Guardians of the Galaxy Lingerie

A while back, I made a post re-making the Avengers outfits with lingerie. When Guardians of the Galaxy came out, I knew I would have to do something similar! So, if (for some reason) the Guardians of the Galaxy all wore lingerie, what would they wear?

Let’s start with my favourite member of the group, Gamora! Gamora’s aesthetic is kind of bondage meets biker chick meets warrior woman, which is so incredibly fun to recreate with lingerie.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora Lingerie

Clockwise from top left: Gamora; ASOS Boudoir Wet Look Plunge Body; