Moda Preview: Freya SS16 (Including Freya Active & Swim)

Today we have the largest of my Moda previews, Freya! The Freya SS16 collection features shades of magenta purple, bright pink and orange, citrus yellows, and opal green. Where stated that something comes as the standard Plunge Balcony and Balcony, the size ranges are 28-38 D-G and 28 & 38 GG-J, 30-36 GG-K respectively. Let’s dive in!

Freya Lingerie Fancies Range - Continuity White and Black, Opal and Magenta

Freya Lingerie Fancies Chemise White 1

Freya Lingerie Fancies Bralette White

Let’s start with the Freya Fancies range! Freya Fancies is a range of co-ordinating pieces to match the rest of the collection, comprising continuity colours of White and Black, as well as this season’s primary fashion colours of Magenta and Opal. This collection comprises hipster short and brazilian briefs, a chemise (picture 2), and a new bralette style (picture 3). The Opal colourway is only available in the briefs, with the Bralette available in XS-XL, Hipster short available in XS-XXL, and the Brazilian and Chemise available in XS-L.

Freya Lingerie Fancies Bralette Magenta

Freya Lingerie Deco Charm Moulded Plunge Magenta

Freya Lingerie Wildfire Plunge Balcony Bra Lava

Magenta is a strong colour for this collection, and (as we’ve seen a lot this season) is very popular combined with orange, used here for the Freya Fancies Bralette (picture 1; XS-XL) and Deco Charm in Magenta (picture 2; 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, 38 B-G), as well as the Wildfire Plunge Balcony in Lava (picture 3; 28-30 D-G, 32-38 C-G), which is also available as a Balcony Bra (30-36 GG-K, 28 & 38 GG-J) and a Padded Half-Cup (30 D-G, 32-38 B-G).

Freya Lingerie Zen Balcony Bra Dove

Freya Lingerie Boho Balcony Bra Pink Flambre

Freya Lingerie Utopia Longline and Padded Half-cup Bra White Floral

We also have shades of pink and orange, used here in the new Zen Balcony in Dove (picture 1; 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 C-GG, 38 D-GG), the Boho Balcony in Pink Flambre (28 D-HH, 30 C-HH, 32 B-HH), and the Utopia Longline (picture 3 top; 28-30 D-H, 32-36 C-H, 38 C-G) and Padded Half-Cup in White (picture 3 bottom; 28 D-GG, 30 D-H, 32-36 B-H, 38 B-G), also available in the two standard cuts of Plunge Balcony and Balcony.

Freya Lingerie Pulse Plunge Balcony Bra Zest

Freya Lingerie Strawberry Fields Cami Citrus

Freya Lingerie Strawberry Fields Plunge Balcony Bra Citrus

Citrus shades are also popular, with the Pulse Plunge Balcony in Zest (picture 1; 28-30 D-J, 32-36 C-J, 38 D-J), the Strawberry Fields in Citrus, available as a Cami (picture 2; XS-L), a Padded Half Cup (30 D-H, 32-36 B-H, 38 B-G), and the standard Plunge Balcony (picture 3) and a Balcony cuts.

Freya Lingerie Hero Side Support Plunge Bra Cobalt

Freya Lingerie Chameleon Plunge Bra Pastel

Freya Lingerie Chameleon Short Pastel

Freya Lingerie Deco Vibe Moulded Plunge Opal

We also see cool shades of blue, lilac and opal green, as in the Hero Side Support Plunge (picture 1) and Side Support Balcony in Cobalt (both in standard plunge/balcony sizing), the Chameleon Plunge in Pastel (picture 2; 28-30 D-H, 32-36 B-H, 38 B-H; shorts shown in picture 3), and the Deco Vibe in Opal (28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, 38 B-G).

Freya Lingerie Deco Delight Moulded Plunge Frappe

Freya Lingerie Zen Balcony Bra Vanilla

Freya Lingerie Fearn Plunge Half Cup Bra Sand

Freya Lingerie Kiyoko Padded Half Cup Bra Blush

Freya Lingerie Kiyoko Plunge Balcony Bra Blush

There is also a beautiful range of nudes/neutral shades! Something I was very impressed about this season is that not a single new bra I saw from Wacoal/Eveden was labelled “nude” – we instead saw tones of blush, soft beige, caramel, sand, latte, butterscotch, oyster, frappe, taupe, ombre, pecan, mocha, something I was so pleased to see.

