Moda Previews: Elomi & Goddess SS15

I seem to be getting through these previews much slower than I was hoping, so let’s get started on the next! Elomi and Goddess are Wacoal/Eveden’s plus size ranges, which together cover 34-56 bands and B-K cups. Elomi’s SS15 collection features lots of bright blues, warm reds, pinks and purples. Goddess’s collection is much smaller, but again tones of pink and blue seem to be very popular.

Elomi Bijou Soiree Watermelon

Starting with Elomi’s collection! The Bijou Soiree was released for AW14 in a Black/Beige colourway, and SS15 will bring this eyecatching Watermelon version, featuring a beige moulded base with hot pinky-red detailing. I loved the first version of this bra, and I imagine this style will be a popular choice for SS15. Available in 34 F-H, 36-42 E-H, 44 E-G.

Elomi Bijou Hot Pink

Elomi Bijou Surf

There is also the standard moulded plunge, the Bijou, which will be released in both Hot Pink and Surf. This is a gorgeous basic style! I’m sure the Hot Pink will have its fans, but I am personally loving the bright blue Surf colourway – the contrasting polka-dotted cream detailing is adorable. Available in 34 F-H, 36-42 E-H, 44 E-G.

Elomi Lexi Ultra Violet

The Lexi is an unpadded plunge bra with side support and stretch upper lace, which is the kind of construction I am always a huge fan of, and I was surprised to see so many versions of! The Ultra Violet colourway features an owl print base in purple and electric blue, set off with a purple lace upper and detailing. Available in 34 G-HH, 36-42 D-HH, 44 D-G, 46 D-DD.

Elomi Amelia Dahlia

The Amelia in Dahlia. The Amelia is a style I hadn’t come across before, and was one I was very intrigued by. It’s a bandless moulded bra in spacer fabric, but it also seems to be half-padded in a way – though most of the cup is moulded, it cuts away at the side to leave unpadded side panels. I am not in the size range for this bra, but I may have to look up reviews, as I am very intrigued by it! Available in 34 G-HH, 36-40 DD-HH, 42 DD-H, 44 DD-GG, 46 DD-FF.

Elomi Tessa Cobalt

Tessa in Cobalt. This is an unpadded full-band balconette, featuring floral embroidery in gold and electric blue. Available in 34 E-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

Elomi Orla Midnight

The Orla in Midnight, a full-banded unpadded plunge featuring a navy and hot pink leopard print base. Available in 34 G-JJ, 36-40 DD-JJ, 42 DD-HH, 44 DD-G.

Elomi Emily Grenadine

Emily in Grenadine, a non-stretch side support full-cup in an allover rose print, with structural embroidery on the upper cup. Available in 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

Elomi Etta Pomegranate

Etta in Pomegranate, which features a red mesh base with white/red embroidery. This appears to be another non-stretch side-support full-cup, available in 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

Elomi Betty Pistachio

Betty in Pistachio. Betty is an unpadded plunge, which I know to be very popular amongst some of my blogger friends! This pistachio green colourway is crisp, airy and fresh, and as a huge fan of any green lingerie, it’s possibly my favourite of the collection. Available in 34 G-HH, 36-42 D-HH, 44 D-G, 46 D-DD.

Elomi Naoko Black

Naoko longline in Black. This is one of my stand-out pieces! I love longline bras, and I haven’t really been a fan of Elomi’s previous longlines (such as Megan or Roxy), but this is really stunning! Available in 34-40 E-H. There is also a non-longline banded bra, available in 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

Goddess Kayla Leopard

Goddess Kayla Rose Trellis

Goddess’s collection seems to include fewer styles than Elomi’s. This is the Kayla in Black Leopard and Rose Trellis – I believe this colourway has been released before, but I photographed it anyway as I quite liked it! Goddess seems to mainly incorporate full-cup styles (using the Keira/Kayla shape), so the collection’s aesthetic is quite noticeably different from Elomi. In addition to the Kayla colourways I photographed, there will also be a new Keira colourway of Freesia (a sort of softer, deep pink). Available in 34 I-N, 36 DDD-N, 38-42 DD-N, 44 DD-L, 46 DD-K (US sizing). There is also a non-wired version available, covering 36-38 DD-H, 40-56 B-H.

Goddess Hannah Moulded Red

Hannah in Red. This is a side support bra with a stretchy upper section. Unlike most Goddess bras, this is a moulded bra. It also looks as though it may be slightly lower cut than the full-cup styles, which may be good for those who find the full-cups are a little too full coverage. Available in 36 DD-J, 38-42 C-J, 44 C-I, 46 C-H, 48-52 C-DDD (US sizing).

Goddess Adelaide Blush

Goddess Adelaide Aster

Adelaide in Aster and Blush. This style is again a full-cup, similar to the Keira/Kayla styles, but it is constructed of a beautiful sturdy lace. This could be a great choice for those who like the Keira/Kayla but want something a bit different. Available in 34 I-N, 36 DDD-N, 38-42 DD-N, 44 DD-L, 46 DD-K (US sizing).

Overall I am quite a fan of Elomi’s collection! The Naoko, Bijou Soiree and Lexi are absolutely gorgeous. Goddess’s collection is much more basic, but I do rather like the Kayla in Rose Trellis, and I think the two collections together give a good variation of styles.

What do you think of the collections? Any pieces you’re looking forward to? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Moda Previews: Elomi & Goddess SS15

  1. Goddess’ collection may be more basic, but in the US they’re a lot less expensive- $42-50 versus Elomi which are mostly $50-80. I like that one has a choice to pay for the details or not, although non full-cup options from Goddess would be lovely.

    • Very true! I don’t think their collection being more basic is necessarily bad – from what some retailers I’ve spoken to have said, US customers tend to lean towards more basic options, and the price point is definitely a plus. With the addition of Elomi’s styles, I think it’s good that there’s enough variation in styles to have a choice :)

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