d go for the Masquerade Angie on this though, it’s so gorgeous!

  20. My favourite Panache sets are the discontinued Confetti and Harmony lines probably. As of current sets I’d likely want either Andorra, Envy or Idina.

  21. My favorite Panache set is an older one and I no longer remember the name, it is a plunge by Masquerade in red with black polka dots, I’ve got other Masquerade sets but none that I like as much. It gives awesome cleavage, it’s super comfortable and, since the band was so tight when I first got it, is the only bra bought at that time that it’s still in good condition and supportive enough to wear.
    From the new spring collection I would choose Angie in Plum, from the winter collection I would pick Orla or Harem.

  22. I find Cleo great for their non-padded bras, although I’m not dedicated enough to get the yellow Marcie colourway when that comes out (bleh).

  23. All of my favorite Panache bras sadly aren’t (yet) in my size, but the Cleo Marcie or Lucy are both sets that I’ve been dying to try, so this would be the perfect opportunity.

  24. ive never tried them, but that celene looks TO DIE FOR. usually full cup lingerie looks like it covers too much for me, but that is so pretty <3

  25. I’d love the Panache Sport (Been wanting a sports bra that’ll fit for FOREVER, but I also really like the fit of Envy/Jasmine, and many Cleo’s. I’ve also been wanting to try a bra from the Masquerade line.

  26. I really love the Panache sports bra, I used to wear it all the time to work because it was that comfortable AND gave a great rounded shape. If I won I’d want to try the Maddie, Marcie in yellow or the green and print Darcy!

  27. I’m convinced the Jasmine will be brilliant on me (similar wire width to the Marcie clones, plus stretch lace), so I need to try it!

  28. I was quite disappointed in Panache this season, so I’ll even pass on the Jasmine.
    I guess it would be Cleo Minnie or Lily (it reminds a bit of some Agent Provocateur sets if you’re not too picky) or perhaps Masquerade Antoinette, this season its colours are fab.

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