SIL Preview: Scantilly AW16, by Curvy Kate

Next up is Curvy Kate’s naughtier friend, Scantilly! The Scantilly AW16 collection is as bold and indulgent as the last, featuring rich shades of royal blue, blush, black and copper. As with last season, all bras are available in sizes 30-38 DD-HH, with separates in sizes S-XL, and these pieces will be released between July and September.

Scantilly Showtime Bra, Suspender Belt and Brief in Black Blush (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Showtime Bra in Black Blush (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Showtime Suspender Belt, Thong and Brief in Black Blush (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Showtime Bra, Suspender Belt and Thong in Black Blush (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Fixate Bra in Blush Black (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Fixate Bra and Bare Face Cheek Set in Blush Black (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Showtime in Black/Blush (pictures 1-4; 30-38 DD-HH) ; Scantilly Fixate in Blush/Black (pictures 5-6; 30-38 DD-HH)

Blush is a strong colour for this collection, as shown here in the Showtime and Fixate. I adore blush/black lingerie, so I really love these, but the Showtime has to be my favourite. The floaty polka-dot fabric gives this set a really pretty and feminine look, yet the almost leather-look black satin, black piping and strappy detail gives it a definite sexy edge. This is definitely one of my favourites! I also really liked the Fixate briefs, which feature two elastic straps edged with the same scalloped lace of the bra. They are designed to be worn slightly below the waistband, but as they aren’t fixed in place, you can choose where you think they look best on you.

Scantilly Invitation Bra and Brief Set in Electric Blue (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Invitation Bra in Electric Blue (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Invitation in Blue/Black (30-38 DD-HH)

Another favourite of mine, the Invitation! Being a huge fan of blush/black lingerie, I didn’t think anything would beat SS16’s delectable pale pink colourway, but I think this might just do it! The pink colourway was sweet and sophisticated, but this colourway is bold and sultry and oh my god I love it so much. I’m pretty used to bras not coming in my size, but knowing I won’t be able to wear this genuinely hurts my heart a little bit.

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo Full Set in Lime (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo in Lime (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo in Lime (30-38 DD-HH)

One for the neon fans, Peek-A-Boo! I think this is a really interesting choice, as it isn’t what most people would think of when it comes to boudoir lingerie. However, it’s definitely bold and unique, and I think it really emphasises Scantilly’s vision of wearing fearless lingerie, first and foremost for yourself.

Scantilly Ignite Bra and Thong in Copper (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Ignite Ouvert Brief in Copper (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Ignite in Copper (30-38 DD-HH)

Another amazing style, the Ignite. This bra has a black/copper base with copper embroidery, giving a really lovely embossed effect. I love this, as while it’s clearly a sophisticated, sultry set, I think it’s also really badass – the metallic fabric and embroidery make me think of armour! This is also Scantilly’s first foray into open-crotch knickers, so if you’ve been wishing Scantilly would go further with their bedroom-wear, I think you’ll like these! The opening looks quite big in this picture, but apparently this is due to them being a sample, and the opening on the actual pair will be slightly smaller.

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo Bra with Tuxedo Bodysuit in Black (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Unleash Bra in Black (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Unleash Bra and High Waist Brief in Black (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Unleash Bra with Tuxedo Bodysuit in Black (Scantilly AW16)

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo Bra in Black with Tuxedo Bodysuit (picture 1; 30-38 DD-HH, S-XL); Scantilly Unleash in Black (pictures 2-3; 30-38 DD-HH), Scantilly Unleash Bra in Black with Tuxedo Bodysuit (picture 4; 30-38 DD-HH, S-XL)

Finally, there are of course plenty of options in black. The Surrender basque from SS16 will be returning, as well as the Peek-A-Boo, shown here with the gorgeous new harness bodysuit, the Tuxedo. Finally, yet another huge favourite of mine, Unleash! This is an unbelievably sexy piece in faux leather and mesh, featuring buckle detailing and cut-outs on the briefs. The buckle underneath the gore fastens a small belt of stretch leather-effect fabric; I was a little concerned about the stretchiness of the fabric on this part of the bra, but I was assured that the fabric shouldn’t peel, stretch out too quickly or anything like that.

Overall, surprise surprise, I love this collection! I’m glad to see this collection is larger than last season’s, with over twice as many styles available – eee! As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any plans to expand the size range at present, but I am ever hopeful for the future.

So, what do you think of the Scantilly AW16 collection? Are they your style? Any favourite pieces? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “SIL Preview: Scantilly AW16, by Curvy Kate

  1. I just love Scantilly designs so much! It’s not just the only big brand offering something naughty for bigger busted girls, but the one which makes me want to wear every single piece of their lingerie at least once!

    • I adore the Invitation in this shade – it’s so sultry. The Peek-A-Boo I’m not so sure about personally, but I’m sure some people will be head over heels for it!

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