SIL Preview: Tutti Rouge AW16

Finally, Tutti Rouge! The Tutti Rouge AW16 collection takes inspiration from burlesque and pin-up fashion, featuring shades of teal, pink, black and scarlet.

Tutti Rouge Sukki - Style 1 (Tutti Rouge AW16)

Tutti Rouge Sukki - Style 2 (Tutti Rouge AW16)

Tutti Rouge Sukki 2 Style (28-38 D-HH)

My favourite style of the season, Sukki! This is a 50s-inspired padded balconette, featuring black netting over a beige base, black piping over the cups, and black mesh panels on the briefs. Each strap connects at two points at the front, giving a very retro gate effect, and there is also a detachable strap which can be used to give a cage effect (shown in picture 2). The co-ordinating high-waisted briefs feature the newly developed ‘TuttiTec’, which is meant to hold you tight to shape and enhance your curves. The briefs feature folded bands around the legs, which give such a gorgeous, retro effect, but they also mean that the briefs should give no VPL (something I’m sure plenty of people will be glad to hear).

Tutti Rouge Nichole in Ruby Kisses (Tutti Rouge AW16)

Tutti Rouge Nichole in Ruby Kisses (28-38 D-HH)

The Nichole returns in a magenta leopard print over a black base, with a golden leopard print bow on the centre gore. Leopard print always divides opinions, but I think this is a really fun and sexy approach to it – depending how you look at it, the magenta/pink leopard print can also look like lots of kiss imprints, which I think is really cute and fun.

Tutti Rouge Jessica in Scarlet Nude (Tutti Rouge AW16)

Tutti Rouge Jessica in Scarlet/Nude (28-38 D-HH)

This season’s colourway of the Jessica is a sumptuous warm red with beige detailing, which looks really lovely and very burlesque appropriate in person. My one critique of this (and Tutti Rouge’s other beige bras) is that they still use “nude” to describe their beige/blush bras. As has been written about many times, beige is not everyone’s nude. Caramel, latte, biscotti, blush, butterscotch, almond, there are countless descriptors which are prettier than “beige” and less exclusionary than “nude”, so I would love to see Tutti join many other full-bust brands in decoupling the word “nude” from “beige”!

Tutti Rouge Liliana in Teal Tutti Pink (Tutti Rouge AW16)

Tutti Rouge Liliana in Teal/Tutti Pink (28-38 D-J, 40-44 D-F)

The classic Liliana returns in a rich teal shade, contrasted with bright pink for the ribbon detailing and bows. Teal is one of my favourite colours, and I love how the pink detailing really makes it pop.

Tutti Rouge Betty in Burlesque (Tutti Rouge AW16)

Tutti Rouge Betty Burlesque (28-38 D-HH)

Finally, the signature print of the collection, Betty Burlesque! This is another showstopping piece, featuring feather fans, cocktails and burlesque dancers printed over an ivory base, with contrasting scarlet ribbon detailing and lashings of black lace trimming the cups and band. I love this piece! I’m always excited to see what the new exclusive print will be each season, and this definitely doesn’t disappoint.

This collection might seem very small, but keep in mind that these are only the new fashion colours; the Nichole is also available in Noir/Nude and Creme/Noir, the Jessica in Black/Nude, and the Liliana in Noir, Noir/Sugar, Creme/Nude and Nude, so there are actually quite a few pieces available overall. Overall I really like this collection! Tutti’s last new cut (Jessica) was introduced in AW15, so I’m quite excited to see the introduction of another new style in the form of the Sukki. I also love Tutti’s inventiveness – both Jessica and Sukki are really beautiful, versatile pieces that can be adapted for work and play, and I think they’re both going to be very popular.

What do you think of the Tutti Rouge AW16 collection? Do you like this season’s burlesque theme? Do you have any favourite pieces? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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    • It’s a real shame, but from what I gather, the Liliana is a dream for those who like a more minimised look. I love the Jessica, too! Tutti Rouge are such a frustrating brand for me, as their size range is just so-close-yet-so-far – I’m wearing a lot of 32Js recently, but (aside from Liliana) most of their styles only go to a HH. I’m so tempted to try out a few 34HHs…

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