SIL Preview: Sculptresse AW16 & Panache Black AW16

Next up in my SIL previews are the final two Panache brands, Sculptresse and Panache Black. Let’s start with Sculptresse! The Sculptresse AW16 collection features shades of classic black, cherry red, candy pink and rich purple.

Sculptresse Chi Chi Full in Black (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Chi Chi in Black (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Chi Chi Babydoll in Black (36 F-HH, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH)

A new piece for the Chi Chi range, a babydoll! While the Chi Chi bra is available in various colourways, this will only be available in this black colourway, and it is also currently only a fashion piece (though that might change depending on popularity). I love the pops of leopard print used on the straps and on the centre bow, and the subtle polka dot mesh used in the skirt. One thing to note is that, unlike previous Panache babydolls, this features a keyhole back rather than a full split. Aesthetically, I much prefer the keyhole back, but it might not work for you if you have a significant waist/hip ratio.Sculptresse Chi Chi Set in Lace Print (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Chi Chi in Lace Print (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Candi in Deep Red (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Chi Chi in Lace Print (34-36 E-H, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH) ; Sculptresse Candi in Red (36 F-H, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH)

We see pops of red used in this Chi Chi colourway, as well as the new Candi, a full-cup style featuring a side support panel and a non-stretch upper. I’m really loving this colourway for the Chi Chi! I think I like it more than any of the current Panache Jasmine colourways, so while I’m a little gutted that I won’t fit into it, I’m glad something this lovely is coming to the fuller figured end of the spectrum.

Sculptresse Flirtini in Purple Animal (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Lulu in Pink Purple (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Flirtini in Purple Animal (34-38 E-H, 40 DD-H, 42-46 D-H) ; Sculptresse Lulu in Pink/Purple (34-42 D-H, 44 D-GG, 46 D-G)

Finally, Sculptresse uses splashes of pink and purple for the Flirtini and Lulu. The Lulu is a new full-cup style, which appears to be a slightly more basic version of the Flirtini. I personally love the pink/purple combination, and I think these two ways of using the colours will appeal to a lot of people. Overall I think this is a really strong collection from Sculptresse! For the past few seasons Sculptresse has been improving their offerings, but this collection has to be my favourite from them so far. I think all the colourways used this season are really strong, and the introduction of a babydoll has got me pretty excited!

Onto Panache Black! The Panache Black AW16 collection seems to be going back to basics, featuring shades of chocolate brown, charcoal grey, and classic black.

Panache Black Amara Longline Set in Black (Panache Black AW16)

Panache Black Amara Longline in Black (Panache Black AW16)

Panache Black Amara Longline in Black (28 F-G, 30-38 D-G)

The first longline for Panache Black, the Amara! This features a black satin base, with panels of black lace over a beige underlayer. This will also be available with a high-waisted brief, which I personally think is a great idea – longlines and high-waisted briefs are so gorgeous together! Unlike most longlines, the Amara will fasten with just 3 sets of hooks and eyes.

Panache Black Etta Set in Black (Panache Black AW16)

Panache Black Etta Brief in Black (Panache Black AW16)

Panache Black Etta Bra in Black (Panache Black AW16)

Panache Etta in Black (28 F-G, 30 D-G)

One of my favourite pieces from this season, the Etta! This is another new style, and I am so in love with it. This is a balconette style made with black satin. It features panels of sheer mesh on the upper cup and around the legs, with bold black piping upon the mesh and along the seams, giving a very clean, geometric effect. This set, especially when worn with the high-waisted brief, is absolutely stunning. I’m so gutted this won’t be in my size!

Panache Black Ardour in Charcoal (Panache Black AW16)

Panache Black Ardour in Charcoal (28-38 D-G)

Grey is a strong colour for this season, and Panache Black are using it here in their continuity style, the Ardour. I do rather like grey lingerie, and I think this colourway would be great if you want something which is both practical and beautiful.

Panache Black Quinn in Chocolate (Panache Black AW16)

Panache Black Quinn in Chocolate (30 F-HH, 32-38 D-K)

Finally, the Quinn! Brown is a very popular colour this season, and I think it looks absolutely wonderful used here. I’m hopeful that this could function as a nude for women of colour, though I’m not entirely sure given the beige underlayer used for the cups.

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed at the lack of colour for this season. However, given that this is an Autumn/Winter collection, I suppose it is to be expected! While there aren’t really any “exciting” colourways, I do really like the new styles being introduced this season – the Etta in particular is going to be playing on my mind for a long time! I also love the choice to go with a rich chocolate brown for the new Quinn colourway, as it really is such an underused colour in lingerie!

So, what do you think of the new Sculptresse and Panache Black collections? Any favourite pieces? Any not-so-favourite pieces? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “SIL Preview: Sculptresse AW16 & Panache Black AW16

  1. so i have only tried one Panache Black, but they all looked more Tango shaped/retro shaped? what does everyone else think? love the styling, i just don’t feel like they make a sexy shape, like the envy or jasmine, at least for me. i still just feel most sexy looking super round and perky. i know thats not universal, but should i just avoid Panache Black if that’s what i want?

    • Hey Cassie, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I haven’t personally tried Panache Black, so I can’t comment on the shape. The Eclipse is definitely Tango-based, but I think the Quinn and Esme are Jasmine-based, with the Quinn having a stretch upper and the Esme having firm upper (if I remember correctly)! Hopefully someone else will see your comment and have some more input :)

    • I’m glad to hear it! I personally think it’s a really lovely colour that will look nice on warm-toned light skin as well as darker skin, so I hope it performs well!

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