Moda Preview: Parfait SS16 & Affinitas SS16

Today in the Moda previews, I’ll be covering Parfait by Affinitas, along with some styles from Affinitas Intimates. The Parfait SS16 collection primarily features shades of sky blue, cool purples and blush pink.

Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Floral Shimmer

Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Floral Shimmer Close-up

First up, the ever-popular Charlotte in Floral Shimmer. This is Parfait’s first patterned colourway for the Charlotte, and I am personally a huge fan! The photographic floral base gives a more romantic feel than the usual block colours, which I think brings a great something new to a classic design. All colours available in 28-40 D-K, and additionally, the current continuity colours of Red and Dusty Rose are having a size expansion, and will now be going to 36-44 C, 42-44 D-FF.

Parfait by Affinitas Lucie Mood Indigo and Barely Pink

One of Parfait’s three new cuts for this season, Lucie in Barely Pink (left) and Mood Indigo (right). This is an laminate unpadded style with side-support sling, with scalloped geometric mesh forming the central cup panels. I personally love the pale pink colourway, and I’m very curious to see how others will find this construction. Available in 30-40 D-G.

Parfait by Affinitas Darlene Summer Blue

The second new cut of the season, Darlene in Summer Blue. This is a similar cut to the Lucie, however it is constructed with a softer (non-laminate) fabric, and the central cup panels are made with a stretch lace, which should give a little more leeway in sizing. Available in 30-40 D-G.

Parfait by Affinitas Casey Summer Print

A new colourway for another much-loved classic, Casey in Summer Print. This is available as a molded plunge (pictured), as well as an unpadded wired bra. Available in 30-40 D-G.

Parfait by Affinitas Marrianne Champagne Black

The Marrianne was introduced for AW15 in Black/Silver, and will be returning for SS16 in this crisp Champagne/Black colourway. This style features a high apex attachment and a stretch lace upper cup, which is a combination that sounds like it should give a very comfortable, secure fit. Available in 30-40 D-G.

Parfait by Affinitas Penelope Padded Bra Black Blush

Parfait by Affinitas Penelope Padded Bra Black Blush Close-up

Finally, the last new style and one of my favourite pieces of the collection, the Penelope in Black/Blush. Soft pink and black is one of my favourite colour combinations, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of this! This is similar to the Charlotte in construction, though it’s not exactly the same, and the size range is much smaller. This style is also available in an unpadded cut, similar to the Marrianne shown above. Available in 30-40 D-G.

After we’d seen everything Parfait had to offer, we also took the chance to check out a few Affinitas pieces. I haven’t looked at Affinitas much before, as I know most of their styles have only been available to a DD cup, with the occasional piece going to an E cup, or very rarely to an F. However, all of Affinitas’ new styles this season will have an option going up to an F cup, which I think is always good news!

Affinitas Angel Padded Bra and Bikini Brief Black

Affinitas Angel Unlined Bra Black and Barely Blush

One new style, the Angel in Black and Barely Blush, a sheer mesh design with motif embroidery. This is available as a padded bra (picture 1; 32-34 A, 32-38 B-E) and unpadded bra (picture 2; 34-36 B, 32-38 C-F).

Affinitas Felicity Misty Grey

The second new style of the collection, Felicity in Misty Grey. I adore the colours and styling of this set! This is available in both an unpadded bra (middle left; 34-36 B, 32-38 C-F) and padded plunge (top centre; 32-34 A, 32-38 B-E).

Affinitas Patricia Flirty Red

Affinitas Patricia Powder Blue

The last new style for this season, the Patricia in Flirty Red (picture 1) and Powder Blue (picture 2). This is a half-padded full-cup, a completely new cut for the brand. This is made using an incredibly soft ‘Papertouch’ fabric, which looks to make this a very comfy choice. Available in 34-36 B, 32-38 C-F.

Affinitas Sienna Camisole

Affinitas Sienna

Finally, the Sienna in Heather Grey. This isn’t one of the F cup styles, but I decided to include it anyway as I really did like it! The fabrics are so soft, and the styling is simple but beautiful – this seems like it would be a great choice for either a teen bra, a sleep set, or just for those who are looking for something a little comfier. Available in 32-38 bands and B-E cups.

I’m definitely pleased to see both Parfait and Affinitas are adding more sizes to their ranges, as well as taking some more risks, such as the patterned Charlotte and Casey. There are also some really lovely pieces – I’m personally a big fan of the Charlotte, Penelope and Felicity!

What do you think of the collections? Any pieces you’d like to try? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. My boobs are crying out for that Charlotte colourway.

    I also really wish that they’d expand all their other models to a 28 band as well. I mean… why only the Charlotte?

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