Bravengers Assemble!

A few days ago, the lovely Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed wrote a post combating body snark in the bra-fitting world, with viewpoints from the various Bravengers. Most of the brilliance is of course Miss Shapen’s, but I also got the chance to join in, dress up in lingerie and pretend to be a superhero. There are some great pictures and a great message, so make sure you check out her post here! I had a lot of fun making superhero costumes solely out of lingerie, so I started thinking: If the Avengers were all women, and for some reason, exclusively wore lingerie, what would they wear?

So, let’s start with Iron Man! Iron Man is a total show off, and despite the seeming simplicity of his suit’s design, the whole thing gives off a vibe of sleek grandeur.

Iron Man lingerie2

Clockwise from top left: Iron Man; Custom Red and Gold Corset from Lovesick Corrective Apparel;  Avocado Nina (Red); Cervin Seduction Couture Coloured Stockings (Red); Curvy Kate Ritzy (Ruby/Spice); Leg Avenue Satin Opera Gloves (Red); Wonderbra Ultimate Lace Strapless (Red); Burlesque Boutique Red Satin Bloomers.

There isn’t that much to say about Captain America’s costume – it’s pure showy, over the top patriotism.

Captain America lingerie2

Clockwise from top left: Captain America; What Katie Did Stars and Stripes Corset; Freya Deco (Cobalt); Morgana Femme Couture Candy Stripe Corset; Masquerade Amor (Blue); Fairy Goth Mother Frilly Knickers (Blue).

Thor has both armour and a super dramatic cape, which I think is possibly one of the funnest ones to recreate with lingerie.

Thor lingerie2

Clockwise from top left: Thor; Madame Sher Grey and Black Velvet Corset; Leg Avenue Bustle Skirt (Red); Freya Deco Charm (Silver); Kiss Me Deadly Elle Robe (Red); What Katie Did Fonda set (Silver, discontinued).

Hawkeye’s outfit is basic and practical, but with a few details that were fun to recreate.

Hawkeye lingerie2

Clockwise from top left: Hawkeye; Freya Deco Shape (Black); Hopeless Helena Suspender Belt; Missguided Marianna Bodysuit; Fortnight Mira Longline (Black); Bordelle Bettie Briefs.

Black Widow’s aesthetic is similar to Hawkeye’s and some pieces are probably interchangeable, so here I focused on her catsuit and holsters.

Black Widow lingerie2

Clockwise from top left: Black Widow; Hopeless Megan Garters; Bravissimo Satine (Black); Desvalido Australia Garter Belt (via Etsy); Sunday Intimates Lolita Set (Black). Centre: Sunday Intimates Lolita (Black), photo by Sweet Nothings NYC.

The lingerie equivalent to one pair of super-stretchy sweatpants would probably be stretch lace knickers, so let’s just pretend Hulk wears more clothes than that.

Hulk lingere2

Clockwise from top left: Hulk; Panache Andorra (Jade); Agent Provocateur Seam & Heel Stockings (Purple); Kiss Me Deadly DeVille set (Emerald Green); Honey Cooler Handmade Ribbon Corset (Emerald Green); Ann Summers Olympia set (discontinued).

What do you think? Are there any other pieces you would have picked? :)

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10 thoughts on “Bravengers Assemble!

    • I would definitely consider doing that, but I’d need a few more ideas! I was thinking about doing a separate post for Marvel villains, but most of them (excluding Loki) dress pretty boringly. There are also the non-film Marvel heroes/villains, and there’s DC to look at as well. Do you think stick to superheroes/villains, or popular tv/films in general?

      • I would say pretty much anything in pop culture can be a go. I’d love to see some science fiction stuff. Maybe some video games?

      • Aww, I disagree about the Marvel movie villains! Loki is awesomely costumed, but then – Iron Man wise you’ve got Hammer/Obie (pinstripes and suits, whee!), Whiplash (electricity! strapy stuff!), the Mandarin (eastern influences, robes!), and Killian (more suits, but also extremis and he BREATHES FIRE MAN). Cap’s got Red Skull, so uniforms and cephalopods; Thor’s got Malekith, with all kinds of dark leathery armor; then there’s always the Citauri!

        • Ooh, very true. For some reason I pictured vastly suits. Whiplash, Mandarin and Chitauri definitely have potential, and I could mainly use the fire angle for Killian…You may have persuaded me 😉

  1. Oh my! I love all of your ideas! What a fun idea for a post, and I am especially smitten with the Thor set. In fact, I was a bit sad to see them not turn the Deco Charm in that silver color into a basic for a couple of seasons. :(

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