Review of the Panache Olivia in Deep Jade (30JJ, 14)

The Panache Olivia is a style I have longed for ever since I saw it at Moda back in August 2014. I was hugely tempted by the SS15 colourway of Apricot, and when I saw AW15’s colourway of Deep Jade, I knew I had to try it out. I had a bit of trouble locating my size from nearby stockists, but luckily for me, the lovely folks over at Panache offered to send it to me!

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ, 14

This is the Panache Olivia in Deep Jade, size 30JJ bra and 14 brief. Unlike many other sets, the Olivia only has one option for briefs, which is unfortunate if you’re more of a thong or short person. However, personally, I adore high-waisted briefs, so I’m pretty happy!

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ

The Olivia is constructed as a balconette with stretch upper, and I’m going to start off by saying, this bra is unbelievably comfortable. The fabrics are incredibly soft, and while the top is obviously stretchier, the whole bra has a very gentle stretch to it. The first few times I wore this bra, I genuinely spent the full day running over to various friends and family members telling them to feel the stretchy upper section – the fabrics are that nice.

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ, 14

In terms of appearance, I think this set is absolutely stunning. This bra features all-over polka-dot embroidery, with florals spreading across the band and upper cup, and the deep jade colour is so lovely and rich. One big plus for this bra is that it has a very smooth, flat finish, which makes it very easy to wear. It has no protruding trims, and the seamwork is very flat, so I find it’s great if I need something smoother for underneath tighter fitting clothes.

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ

While the wonderfully soft fabrics are great for comfort, it does mean that this bra doesn’t give as much shape and support as firmer fabrics would (such as in the Panache Floris, which I reviewed here). The stretch fabrics used in the cups means it gives a fairly natural shape, and it definitely isn’t as supportive as some of my other bras – I don’t think I’d fancy running for a train it. I personally find it’s fine for everyday wear, but if you need firm support or if you do prefer your bras to give you lots of uplift and shaping, this might not be the best bra for you.

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ, 14

Compared to the Floris, the Olivia is slightly lower cut towards the straps – they both have the same cup height at the gore, but the Olivia is cut more straight across, giving more of a sweetheart neckline. The cups are also slightly more closed on top, and the cup depth is smaller than in the Floris. However, I think both of these things are made up for by the stretch fabric, resulting in deep and projected cups, as well as a good amount of leeway in how the top fits, though I’d say the top is less stretchy than in the Panache Jasmine (review here).

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ

The wires of the Olivia seem to be identical to the Floris, though due to the softer fabrics used, they don’t feel as firm/rigid against the skin. As with the Floris, I found the wires to be firm and fairly narrow for this size range, following my breast root perfectly without going too high at the underarm. The gore is average-to-low and fairly narrow. I am quite close-set, but the width and shape works for me, though I would (as always) personally prefer slightly lower/narrower.

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ, 14

The briefs are primarily made with the same polka-dot embroidered fabric as the upper cup, with panels of sheer mesh around the waist and floral embroidery trimming the legs. The leg elastic is the same super soft, ultra-stretchy elastic used at the tops of the cups, making these a wonderfully comfortable pair of briefs! I wouldn’t say they do much holding or shaping, but I personally find the higher waistband great to stop any digging in around the hips.

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ

The U-shaped band fastens with 3 sets of hooks and eyes, and is slightly generous, somewhere between 30-32″. The straps are embroidered (which should help to stop them warping or stretching out over time) as well as being fully-adjustable. I would actually say that this bra is similar to my Ewa Michalak BM Miętusek in a lot of ways; the wires are slightly wider and there is slightly less projection at the bottom of the cup, but aside from that, they are very similar bras. So, if you’re a fan of one, I think it would definitely be worth trying the other.

Panache Olivia in Deep Jade - size 30JJ, 14

There are only a handful of bras which I have loved so much from the first wear I’ve had to buy more. As you might have guessed, this bra is one of them. Within about a day of receiving this bra, I of course had to get my hands on the Apricot colourway!

Panache Olivia in Apricot - size 32J, 12

As I said at the start of this review, finding places that stock my size in the Olivia has been difficult, so this is the 32J with size 12 briefs. For some reason, my camera didn’t seem to like this colour very much, so apologies for the lack of detail in these pictures.

Once again, I absolutely adore this set. As a sister size to my usual 30JJ in Panache, I found the 32J to fit pretty much identically. I think the band runs slightly firm, as I found the band to be about the same size as in the Deep Jade (stretching to around 31″). I also found the briefs to fit very nicely and comfortably on me despite being a smaller size – I think due to the stretch fabric, there’s again a bit of leeway in sizing, which I am personally quite pleased about.

