Cosy in Collectif

I spend a lot of my time wearing pretty dresses, which means that for the past year or two, I’ve been looking for a good vintage-inspired coat to cover up with through autumn and winter. Most of my dresses are knee length and full-skirted, so I really need something with plenty of bust room, as well as being long enough to cover my dresses without crushing my petticoats. Last year, I bought a Trashy Diva Courtney Coat Dress (worn here), which, despite fitting well and being stunningly beautiful, was just a bit too formal for everyday wear.

This autumn, I was very happy to see that vintage-inspired brand Collectif Clothing had introduced a new style: the ‘Dietrich Swing Trench’, initially available in blue, beige and black. I wear a lot of black, red and blue, so I thought the blue colourway would be an interesting neutral colour for my wardrobe and a great way to wrap up, but it was out of stock whenever I looked. Not to be defeated, I bought a gift voucher during one of their sales…and waited. After months of checking, some sizes reappeared, and I just managed to order one in a size 14…only to get an email saying that they had sold out, and the blue colourway wasn’t going to be restocked again. I was gutted. However, upon hearing how much I wanted the coat, the wonderful Siobhan phoned around and managed to track one down for me! Here’s how it looked on me… Continue reading

Halloween Lingerie

Halloween is probably one of my favourite days of the year – the costumes, the scares, and (of course) the sweets. To get into the Halloween mood this year, I’ve been looking around for some fabulous Halloween-themed lingerie. So, since it’s just a few days away, today I thought I’d take a minute to share some of my favourite pieces.

1. Emerald Angel Monster Movie Set

1. Emerald Angel Movie Monsters

This is one of the sets that I have had the hugest crush on for so long. I loooove pin-up and rockabilly fashion, so this combination of the elegant girdle and quirky monster material is right up my street. Unfortunately I can’t see a halterneck bralet working for me, but the girdle is a very tempting possibility! Continue reading

Brastop Awards 2013

BrastopAwards2013Header2Brastop are one of my favourite retailers, stocking high quality D-K lingerie at bargain prices. They have grown and grown over the years, and today, Brastop are launching the Brastop Awards.
There are seven awards for different categories, with the winners to be chosen by public vote. You can select as many of your favourites as you like in each category, with the option of naming any other bloggers you would like to add recognition to. Continue reading

Sexism and Children: Why it’s Not “Just a Joke”.

Today’s post is going to be a bit different from the usual. A couple of weeks ago, my niece turned 4. I’ll be honest, I find it quite hard to pick presents for my princess-loving nibling! I like giving her something a bit different from the mountains of pink, so I usually try to find her something princess-with-a-twist, and this time, it seems I picked a pretty good one: a Princess Merida dress with a bow and arrow set.

261318_10151532466072148_1175769052_n 2
When she opened it, she was so excited to find a princess dress, but she had no idea what the bow and arrow was. After I explained what it did, and I showed her a picture of Princess Merida wielding it, she couldn’t wait to try it out. So I started showing her how to use it. Obviously it’s just a toy, and it isn’t all that sturdy, which means you have to hold it a very specific way to shoot it, and the arrows only go a few feet.

While I was trying to show her how to use it, I started hearing comments from a couple of men standing behind me. Continue reading

My Lingerie Christmas Wishlist

Following the lead of a few other lovely bloggers, I thought I’d list what I’m currently lusting after in the world of lingerie!

Lingerie santa

1. Stockings and Romance girdles

Pin up girdle

Polka dot girdle

I am an absolute sucker for retro-styled lingerie. Combine that with polka-dots and quirkiness, and I will probably faint from giddiness!

Pin Up Girdle and Kiss Me Kate Polka Dot Girdle, both available at Egg & Chips Clothing. Continue reading