SIL Preview: Curvy Kate AW16

Next up is one of my favourite brands to visit each season, Curvy Kate! The Curvy Kate AW16 collection primarily features rich berry shades of red, purple and blue, accented with pops of bright yellow and green.

Curvy Kate Wild Cat Full in Leopard (Curvy Kate AW16)

Curvy Kate Wild Cat in Leopard (Curvy Kate AW16)

Curvy Kate Ellace Bra in Crimson (Curvy Kate AW16) Continue reading

SIL Preview: Parfait AW16 & Affinitas AW16

Let’s start today with Parfait by Affinitas! The Parfait AW16 collection primarily uses shades of rich bronze, merlot, neutrals and cool blues.

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra and High Waist Brief in Bronze (Parfait AW16)

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra in Bronze (Parfait AW16)

Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Padded Bra and High Waist Brief in Bronze (28-40 D-K, S-3XL)

First up, Parfait’s most famous style, the Charlotte! This season, shades of brown are absolutely everywhere, something I am really pleased to see. Most brown lingerie tends to be a cooler brown shade, so I really like this warm, rich bronze, and I think it looks really striking against the black piping details. Continue reading

SIL Preview: Sculptresse AW16 & Panache Black AW16

Next up in my SIL previews are the final two Panache brands, Sculptresse and Panache Black. Let’s start with Sculptresse! The Sculptresse AW16 collection features shades of classic black, cherry red, candy pink and rich purple.

Sculptresse Chi Chi Full in Black (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Chi Chi in Black (Sculptresse AW16)

Sculptresse Chi Chi Babydoll in Black (36 F-HH, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH)

A new piece for the Chi Chi range, a babydoll! While the Chi Chi bra is available in various colourways, this will only be available in this black colourway, and it is also currently only a fashion piece (though that might change depending on popularity). Continue reading

SIL Preview: Cleo AW16 (Including Cleo Swim)

Next up in the Panache family, Cleo! The Cleo AW16 collection primarily features shades of blue and magenta, with pops of citrus yellow, tangerine orange and apple green.

Cleo Breeze in Geo Floral (Cleo AW16)

Cleo Breeze in Geo Floral (Cleo AW16)

Cleo Della in Floral Print (Cleo AW16)

Cleo Breeze in Geo Floral (pictures 1-2; 28-38 D-H) ; Cleo Della (picture 3; 28 E-H, 30-38 D-J)

As always, we have some lovely new darker floral styles in the Breeze and Della for this season. I loved the SS16 colourway of the Della, and this season’s colourway is a definite winner for me! I adore sets that have matching suspenders, and I think the combination of the bold black detailing over the soft floral is simply gorgeous. Continue reading

SIL Preview: Panache AW16 (Including Panache Swim & Sport)

If you follow me on social media, you might already know that a few weeks ago, I took a short trip over to Paris! While I did plenty of fun things (like visiting Disneyland and drinking copious amounts of wine), the main reason I visited was to attend Salon de la Lingerie International. The SIL is a lingerie tradeshow, where industry professionals from all over the world come to see and showcase the latest collections – essentially, it’s the same thing as Moda, but way bigger.

So, that means that I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at lots of the new styles coming out in Autumn/Winter! I’ll be sharing previews on here every day for the next few days, starting with one of the biggest of the lot, Panache! The Panache AW16 collection primarily features shades of blue, teal, berry and gold.

Panache Oriane in Teal Gold (Panache AW16)

Panache Tango in Navy Gold (Panache AW16)

Panache Oriane in Teal/Gold (30-38 D-J) ; Panache Tango in Navy/Gold (28-40 D-K, 42 D-J, 44 DD-FF)

One trend we saw heavily this season was gold embroidery over deep blues and blacks, as shown in this new colourway of the Tango, along with the new Oriane style. Oriane is a full-cup style, similar in construction to the older Clara and Andorra styles. Continue reading