Autumnal in Avocado

Avocado are a Polish brand that I have reviewed previously on the blog, and one that I think many UK readers have been curious about since they introduced international delivery. When I last tried Avocado, I found my closest fit was a 70L, though I would ideally wear a 65M/N if it was made. Avocado very kindly sent me another two bras to try out, which is what I’ll be reviewing today!

Avocado Jewel 70L Full

The first bra I tried was the Avocado Jewel in Cassis (A cut), size 70L, matched here with some F&F (Tesco) knickers. This bra is also available in H cut. I have tried the A cut before (see previous review of the Caprice), so in theory the fit of this should be very similar.

Avocado Jewel 70L Close-up

In terms of appearance, I think the Jewel in Cassis has a very autumnal vibe, featuring a deep pinky purple base, with leaves and flowers embroidered in shades of orange, fuschia and maroon. Something slightly unusual about the Jewel is that it features little cut-outs in some of the flowers, just at the tops of the cups and at the centre of the band, which I thought was a very interesting addition. Embroidery aside, the Jewel has completely sheer cups, which I find very light and comfortable.

Avocado Jewel 70L Angled Close-up

This bra gave me a nicely uplifted and rounded shape, which I felt was much better than I got in either of the bras I tried last time. As expected, it was a little small, and the gore doesn’t sit flat on me (I think due to a combination of the small cups and my close-set breasts). I also get a little wrinkling at the very bottom of the cups, I think possibly due to the bra sitting very slightly low on me, which I believe happens because of the height of the gore. Despite this, it is a fairly comfy bra, and a very pretty one at that.

Avocado Jewel 70L Profile Close-up

As expected, the Jewel features wonderfully narrow wires and deep cups. However, while I expected the fit to be very similar to my caramel Caprice (as they are the same cut), I did notice a few differences in fit/sizing. Looking at the measurements, the cups are narrower, the gore is 6mm higher and 3mm wider, and the wings 13mm higher. The general construction (i.e. the seam structure and cup height) is very similar, but there is some definite variation in dimensions between styles. Even though these differences may sound small, the slightly smaller cups combined with a higher/wider gore means this style definitely doesn’t tack on me, where the caramel Caprice nearly did. The wing height is also an issue for me, as I often find bras can irritate under the armpits throughout the day, and this bra is no exception.

Avocado Jewel 70L Back Close-up

The band of the Jewel was looser than the other Avocado bras I’ve tried, stretching to nearly 33 inches, so it only just fits me when worn on the tightest hooks. It features three sets of three hooks and eyes, and I believe the straps are fully adjustable, though due to the embroidered front half they may be stiffer to adjust. One detail I did like was that the band features some orange fabric appliquéd next to the band, which ties the front and back together. I’d say that this bra fit approximately like a 32J/34HH in UK sizing.

Avocado Caprice Black 70L Full

Avocado also sent me the Caprice in Black (A cut), size 70L, matched here with some Primark briefs and a Camille robe.

Avocado Caprice Black 70L Close-up

As expected, this is very similar to my Caprice in caramel. It features a black textured pinstripe fabric for the base, with sheer black upper cups and black embroidery. It also features violet embroidery across the tops of the cups, a violet bow in the centre, and appliquéd black/violet lace at the front of the band. I love the choice to add violet detailing here, as I think it’s such a pretty addition, yet it is subtle enough to let the Black colourway remain a (very sophisticated) practical piece.

Avocado Caprice Black 70L Angled Close-up

While the shape is very similar to the shape I got in my caramel Caprice (very rounded, uplifted but natural), one difference I did notice was that when I look at an angle, there is a noticeable sort of squareness in the bottom half of the cup. I am not sure where this comes from, and no amount of adjusting seems to get rid of it, but it is not visible from most angles, and overall I still get a very round shape.

Avocado Caprice Black 70L Profile Close-up

As with the Jewel, there are some differences in sizing between this and my caramel Caprice. I found the black colourway to be slightly more generous in the cups, and I do not get overspill in this size. However, once again, I found that the measurements were different – the gore was 1mm higher and 3mm wider, the wings 10mm taller, and the cups are slightly narrower. So, despite the cups fitting well, the gore still does not quite sit flat – I am not sure if this is due to my close-set breasts, or whether Avocado’s wires tend to soft-tack anyway.

Avocado Caprice Black 70L Back Close-up

The band also runs slightly looser than my caramel, stretching to nearly 32.5 inches. As before, it has a square back, with three sets of hooks and eyes and half-adjustable straps (due to the ridged fabric on the front half). Overall, I believe this fits approximately like a 32JJ in UK sizing, and it seems to be a fairly good fit for me (aside from the slightly loose band). In this case I think my best size would be a 65M (i.e. same cups, smaller band), but unfortunately this is not in Avocado’s size range.

I am still as impressed with Avocado’s bras as I was the first time I tried them, and I would definitely recommend them to those who are looking for a more luxurious full-bust option. Along with the bras I’ve reviewed, there are many other absolutely stunning options to choose from – I absolutely adore the Essentia and Annick in Love bras (also in purple)! I believe Avocado caters to roughly 28-36 bands and up to J/JJ cups, with 38-42 bands available in smaller cups, so if you are in this size range, you may have luck.

What do you think of Avocado? Have you tried them? What was your experience? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!


Avocado stocks sizes 60 D-L, 65-80 C-L, 85 C-H, 90 C-G, and 95 C-F (EU sizing), with bras starting from around 45€. Items provided for review by Avocado. Though these bras were received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.

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