Fallout Inspired Lingerie

Last year, the gaming community exploded with the news that the much-loved Fallout series would be receiving a new sequel. I’ve been thinking about doing a series of Fallout inspired lingerie for a while now, and with the first DLC release coming up, it seemed like the perfect time!

So, first up, Vault Boy! Vault Boy is an iconic mascot for the Fallout franchise, usually shown wearing the standard-issue vault jumpsuit in shades of bright blue and yellow.

Fallout Inspired Lingerie - Vault Boy

Clockwise from top left: Vault Boy; Beyhan Akman Design Gold Body Chain (via Etsy); Underella by Ella Moss Scarlett Set in Navy (discontinued); I Wanna Rock Blue BodysuitFor Love & Lemons Show Off Bodysuit in Blue (discontinued); Miss Mandalay Paris Set in Cobalt Blue. Centre: Claudette Dessous Full Coverage Bra in Navy with Limeade.

Next up, raiders! There are loads of different types of raider, with their outfits using scavenged, mismatching parts to create armour. My favourite version for lingerie inspiration has to be Fallout 3’s painspike armour, featuring rubber tire segments for shoulder pads, metal sieves for a bra, and more straps and spikes than you can count.

Fallout Inspired Lingerie - Raider

Clockwise from top left: Fallout 3 Raider (Painspike Armour); Chromat Chromed Mesh Bodysuit; Turbo Lover Clothing Pastel Goth Studded Briefs and Garters (via Etsy); Bordelle Ring Strap Bondage Angela Girdle Dress; Kisskill Sienna Bodysuit (discontinued); Balmain Leather Bustier (discontinued). Centre: Bordelle Voyeur Harness.

Super mutants have appeared in every Fallout game, most of the time as enemies. They’re usually fairly armoured, often wearing human skulls around their necks/belts.

Fallout Inspired Lingerie - Super Mutant Behemoth

Clockwise from top left: Fallout 3 Super Mutant Behemoth; Maya Hansen Corsetry Skully Tulum Collection (Look 11); Esty Lingerie Skull Choker Bra Strap (discontinued); Karsona Crochet Skull Open Bra and Brief (via Etsy) Freya Deco Charm Moulded Plunge Bra in Grey; Timeless Trends Silver Overbust Corset.

Finally, power armour! Power armour is the peak of armoured infantry technology, usually only accessible to organisations such as the Brotherhood of Steel. Being armour, it is heavily structural/architectural, featuring many panels and parts, stamps and cut-outs, and a metallic colour scheme.

Fallout Inspired Lingerie - Power Armour, Brotherhood of Steel

Clockwise from top left: Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armour; Coco de Mer Persephone Knicker in Silver (discontinued); Lascivious & Tamzin Lillywhite Leather Bustier (discontinued); Homage Femme Silver Pellissier Soft Cup Bra and High Waist Brief; Am Statik Latex Android Top, Waspie, Knickers and Accessories (bespoke). Centre: Restyle Black Armour Faux Leather Underbust Corset.

So, that’s the lot! This post was so much fun to do – I love searching and finding the perfect pieces for a specific look, and these were really great inspiration. Not all of these items will be available anymore, so my apologies if you spotted something you loved that’s been discontinued or already sold!

What do you think? Are you a Fallout fan? Are there any other pieces you would have picked? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Fallout Inspired Lingerie

  1. What a great post! I especially love the For Love & Lemons bodysuit as a vault suit and the leather choices for power armor.

    Raiders have great style, don’t they?

  2. Oh my god, this post just made my day. <3
    I am definitely feeling for the raiders.
    Chromat's cages in general would be fitting for both the Raiders and Super Mutants. I can also imagine blue bodysuit from Michi's older season as a nice addition to vault boy clothes.

    Also, regarding Bioshock… How nice of Elizabeth to start us off with a corset, eh?

    – TKS

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