Mini-Review: Panache Jasmine in Animal Print

The Panache Jasmine is one of my favourite bras, and when I saw SS14 included a gorgeous animal print colourway, I knew I would have to get my hands on it! I already have it in both the Red/Floral and Bird Print colourways in a 30JJ, which I reviewed here earlier this year. I was planning on getting it in the same size again, but when I stumbled across a 30J for less than half price in an ASOS sale, I decided to risk it. This won’t be an in-depth review as I’ve already reviewed this style before, but I did find a few differences in fit which I thought I should write about.

Panache Jasmine Animal 30J

Animal print always divides opinions – it seems you either hate it or you love it. Personally, I have become a huge fan of animal print over the years, so this colourway is right up my street. I sometimes feel like all the mainstream full-bust bras are regurgitations of the same thing (lace/mesh on a plain/floral/dotty base, anyone?), so I was very pleased to see Panache decided to do something a little different for Spring. Some people dislike animal print as they think it’s overused for “sexy” lingerie, but considering this is one of the only animal print bras I’ve seen around my size, I’m not complaining!
Panache Jasmine Animal 30J Semi-scooped (Front and Angled)
As for the sizing, sadly the cups are definitely too small for me, and I think my usual 30JJ would be better for me in the cup. It doesn’t look too bad in these pictures, but I must admit I was not fully scooping and swooping in an attempt to make it wearable! The main difference I found from the other colourways was how small the band runs – while my previous 30JJ-Ks measured around 31.5 inches, and the last 30J I tried measured around 30.5 inches, I found the animal print 30J barely stretched to 29 inches. Panache bands are usually said to run tight, but it is usually the case that only smaller cups run tight, while bigger ones run loose.
Panache Jasmine Animal 30J Semi-scooped Side and Back
I am not sure whether my bra is a one-off, or if this colourway runs tighter than usual in all sizes (which may mean smaller cups would need to size up again). I am hoping this is Panache trying to make their bands more consistent across cup sizes, but I am not sure how to find out if this is the case. If anyone else has tried this colourway, I’d love to hear how you found the band. Whatever the reason, I am actually quite glad this runs small. It does mean I have to use an extender to add a couple more columns, but I much prefer this to being on the tightest hooks within a few weeks.

Just to show the cups are definitely too small, this is when I scoop and swoop. I’m not sure how well I captured it, but I now get a fair amount of overspill, particularly towards the centre. While I like the 30J for many things (narrower wires, lower underarms, slightly closer set straps), it seems my current Jasmine size of 30JJ is still the right one.
Panache Jasmine Animal 30J Scooped
Along with the bra, I also treated myself to the matching briefs in a size 12, which seemed to be a good fit. I found the briefs gave enough coverage to be comfortable (if it’s so small it gives me a permanent wedgie, I am not interested!), but they manage to remain very sultry. Overall I do love this colourway, and I think I’m going to keep the 30J despite the fit issues. However, for those who find their usual Jasmine size to be good in the band already, it is possible that you might prefer to go a band size up in this colourway.

The Panache Jasmine in Animal is available in 30-38 D-K, and limited sizes are currently on sale at Bravissimo for £26. For those who aren’t fans of animal print, there is also an Ivory Floral colourway available this season, currently retailing at Bravissimo for £29.

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5 thoughts on “Mini-Review: Panache Jasmine in Animal Print

  1. Do you find that the band under the cups flips under as you wear it? I bought the ivory floral one recently, and this is my first day wearing it. So far I’ve had to tighten it to the middle because it was sliding down my torso, but I haven’t figured out how to get the bottom to stop flipping up. It’s driving me crazy-I have never had a bra that does that, and now I’m wondering if I should just sew it so it stops flipping.

  2. When I just got the Jasmine in the animal print colourway, I decided to hook it up on the last hook because it felt tight enough (usually I do it on the middle because I measure a 28) so it could be something with the colourway….granted after a couple of wears I went right back to hooking it on the middle.

    One thing I’ve noticed of late though with my Jasmine bras, is that I have to be readjusting the cups of my bra throughout the day, because my breasts start trying to escape o.O not sure what may be causing this. For the heck of it I did try a 30JJ but it didn’t feel supportive at all.

    • Well I am right between a 28H and 30GG (measuring 29 under bust), and tightening did help it not slide down anymore. I really shouldn’t be surprised that I needed to do that, but I was since it’s new. I can’t seem to get the front to quit folding up though.

      If you’re readjusting the bra that often, it may not quite fit. I spent a lot of time in a 28GG Deco even though it was too small and I was adjusting it fairly often since I was falling out of it. Took me a while to realize that was the problem though because I could adjust my boobs in it and make it fit quite easily. Getting them to remain in the cups though was difficult. I must say that it’s much better in a properly fitted Deco that was tailored to my band size, but now I don’t get as much cleavage.

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