Moda Preview: Curvy Kate SS15

Last month, I was lucky enough to visit Moda in Birmingham, which meant I got to preview lots of the new styles coming out next Spring/Summer. I’m planning on sharing previews for the different collections I saw over the next week or two, but let’s start with one of the big favourites, Curvy Kate! This season from Curvy Kate features lots of tropical orange/reds, bubblegum pink, sunny yellow, topaz and violet.

Curvy Kate Princess SS15

A sweet and simple piece from the season, the Princess set in Cerise/Topaz.

Curvy Kate Cascade SS15

This is a new style, the Cascade in Topaz, which will be available in 28-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G. As soon as I saw this I was intrigued due to how much it looks like my much-loved Gia, and it turns out, this is for a good reason – the Cascade will be replacing the Gia starting in SS15. As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m pretty gutted about this! The brochure describes Cascade as having a laminate lower cup, though in person it seemed much less rigid than Gia’s material. It is admittedly gorgeous, so hopefully it will give as good shape and support as the Gia.

Curvy Kate Arizona Close-up SS15

This is another new style, the Arizona, available in 28-40 D-K. I believe this style is based on the Daily Boost, but featuring denim-look foam-lined cups and panels of polka dot fabric. I thought this was quite adorable, and a great way to make the basic Daily Boost style a bit more interesting.

Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher SS15

This colourway of the continuity Dreamcatcher style was definitely one of my favourites! Yellow lingerie is usually quite uncommon, but I was pleased to see it cropping up in quite a few collections.

Curvy Kate Portia SS15

Portia in Poppy (a very rich, orange-toned red). I do like this colourway – it’s possibly my favourite Portia of the last few seasons!

Curvy Kate Madagascar Set SS15

A new style for SS15, the Madagascar, available in 28-40 D-K. It features zebra print fabric in an rich, tropical orange tone, which is not quite my style, but I’m sure others will find it more their thing. Orangey lingerie is quite uncommon at least, so I’m sure there will be a few people who will be happy to see this.

Curvy Kate Soda Pop SS15

Another new style! This is the Soda Pop, available in 28-38 D-J. This is a very young looking piece, featuring a bright bubblegum pink base with small white, blue and pink circles embroidered onto the cups. I have to admit I’m not really a fan of this piece – the cup embroidery kind of reminds me of froot loops or something – but it could be a good one for the young teen market who want something a bit more fun and girly.

Curvy Kate Daisie SS15

A new colourway of the Daisie plunge, Cerise (pink). This bubblegum pink tone seems to feature quite heavily this season.

Curvy Kate Firecracker SS15

The Firecracker plunge in White Print. Just to get the pieces I don’t like out of the way, this is another piece I’m not really a fan of – I think the print is a bit odd and the colours are a bit twee for me personally. Again, this seems like something that is more aimed at a young teen market.

Curvy Kate Jewel SS15

One of my favourites from this collection, the Jewel in Violet/Topaz. The detailing and the colour combination are just gorgeous – I can’t wait to try this out! The construction an embroidery seem somewhat similar to the old Emily style, so I’ll be interested to see how this compares. The Smoothie will also be made in this sort of violet tone, though unfortunately I did not get a photo (as, I admit, I was not a big fan).

Curvy Kate Florence SS15

Yet another of my favourites from the collection. Curvy Kate seem to be branching out into a few more basic pieces, including this new set, the Florence. This is a new continuity style, which will be available in Black and Blush in sizes 30-40 D-J. I am a huge fan of anything blush or peach, so this semi-sheer, dusky blush toned bra is right up my street. This bra will also have a slightly lower pricepoint, with an RRP of £25.

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Biscotti SS15

I was excited to see this piece up close and personal, the Luxe Strapless in Biscotti. This style has actually just been released for AW14, so I’m sure it’s a style many people are curious about at the moment. I loved the stripe detailing on the band and the small buttons on the gore, and (just from looking at it), it seemed very well constructed. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing reviews of this!

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Black SS15

Just to show the strapless in action, this is the lovely Lotte modelling the Luxe Strapless in black. Based off her wearing it, it seems to give a really nicely rounded and uplifted shape. It does look a little shallow at the bottom (similar to the Ritzy, Thrill Me etc) and a little curved in on top, so we’ll see who it works best for.

Curvy Kate Bardot Babydoll on SS15

One of my definite, definite favourites! This is the Bardot, available in 28-40 D-K in both a babydoll and balcony bra style. I adore the violet detailing contrasting with the black base, and I particularly love how the cups are 100% sheer in every size – no opaque lining for larger cups! This is quite possibly the style I am looking forward to most from this collection, and one that I will have to try myself.

