Recommended Blogs

Active bloggers

All’s Fair in Love and Lingerie (26FF/28F)
  “In Bust We Trust”

Bluestockings Boutique *
“Underthings for Everyone”

Boosaurus (28H/HH)
    “Skinny, curvy, geeky”

Brastop Blog *
    “D-K Lingerie News, Fashion, Features & Reviews

Busts4Justice (28GG/30G)
    “Blogging boobs, brains & bra campaigns…”

Butterfly Collection *
    “A place for D-K cup women to love, laugh and live big boobs”

Curvy Wordy (34KK/L)
    “One woman’s quest to find lingerie and stylish clothing to suit her extremely voluptuous hourglass figure.”

Esty Lingerie *
    “Tips & advice for Lingerie Addicts everywhere”

Faustian Foundations (32G)

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (34HH/36H)

Hourglassy (32F, 28G)
    “Above average style for the above average bust”

Invest in Your Chest (30E & 30GG)

Kurvendiskussionen (30C/D)

Kupista Asiaa (34J) *
    “Writings about bras, lingerie and clothing for bigger bust and sometimes about the everyday life of an entrepreneur.”

Le Curvy Kitten (28GG/H)
    “Dressing a curvier figure, with everything from lingerie to clothes, and maybe a few other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure.”

Les Gros Bonnets (34KK)
    “Blogging about H+ cup options”

Lingerie Detective (36E)
    “Investigating underpinnings everywhere”

Nothing Ever Fits (32E)
    “Story of my love-hate relationships with bras and clothes”

Of Lambs and Lace (30C)
    “A small busted little Lamb, with a passion for lingerie”

Quest for the Perfect Bra (28H)
    “The musings of a D+ braficionado”

Rachael Elizabeth (28G)
    “Fashion, Beauty, Health and Life.”

Sophisticated Pair (30H/HH, 30F/32E) *
    “Lingerie fit for your curves”

Sweet Nothings (32H/34GG)
    “Everyone deserves a little sweetness”

The Changing Room Diaries (32H)

The Full Figured Chest  (34HH/36H)

The Lingerie Addict (34C)
    “Lingerie for Who You Are”

The Lingerie Lesbian (32D/34C)

Two Cakes on a Plate (30GG/H)
    “A blog about lingerie, bra fit and all things D+”

Venusian Glow (28DD)
    “The smart approach to beauty, bra fitting and life”

Warning: Curves Ahead (32FF/34F)
    “Fashion. Feminism. Opinions. Life.”

Xelestial Curves (30L/32KK)
Focusing on full bust bras, clothing, sewing, and style from one curvaceous geek’s point of view.”


Inactive bloggers

Bra Nightmares (40H)
    “Blogging about bras in Finnish and in English”

Bras I Hate & Love (30H)
    “A blog for the times when you want something better for your boobs”

Bravolution (28H)
    “Tips and advice to help women of all sizes find their best fitting bra!”

Busts of Gotham (30G)

Busty and Thrifty (32G)
    “If your boobs are softer and you’ve got mummy tummy – this blog is for you.”

By Baby’s Rules (28J)
    “Saying what I want to say one random blog at a time”

CurvyHK (28GG)
    “Asian-chested is not an Oxymoron”

Decadent and Wilde (30F)

Dimpsey Bra Fit (26G/GG)

Dressing Curves (26K/JJ)

Filling a Niche (30F)
    “Yes, you might see boobs here”

Fussy Busty (40J, 28G)

Large Cup Lingerie *

Linda Unhooked *
    “Your inside guide to bras, fashion & your fabulous boobs”

Miss Underpinnings (28G)

Muscular Hourglass (30G)
    “Muscles and Curves”

Obsessed With Breasts (28JJ)
    “Chronicling the trials and troubles of being DD+ in an A-D world”

Rock the Curves (34GG)
    “Bras, clothes, body image”

Sophia Jenner (mostly 30GG reviews, currently 34HHish)
    “Lingerie and fashion enthusiast”

StackDD+ (28J)
    “Life in big boobs”

That Bra Does Not Fit Her (28FF)
    “Your band is too big and your cups are too small”

Thin and Curvy (24K/26JJ, 32HH/J)

Undercover Lingerista (28FF/G)

Undressed to Impress (26GG/28G)

Voluptuous and Beautiful (28KK/30K)
    “Beauty, Bras, Body – There Are No Standards”

Weirdly Shaped & Well Photographed (28KK/L)
    “… a blog about clothing for curves, bras for giant boobs (and tiny backs!), and escaping the scourge of the dreaded BoobLoaf and ButtChest.”

XL Hourglass (34JJ)

* This is a retailer-run blog.