Nude Bras for Women of Colour in AW16

Hello lovelies! I’m fresh back from Moda and ready to share sneak peeks of what’s coming next year – but first! I noticed at Moda that once again, the number of brown bras is on the rise, which is great news for women of colour looking for nude bras. I wrote about all of the nude bras available from full-bust brands for the SS16 season earlier this year, and I thought now would be a good time to do the same thing for the current AW16 season. So, here’s what’s available now!

Parfait Charlotte in Bronze - Nude Bras for WOC

First up, the Parfait Charlotte in Bronze, available soon in 28-40 D-K! I admit, the black piping means it won’t be a perfect nude bra, but I am very glad to finally see a darker shade join this bra’s classic nude-based shades of Peach and Dusty Rose. I’m sure this will look stunning on light and dark skintones alike, and I can’t wait to see how people like it.

Panache Elise in Praline - Nude Bras for WOC

Next, the Panache Elise in Praline! This is a t-shirt style moulded bra with a touch of lacy luxury, due to be released in August in sizes 30-38 D-G.

Parfait Jeanie in Java - Nude Bras for WOC

Another offering from Parfait, the Parfait Jeanie in Java. This is available in two different styles: a moulded plunge bra (left; 30-34 D-G, 36-40 C-G, 42-44 D-FF) and an unlined wired bra (right; 30-40 D-G). Note that it’s a little desaturated in these pictures – it’s definitely brown (not so grey!) in person.

Parfait Estelle in Merlot - Nude Bras for WOC

The last Parfait bra for this season, the Parfait Estelle in Merlot. This is a rich, red brown, available in a balconet bra (left) and a padded bra (right), both 30-40 D-G.

Panache Black Quinn in Chocolate - Nude Bras for WOC

A little piece of luxury, the Panache Black Quinn in Chocolate, available now in 30 F-HH, 32 D-J, 34-36 D-K and 38 D-J.

Ewa Michalak BM Naomi - Nude Bras for WOC

Finally, the last new brown bra for this season, the Ewa Michalak BM Naomi. Available in a large custom size range, including 28-46 bands and C-KK cups. This isn’t strictly an AW16 item, as Ewa Michalak don’t typically follow seasons as such, but I thought I’d include it anyway – hopefully, if anything, their approach of releasing new styles as and when they want to will mean this will be around for quite a long time!

These are the continuity styles, introduced in the last season or two, and available again this season! Here we have (clockwise from top left) the Freya Deco Vibe in Mocha (28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, 38 B-G); Elomi Cate in Pecan (34-36 E-K, 38-42 DD-K and 44-46 DD-HH; Soft-Cup in 36 E-G, 38 D-G and 40-48 B-G); Fantasie Alex in Ombre (30-38 D-J, 40-42 D-FF); Sculptresse Chi Chi in Cappucino (34-36 E-H, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH and 42-46 D-HH); Elomi Racquel in Taupe (34 D-JJ, 36 E-FF, 38-42 DD-JJ and 44 DD-G); and the Gossard Glossies in Rich Brown (30 D-G, 32-36 A-G, 38 B-G).

Finally, two options that have been discontinued, but are still available on sale in limited sizes: the Bravissimo Alana in Mocha (28-40 bands and DD-HH cups remaining) and the Samanta Hemaris A225 in Chocolate (65-80 bands and D-K cups remaining).

So, that’s the lot for this season! As always, I’m glad to see the number of brown bras is still on the rise, but I do wish that these companies would also take the next step and actually showcase some of them on women of colour. Also, I can’t help but notice that despite selling many beige/blush styles, there are still some brands currently offering no brown bras (i.e. Curvy Kate, and. once the Alana is sold out, Bravissimo), which I really do think is just a bit ridiculous in this day and age.

What do you think? Are you a fan of any of these styles? What do you think is missing from the full-bust lingerie world? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

All product images courtesy of respective brands. No copyright is claimed over any image within this article.

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5 thoughts on “Nude Bras for Women of Colour in AW16

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  2. Nice list! When I was helping out with the Nude Bras for POC guide for /r/abrathatfits (link in case you want to read:, the main issue we faced was that a lot of these bras are cool toned when many people have warm toned skin, so they can show through shirts. It’s such a shame really cause warm toned browns can really look nice, so I don’t get why people don’t tend to make them as much.

    • Thanks for the link, that’s a great resource! And I absolutely agree – brown bras are almost always cool-toned! The Parfait Charlotte and Estelle are both warm browns, but almost every other one I’ve come across is cool, which must be so frustrating for POC. I am glad there are more brown bras popping up in full-bust brands, but there’s definitely a ways to go.

  3. Thanks for the list! I will definitely save these to recommend to some of my friends.
    I agree with Anna that the brown bras come across as cool toned but this is at least a start in the right direction as far as offering these options to WOC.

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