Mini-Review: Panache Sport in Grey

The Panache Sport is a style which I’ve written about on the blog before, and one which I absolutely adore. I have had the grey colourway on my wishlist for a long time, so I was very pleased when the wonderful Large Cup Lingerie kindly offered to gift it to me. I have previously found that the level of support and comfort the Sport offers is outstanding, and the grey colourway is no exception.

Panache Sport in Grey - 32H

The Panache Sport is available in 28 DD-H, 30 D-H, 32 C-H, 34-38 B-H, and 40 D-GG, so as before, I opted to try this colourway in a 32H. As always with Large Cup Lingerie, the bra was sent out swiftly and arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper (a little detail I always love!). I did notice some differences in sizing between this and my other colourways, which is mainly the reason I decided to write a mini-review for this colourway.

Panache Sport in Grey Close-up 1 - 32H

The materials of this colourway seem somewhat more rigid than my other ones. I feel this may be slightly more firm and supportive, and it may be the reason that the sizing is slightly different. While my other 32Hs stretched to about 32 inches new, the grey seems to run slightly small in the band, stretching to approximately 31 inches. In terms of appearance, I had the great round shape I expected, and I love the colour combination – it kind of reminds me of the Companion Cube from Portal (which, y’know, who wouldn’t want to have in bra form?).

Panache Sport in Grey Close-up 2 - 32H

I found the cups ran slightly smaller than my previous colourways, perhaps by half a cup. It’s still wearable, but even with the straps loosened there is slight quadboob. If you’re between sizes in this bra, you may want to take the large cup. As expected the wires are fairly narrow, making them a good width on me, with low sides and fairly close-set straps. Some of this may be due to this bra being a much smaller cup size than I usually wear, though if you do (like me) size down in the cups for this bra you should have a similar result. With a current usual size of 30K (30JJ in Panache Jasmine and Floris), my best size in this bra would likely be a 32HH/J for lounging, or a 30J/JJ for exercise, suggesting this colourway is slightly less generous in the cups than my others.

Panache Sport in Grey J-Hook Close-up - 32H

The grey colourway features three sets of hooks and eyes, with the usual J-hook fastening at the back. The J-hook allows you to convert the bra into a racerback, which I find to be great for adding support, as well as shortening the straps if they’re too long for you. I do find this colourway to be a nice inbetween for my other 32Hs and 30H – this bra provides better comfort than my 30H, but better support than my other 32Hs, so I can easily wear this for both lounging and exercise. One thing I did notice that I didn’t mention before is that there is no tag sewn into this bra, and the tag details are instead printed onto the inside of the band. This means no itchy tag to irritate, which I think is a great idea for a sports bra.

Overall this is yet another great addition to my wardrobe, with all of the amazing comfort I had hoped for. I wear my Sports for just about everything, including lounging, concerts, dancing, working out and everyday wear, so I’m very glad to have another hand! This bra really does perfectly balance comfort, support and appearance, and half a year after I first tried it, I would still happily recommend it.

The Panache Sport in Grey retails for £38 at Large Cup Lingerie. This bra was sent to me by Large Cup Lingerie as a gift. Though I received this item free of charge, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi anna,

    As at 28JJ/K..what size would you recommend (if any) in the panache sports? I had tried the Freya Sport in 30J, but I found the support lacking (I’d have to double up on the bras).

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