Moda Preview: Panache Black SS16 & Sculptresse SS16

Today’s Moda preview will be the last of the Panache sub-brands, Panache Black and Sculptresse. So, let’s start with Panache Black! The Panache Black SS16 collection primarily features deep blues, burnt reds and silver.

Panache Black Quinn Ink Full

Panache Black Quinn Ink Close-up

Panache Black Esme Petrol Full

Panache Black Esme Petrol Close-up

Inky blue is a strong colour for this collection, as shown in these two styles, both based on the Jasmine! Firstly we have the new Quinn in Ink (pictures 1-2), featuring a cut-out at the gore, a sheer beige mesh base for the outer and lower cup panels, with a lace overlay and a stretch lace upper in deep inky blue. The second style is the Esme in a new Petrol colourway (pictures 3-4), which uses the same construction as the Jasmine, but I believe without a stretch upper. This style features bold petrol blue piping and mesh, again over a sheer beige mesh base. Both styles available in sizes 30 F-HH, 32-38 D-K

Panache Black Aria Oyster Full

Panache Black Aria Oyster Close-up

Last season’s Aria moulded plunge will return in Oyster, a delectable silver. This is available with a slinky brazilian brief, as well as a looser french knicker, which I think is a wonderfully classic and sophisticated option. Available in 28 F-H, 30-38 D-H.

Panache Black Ardour Burnt Red Full

Panache Black Ardour Burnt Red Close-up

Finally, there will also be a deliciously sultry new Burnt Red colourway for the Ardour, available in 28-38 D-G. The final piece of this collection would have been the Eclipse in the same Burnt Red colour, but unfortunately this piece has been cancelled. Overall I think this is a very strong collection from Panache Black! I love that they are starting to use more colours in their pieces, rather than sticking solely to the timeless-yet-expected options of black, white and beige that made up the majority of their first two collections.

So, onto Sculptresse! The Sculptresse SS16 collection uses many of the same colours as the main Panache collection, primarily hot pink, bright orange and cool blues.

Sculptresse by Panache Flirtini Pink Animal Full

Sculptresse by Panache Flirtini Pink Animal Close-up

Sculptresse by Panache Chi Chi Tropical Print Full

Sculptresse by Panache Chi Chi Tropical Print Close-up

The two most colourful styles of the collection, the Flirtini in Pink Animal (pictures 1-2; 34-38 E-H, 40 DD-H, 42-46 D-H) and Chi Chi in Tropical Print (pictures 3-4; 34-36 E-H, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH). The Flirtini features hot pink lace and mesh, against leopard print over a base of blue, pink and orange, while the Chi Chi features tangerine orange stretch lace and a print of tropical leaves and flowers on white.

Sculptresse by Panache Misty Denim

The next new style, the Misty in Denim, another Chi Chi-based style featuring a light blue denim print base, with white lace upper and pops of red detailing. Available in 36 F-HH, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, and 42-46 D-HH.

Sculptresse by Panache Chi Chi Black Full

Sculptresse by Panache Chi Chi Black Close-up

Finally, the Chi Chi will also be available in new continuity basic colours of Black (shown above) and Cappuccino, a darker, golden brown nude tone. Available in 34-36 E-H, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, and 42-46 D-HH.

As with Panache Black, I think this is a fairly strong collection for Sculptresse! I’m not a big fan of hot pink lingerie, but as far as pink sets go, I actually really like this season’s Flirtini! I also think the continuity Chi Chis look like great supportive and comfortable staples, and I am very happy to see a darker toned nude set.

What do you think of the collections? Any favourite pieces? Did you prefer any previous seasons? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Moda Preview: Panache Black SS16 & Sculptresse SS16

  1. It’s wonderful to see that Panache Black is getting a bit more venturous as I found the past collections very – well, dull, actually. Thus far, they were a very boring replacement of Masquerade and made me miss my favourite bras. I’m still not overwhelmed, but the trend is good. The Quinn even makes me think of Masquerade’s Persia!

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