The new neutral pieces for this collection include the Deco Delight in Frappe (picture 1; 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, 38 B-G), Zen in Vanilla (picture 2; 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, 38 B-G), the Fearne Half-Cup in Sand (picture 3; 28 D-GG, 30 D-H, 32-36 B-H, 38 B-G, also available as the standard Plunge Balcony & Balcony), and the absolutely stunning Kiyoko in Blush, available as a Padded Half-Cup (picture 4; 28 D-GG, 30 D-H, 32-36 B-H, 38 B-G) and Plunge Balcony (picture 5; 28-30 D-G, 32-36 C-G, 38 D-G).

Freya Lingerie Fearn Plunge Half Cup Bra Black

Freya Lingerie Muse Spacer Moulded Bra Black

Freya Lingerie Zentangle Padded Longline Monochrome

We also see darker pieces, in the form of the Fearne Half-Cup in Black (picture 1; 28 D-GG, 30 D-H, 32-36 B-H, 38 B-G, also available as the standard Plunge Balcony & Balcony), the new continuity Muse Spacer Moulded Bra in Black (picture 2; 28-38 D-G, 30-36 GG, also available in Sand), and another of my favourites, the Zentangle Padded Longline in Monochrome (picture 3; 28-30 D-H, 32-36 C-H, 38 D-H), which is also available as a Plunge Balcony (28-30 D-H, 32-38 B-H).

Freya Active Sports Bras SS16

Freya Active Sport Soft Cup Black Lime

Freya Active Crop Top Sports Bra Magenta

Freya Active Moulded Sports Bra Opal Pink

Onto Freya Active! I unfortunately didn’t receive a catalogue/lookbook for the sports range to record the colourway names or size ranges, but the collection features the same fashion colours of the main collection, with the Soft Cup Sports Bra in Black/Citrus (picture 2), the Crop Top Sports Bra in Magenta (picture 3), and the Moulded Sports Bra in Opal (picture 4). The centre bra in picture 1 is one I didn’t see close-up – it appears to be a more bra-like, partial-banded moulded sports bra in the same colours of black and lime, which (assuming it wasn’t a wardrobe mix up) could be very interesting.

Freya Swim Tunics, Maxi Dresses and Beachwear

The last Freya collection, Freya Swim! The Freya Swim collection strongly features black and white, with splashes of orange, pink, blue and green. The above picture shows the range of matching beachwear and cover-ups, including kaftans, maxi dresses, tunics and beach pants. My particular favourites have to be the new continuity Diva Maxi Dresses in Black and White (far right), which are showstopping sheer, floor-length kaftans with a plunging centre and tie waist.

Freya Swim Bondi Padded Bandeau Bikini Black

Freya Swim Bondi Hipster Brief Black

Freya Swim Venus Sweetheart Padded Bikini Black Dot

Freya Swim Venus Bandeau Halter Suit Black Dot

Freya Swim Resort Sweetheart Padded Bikini Black

Monochrome features strongly in this collection. Here we have the incredibly sleek Bondi returning for SS16, this time in a new continuity colourway of Black! This is available as a Padded Bandeau (picture 1; 30-38 D-G), a Sweetheart Padded Bikini (30-36 D-GG, 38 D-G) and a Soft Triangle Bikini (30-36 C-F, 38 C-DD). Next is the Venus in Black, available as a Sweetheart Padded Bikini (picture 3; 30-36 D-HH, 38 D-G), a Banded Halter Suit (picture 4; 30-38 C-FF), a Banded Halter Bikini (30-36 C-GG, 38 C-G) and a Bandeau Tankini (32-34 D-GG, 36 D-G, 38 D-FF). Last is the Resort in Black, an optical illusion-esque dotty number, available as a Sweetheart Padded Bikini (picture 5; 28 & 38 D-G, 30-36 D-GG) and a Padded Halter Tankini (30-38 D-G). One style I didn’t get a chance to photograph was the Remix, a new basic continuity range in Black, which includes a staggering five styles of bikini (two halters, a bandeau, a plunge, and a standard padded style), three styles of swimsuits (a soft suit, a high neck suit, and a frill-neck asymmetric style), an underwired tankini, and four styles of briefs (hipster, skirted, frilled, and a lower-cut bikini).

Freya Swim Zodiac High Neck Suit Multi

Freya Swim Sphinx Plunge Bikini Midnight Ember

Freya Swim Sabor Twist Front Bandeau Bikini Spice

We also see a lot of black and white with some colourful highlights (usually orange)! Here we have the Zodiac in Multi, available in a new High Neck Suit style (picture 1; 30-38 C-FF), a Padded Bandeau Bikini (30-36 B-G), and a Padded Plunge Bikini (30-36 C-J, 38 C-G), as well as a new High Waist Brief style. Next is the Sphinx in Midnight Ember, a geometric, almost tribal print, available as a Plunge Bikini (picture 2; 28 & 38 D-GG, 30-36 D-HH), a Bandless Halter Bikini (30-34 C-FF, 36 C-F, 38 C-E), and a Padded Bandeau Tankini (30-36 B-G). Finally we have the Sabor in Spice, available in a new Twist Front Bandeau Bikini (picture 3; 30-36 B-G), a Sweetheart Padded Bikini (30-36 D-GG, 38 D-G), and a Padded Halter Tankini (30-38 D-G).

