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When I was contacted about reviewing one of Gossard’s sets, I received the Gossard Summer Plunge set (which I previously reviewed here), and I also surprisingly received a second set, which was the Gossard Retrolution Half-Padded Bra in Black with matching briefs (part of their ‘VIP Lingerie’ range). I usually wear a 28G, but as Gossard start at a 30 band, I decided to try out a 30FF with XS briefs. When I took my first look at this set I wasn’t too sure about it, but I swiftly changed my mind. As someone who has a relatively accessible cup size I find the majority of bras in my size range give a fairly rounded shape, which was my main reason for doubting this bra – the ‘Retrolution Half-Padded Bra’ is pointy.

Gossard Retrolution Half-Padded Bra and Briefs Set in Black - 30FF, XS

At first I was a little uncomfortable at the thought of a pointy bra, but upon trying it on my opinion slowly changed. While looking in the mirror I felt like a gorgeous vintage model and I just wanted to pin curl my hair, dance around to swing jazz and apply my favourite red lipstick!

The bra itself is mainly black in colour and feels smooth like satin. The top half of the cups has beige mesh with a feminine black lace overlay to add some classy detailing, and on the gore sits a small black chiffon bow. The fully-adjustable straps are rather wide to add to the retro look, and finally there’s their classic ‘gate’ back fastening band.

Gossard Retrolution Bra 30FF Close-up

When checking the measurements of the bra I was rather pleased to find that this band ran slighter firmer than the Summer Plunge. Laid flat the band measures 24 inches, with a stretched measurement of just under 28 inches. In this size, the Retrolution fastens with three sets of hooks, and I find the band is reasonably firm on me. As I mentioned previously my underbust measures closer to 26 inches, so if 28 bands were available I would’ve liked to test one out. The matching briefs are equally as stunning as the bra, and the XS size sits comfortably on my 36 inch hips. The front panel of the briefs has the same beige mesh and lace overlay as the bra, with another cute black bow to the front centre. The tulip-shaped sides have black mesh panels, which scoop down to the back, which is made with the same black satin material.

Gossard Retrolution Half-Padded Bra - Inner Cup Sling

I believe the cups of this bra run slightly small as they don’t seem to fit me quite as well as I’d hoped – I get a small amount of overspill, but it isn’t too noticeable. I think going a cup-size up with this bra would be a better option for me, as tightening the shoulder straps gives a nicer shape but results in more overspill. I believe this wouldn’t cause any discomfort as the undersides of the shoulder straps are very soft and almost fleecy, so they’re very comfortable on the skin. Also, on the inside of the cups there are nude mesh ‘slings’, which should help keep the breasts uplifted. The bottom half of the cups are slightly padded, while the top half is only the mesh and lace. The top half is sturdy rather than stretchy – while this means it is more supportive, there is less leeway in sizing. If it had been stretchy then I believe overspill wouldn’t have been a problem.

The wires seem fairly average width with a pretty average gore height, and the cups seem average depth. I personally prefer plunge bras due to my breasts being quite close together, but I still really like this bra. Visually it is stunning, and the retro look is a great change from the rest of my bras. The retro shape may be something to keep in mind if you like a more uplifted/rounded profile, but I have personally become a big fan. Overall, I am once again very happy to own this Gossard set, and look forward to trying out some of their other sets in the near future!

The Gossard Retrolution Half-Padded Bra is available in 30 D-G and 32-38 B-G, retailing for £36 on the Gossard website. The matching Brief or Thong is available in sizes XS – XL (approximately 8 – 18 UK), retailing for £16 or £14 respectively, and you can see the full Retrolution Range here. If you order from the Gossard website, you can also get free UK postage until 30/06/14 using the discount code JUNEFREE.

Item provided for review by Gossard. Though this set was received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are the writer’s own.

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7 thoughts on “Go Retro with Gossard

  1. I reviewed Gossard’s Colour Clash set a while back (http://www.estylingerie.com/Lingerie-Blog/Review-Gossard-Colour-Clash-Bra-Knickers-Suspender-Belt) which is basically the same bra in different fabrics and I LOVE it, I love the slightly pointy retro shape (like a modern alternative to a proper vintage cone bra). I’ve been planning to buy this set too for ages since the fit should I assume be the same, might just do it now there’s free delivery :)

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  3. Hi, um, I noticed you mentioned you had a 26-28 band size, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations on companies that sell smaller band sizes? I measure a 24 band, and I haven’t really had much luck finding any reviewers with band sizes under 30 at all.

    • I usually wear 28 bands which are relatively available (Curvy Kate, Cleo, Freya, Panache etc), however 24-26″ bands are far less common. Although I haven’t tried one out (yet!), Ewa Michalak and Comexim can custom make bras with a smaller band size if you email them, and Made in Preston are making 26 bands (though I haven’t heard much about their bras yet). I personally tend to look for 28s which run a bit tighter, such as those from Cleo and Panache (which are often more like 26 bands). You might not necessarily need a 24″ band if you’re quite slim or muscular – you might be more comfortable in something closer to 26″, but it’s hard to say without trying. Another option if you still have no luck is altering larger band sizes (still the smallest you can find – 28″?), either by removing or folding some of the band, or tightening them so they don’t stretch as much: http://www.venusianglow.com/2010/07/tutorial-tightening-bra-band-without.html

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