Diving In with Curvy Kate

Last year, Curvy Kate came out with their first selection of swimwear. It wasn’t without its problems, but there were some stunning offerings. This year, Curvy Kate has released another gorgeous selection of swimwear, with some adjustments to improve the fit. Since Brastop is offering 40% off CK swimwear and free shipping for this week, I decided to try a few new pieces.

CK Caribbean Curves 30JJ full

This is the Caribbean Curves bikini in a 30JJ, which I bought last year. Though I have reviewed this before, I thought I would share it again due to size change. I found this bikini too big in the cup last year (as a 30JJ)  and thought I’d need a 30HH/J, and I now find it to be slightly small in the cup. Based on this, I think this runs approximately 1 cup big. Continue reading

Ready for the beach!

Over the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for good bikinis. I usually take a bit longer between blog posts, but with holiday-season pretty much underway, I thought I’d post a quick round up 😉


The first bikini I’ve got my paws on is the Panache Geneva balconette in a 30JJ. It’s definitely an old style (this is an eBay bargain), but it’s very similar to the newer Holly bikini. Like this season’s Holly, it is available in 28-40 D-K, and in both bikini and tankini styles. I was lucky to snag this a few months ago at £7, but it should be findable for under £15. I’ve matched it here with generic cheap bottoms, pretty much why I wanted a basic black bikini! Continue reading