Curvy Kate Ritzy SS15

The Ritzy in Black/Poppy (though I would say it seems closer to a magenta colour than the orangey colour called poppy above), also available as a babydoll. This is a great colour combination – subtle enough to wear under clothes, but bright enough to be fun and eyecatching.

Curvy Kate Dita Close-up SS15

This style was really hard to photograph! This is another new style, the Dita plunge, which will be available in 28-38 D-J. This is quite possibly my favourite unpadded plunge from Curvy Kate, featuring entirely sheer black cups (similar to the Bardot), with sparkly metallic embroidery on the top half. This was really sophisticated and stunning in person, and I wish I was in the size range!

Curvy Kate Tease Me SS15

One bra I was very, very happy to see! The Tease Me (now renamed Tease) is returning in a gorgeous Blush/Black colour combination. As mentioned before, blush is one of my favourite colours, especially when paired with black, so this is one that’s definitely going to join my wardrobe.

Curvy Kate Temptress SS15

Finally, one more new style! This is the Temptress in Poppy Mix, a revamped version of the old Tempt Me from the Showgirl range, available in 30-40 D-J. The Tempt Me was renowned for being very shallow, wide and difficult to fit, so I was glad to hear that the Temptress has been made narrower and deeper. I really hope this will be a better success for more women!

I also got to preview the Curvy Kate’s SS15 swimwear range. Curvy Kate seem to have gone for quite a cohesive swimwear collection this swimwear, with lots of similar colours and patterns allowing you to mix and match.

Curvy Kate Shockwave Tankini SS15

This is the Shockwave in the new colourway, Electric Shock, combining electric blue, lime and royal blue. As before, this is available in a halterneck tankini, halterneck bikini, padded bikini, adjustable short, and (my favourite) ruffled skirted brief.

Curvy Kate Ocean Drive SS15A new collection, the Ocean Drive. This comprises a few different cuts (halterneck bikini in 30 D-J and sister sizes, padded bikini in 30-40 D-J, padded tankini in 30-40 D-K, and three different briefs), each available in one of two different colourways, Electric (colour-blocking royal blue, electric blue and lime) and Chameleon (lime).

Curvy Kate Ocean Drive Electric Set SS15

Ocean Drive padded bikini and short in Electric.

Curvy Kate Ocean Drive Collection SS15

The Ocean Drive collection all together.

Curvy Kate Cocoloco SS15

The new Cocoloco collection, available in a padded bikini (28-40 D-J), a strapless bandeau (30 D-J and sister sizes), a skirted brief and a tie side brief.

Curvy Kate Beach Bloom SS15

The new Beach Bloom collection in Topaz Floral, comprising a moulded bikini and a halterneck bikini (both in 30 D-J and sister sizes), a skirted brief, and a very cute ruffle back tie side brief.

Curvy Kate Starry Eyed SS15

Another new collection, the Starry Eyed, available in a padded bikini (28-40 D-K) and a halterneck bikini (30 D-J and sister sizes). I wasn’t too keen on the halterneck (as above), but the padded bikini in this fabric was very cute. This is made with the same pink starry fabric as the small panels on the Beach Bloom, so these two styles can be mixed and matched.

Curvy Kate Moonflower SS15

The new Moonflower collection, available in a padded bikini (30-40 D-K), a plunge bikini (28-38 D-J), and an unpadded tankini (30-40 D-K). I do really like this floral fabric with the bright pink accents, though I wasn’t too keen on the oversized bow in the centre.

Curyv Kate Luau Love SS15

Finally, a gorgeous basic set, the Luau Love, available in Black and Flamingo pink. This is available in a padded bikini (30-40 D-K), a tankini (30-40 D-K), and a bandeau bikini (30 D-J and sister sizes). They’ve introduced a few new bandeau styles using their new strapless construction, which I think is very exciting. I also loved the high waist brief (shown above) and the matching swim skirt with side ruching (which unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of).

Overall I do think Curvy Kate has had stronger collections, but there are some really gorgeous pieces of lingerie, and I think the swimwear collection is very strong and very cohesive. It does seem like you can almost split the lingerie collection into two halves (young/girly, sophisticated/boudoir). I do personally lean towards the more sophisticated pieces, but I think there is enough variety that there will be something for everyone.

What do you think of the SS15 collection? Any favourite pieces? Any not-so-favourite pieces? Let me know in the comments!

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    • Curvy Kate are definitely a more feminine brand! Whereabouts are you from? Quite a few stores sell Curvy Kate, though I imagine if you’re in the US you might be a bit far away from them.

  1. I need the Arizona in my life! Most of the swimwear gained oohs and aahs from me. I especially love the mix and matchability. The Shockwave though, it was hard on the eyes.

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  3. I so do wish I could hop on a plane to the UK to try on all these styles… Shipping to Canada is pricy, and if I have to send back an ill-fitting bra.. Even more pricy :(

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