Freya Swim Spirit Sweetheart Padded Bikini Flame

Freya Swim Virtue Soft Triangle Bikini Bright Pink

The orange and pink trend continues into the swimwear, with the Spirit Sweetheart Padded Bikini in Flame (picture 1; 30-36 D-GG, 38 D-G) and the Virtue Soft Triangle Bikini in Bright Pink (picture 2; 30-36 D-F, 38 D-E), also available as a Soft Triangle Tankini (32-36 D-F, 38 D-DD).

Freya Swim Under The Sea Tankini Reef

Freya Swim Under The Sea Banded Halter Bikini Reef

Freya Swim Atlantis Soft Triangle Bikini Lagoon

Freya Swim Electra High Neck Crop Top

There is also a lot of blue! The Under The Sea in Reef brings together both bright colours and blue in an incredibly fun underwater scene, available as a new Underwired Tankini (picture 1; 30-36 D-GG, 38 D-G), a Banded Halter Bikini (picture 2; 28-30 D-GG, 32-38 C-GG), and a new Twist Front Bandeau Bikini (30-36 B-G). The underwater theme continues into the absolutely stunning Atlantis in Lagoon, which is available as a Soft Triangle Bikini (picture 3; 30-36 C-F, 38 C-DD) and a Sweetheart Padded Bikini (28 & 38 D-G, 30-36 D-GG). In my head, this is definitely a BioShock bikini, so I’m pretty gutted this won’t be going anywhere near my size! Finally, a very exciting, ultra-sleek style, the Electra in Blue Jewel. This High Neck Crop Top (pictures 5-6) is a new style, available in 28 & 38 D-F, 30-36 D-FF, and there is also a new Underwired Banded Halter Bikini, available in 30-36 C-GG, 38 C-G. On top of these, there was also the Deco Swim range in Aquamarine and Black, available as a Moulded Bikini, as well as a new Moulded Tankini and Swimsuit, which I think sounds very exciting!

Freya Swim Cactus Sweetheart Padded Bikini Lime Fizz

Freya Swim Catcus Padded Halter Suit Lime Fizz 2

Freya Swim Rumble Padded Halter Suit Tropic

Freya Swim Rumble Padded Bandeau Bikini Tropic 2

Freya Swim Rumble Padded Plunge Bikini Leopard

There are also a couple of green, nature-based styles, starting with the Cactus in Lime Fizz, available as a Sweetheart Padded Bikini (picture 1; 30-36 D-HH, 38 D-G), a Padded Halter Suit (picture 2; 30-38 C-FF), and a Bandless Halter Bikini (30-34 C-FF, 36 C-F, 37 C-E). The last piece of the collection is the Rumble, a jungle-inspired style in two coordinating colourways, which can be mixed-and-matched as you see fit. Firstly we have the Tropic pieces, including a Padded Halter Suit (picture 3; 30-38 D-FF), a Padded Bandeau Bikini (picture 4; 30-36 B-G), a standard Plunge Bikini (28 & 38 D-GG, 30-36 D-HH) and two matching brief styles. We also have the Leopard colourway, including a new Padded Plunge Bikini (picture 5; 30-36 C-J, 38 C-G) and a matching hipster brief.

So, that’s the lot – phew! Overall I don’t think this is Freya’s best season, and it isn’t showstopper after showstopper, but it is a nicely cohesive collection, and there are some definite standouts – in particular, I absolutely adore the Kiyoko, Zentangle and the Atlantis bikini, and I am definitely impressed by the number of new swimwear cuts. One thing I did notice was that the highest cup any of the Freya Swim styles goes to is a J (as opposed to the JJ stated on their brochure), which is definitely disappointing for the largest cupped Freya fans. Finally, I have to say that I really love how Wacoal/Eveden are turning away from referring to all beige bras as “nude”, and instead opting to give them more creative names. Lingerie companies often unintentionally alienate their POC customers by defaulting to beige=skin-tone, so this is a really great step to see them taking, and I definitely give them props there.

What do you think of the collection? Are you a Freya fan? Any favourite pieces? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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