Overall I am really, really impressed with this set! Panache is usually known for their firm and supportive pieces, but the fabrics are so soft and comfortable, they’re unlike anything I’ve seen in a Panache bra before. If you like Panache’s balconette construction and appearance but you want a bit more added comfort, I would absolutely recommend trying out the Olivia! For some reason stockists of the Olivia seem to be far and few between, but you currently find it at Belle Lingerie and other smaller online stores.

Bra: Panache Olivia Bra in Deep Jade, size 30JJ. Available in 30-38 bands, D-K cups, RRP £32.
Briefs: Panache Olivia Brief in Deep Jade, size 14. Available in 10-20, RRP £18.
Bra: Panache Olivia Bra in Apricot, size 32J. Available in 30-38 bands, D-K cups, RRP £32.
Briefs: Panache Olivia Brief in Apricot, size 12. Available in 10-20, RRP £18.

Panache ‘Olivia’ set in Deep Jade provided for review by Panache. Though this set was received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.

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17 thoughts on “Review of the Panache Olivia in Deep Jade (30JJ, 14)

  1. I was eyeing the bra when it just came out, hoping it would work for me… I can’t quite remember the issue though..but it was a no go. I think it was because of the shape and the fact that parts of it cut in. But Yes the material was sooo nice. I loved it. Especially love the beige colour way.

    So far the only bra that seems to work for me are Clara, at one time jasmine (but i have constantly to readjust myself during the day) and Envy (which i don’t wear anymore because the wire are too high and feel like they’re poking me).

      • Hey Geeta, thanks for your comment! That’s a real shame that this didn’t work for you. If the Clara works for you, have you tried the Andorra? As far as I’m aware it’s a very similar cut, it might be worth a look if you haven’t!

        • Hi Anna (great review btw..i don’t think i mentioned it). Yep tried the andorra but the cups are small (or maybe I’m to full on top) so I sister sized up and adjusted the band (I’m somewhere in the range of a 28JJ/30J/28K) but the wires go really high on me (I’m pretty short 4ft11) so it’s not something I tend to wear.

    • Hey Emma, thanks for your comment, and your kind words! It is a really great set, and the colour is absolutely divine – teal is a big favourite of mine, too :)

  2. Hi Anna,
    Your blog is one of the best resources in educating a number of women struggling to find their true size bras. I am very new to this world of true size bras, I find the writeups/ resources along with your reviews immensely helpful.
    Especially your comprehensive reviews, thoughtful photos, comparisons with similar styles, and the screenshot of the bratabase measurements at the end of every review is absolutely the best part in terms of completeness (you are the only one posting bratabase measurements with the reviews). Thanks again for such a beautiful review- however the usual bratabase measurements are missing this time. Kindly post it if possible.

    Also I have another request- please review freya hero if possible and give us your take on it (with bratabase measurements).


    • Hey Sowmya! Thanks for commenting. I’m so glad you’ve found my blog useful – I really appreciate hearing that. I put this review up in a bit of a hurry so I haven’t gotten round to measuring the bras, but I’ll be sure to add the measurements as soon as I can. I haven’t had a chance to try out the Freya Hero yet, but I’ll see what I can do!
      Anna xx

  3. Followed to this post from Bratabase – pretty much what I found about this bra exactly, except that the less-open on top was a deal-breaker. i’m extremely FOT and the top elastic visibly cut in for me. I also did want more support than the softer fabric gave.

  4. I didn’t had the chance to try Olivia in my size at the local retailer that sells Panache here, so I loved this gorgeous shade from afar. However, last week I had the chance to try the new AW16 colorway, electric blue and TOTALLY fell for Olivia!!! It is like you said, super soft, super natural, round…that day I came back home and searched for a 30F online…and found a jade one at eBay! Couldn’t help myself to order it…it’s on it’s way! <3

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

  5. Hi Anna what a wonderful review again. I love the colours of these sets but although the teal is a very nice colour i much prefer the apricot colourway. It has the U shaped straps that the back which i like and looks very nice on. But i had to write to you about the knickers. I love fuller cut pants and these look so comfy to wear. Pants that dont cut in at the leg or pinch and prod you are a welcome find and i love the flattering cut and details you show in the photos. Everyone needs comfy knickers that are practical and look pretty and feminine. I am sure you found it here, Thank you for your review, i will be getting a pair asap,

    • I love the knickers, too! The detailing on them is so gorgeous, and I really can’t compliment the fabric enough – it’s so soft, stretchy and comfortable! I’d definitely recommend this set, if you can get your hands on it :)

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