Moda Preview: Rochella AW16

My last preview of the season is going to be Rochella! I actually didn’t get a chance to visit Rochella at the SIL, so I instead decided to pop into last week’s Moda show to see them. So, this is going to be my only Moda preview for this season! After looking through Rochella’s SS16 launch collection, I also got a sneak peek at what’s to come next season. All of the lovely details Rochella used in SS16 return again, with all of these pieces featuring high quality Italian satin, 18ct gold plated hardware, soft lavender linings, and beautiful embroidery. And, as always, Rochella will be donating a percentage of all profits to The Eve Appeal. So, here’s Rochella AW16!

Rochella Vintage Floral Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Vintage Floral Bra Detailing (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Vintage Floral Bra and Brief

First up is this surprisingly Spring-esque piece, the Vintage Floral. This is the lightest piece of the collection, featuring a duck egg blue base with a delicate pink floral. Like many of the styles in the SS16 collection, the upper cup appears to be sheer illusion net, which should become invisible against all skin tones. I think this is one style my guest blogger Rachael will be a big fan of!

Rochella Fantastic Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Fantastic Bra Detailing (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Fantastic Bra and Brief

The second style is the Fantastic, a rich teal style featuring embroidered fans and swirling florals. The combination of this colour with the fan detailing is really lovely, and I think very reminiscent of peacocks.

Rochella Moonlight Muse Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Moonlight Muse Bra and Brief

A more wintery floral, the Moonlight Muse, which features a rose print in cool shades of blue and purple.

Rochella Sylvia Snake Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Sylvia Snake Bra and Brief

Another purple-toned piece, the Sylvia Snake. This features a smokey grey snake print base, set off with burgundy sheer mesh and detailing. Unlike most other styles, this doesn’t have embroidery on the upper cups, instead featuring a folded satin trim across the cups.

Rochella Pewter Paisley Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Pewter Paisley Bra Detailing (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Pewter Paisley Bra and Brief

One of my favourites of the collection, the Pewter Paisley! This style has a gorgeous black satin as a base, set off with paisley embroidery in shades of white, gold and black. This is such a beautifully sophisticated piece! Gold embroidery against black seems to be very in trend this season, and I really love Rochella’s way of approaching that.

Rochella Pretty Woman Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Pretty Woman Brief Detailing (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Pretty Woman Bra and Brief

A very vintage-inspired piece, the Pretty Woman! This features a latte and vanilla polka dot base, floral embroidery in shades of chocolate and ivory, all set off with deep magenta bows. If you’re a fan of sleek, modern styles, this definitely won’t be the one for you, but I think there are definitely going to be some people who absolutely love this!

Rochella Black Cherry Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Black Cherry Bra Detailing (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Black Cherry Bra and Brief

Another polka-dot style, the Black Cherry! If you couldn’t guess, I love this style! This is like a sophisticated Minnie Mouse bra, featuring a deep cherry red base, black polka dots, and bold black embroidery on the upper cup.

Rochella Nina Noir Bra (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Nina Noir Bra Detailing (Rochella AW16)

Rochella Nina Noir Bra and Brief

Finally, another of my favourites, the Nina Noir! I believe this is essentially a new colourway for SS16’s Scarletta, featuring a black lace print over a blush pink base, black satin piping, and black embroidery over invisible net. It’s such a gorgeous piece!

The Rochella AW16 collection has the same size range as SS16, covering 32-42 bands and D-J cups, with briefs in sizes 10-24. Once again, I think this is a truly lovely collection! There are very few full-bust brands targeting the mid-range market – I’d say their pricing is roughly in line with brands such as Playful Promises and the Gossard VIP range, which I think is very reasonable considering the quality and size range of these pieces.

So, that’s the lot of my AW16 previews! What do you think of the Rochella AW16 collection? Are you tempted to try them out? Do you have any favourite pieces? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I am such a fan of this brand. I love all there bras sets but my favorite set would have to be the fantastic bra and brief. I love the lace detail and the colour is very pretty. As usual i love the floral set which is so feminine and never goes out of style. Great post

    • If I do any sports bra reviews in future, I’ll likely include bounce tests for them. For any other reviews it’s pretty unnecessary.

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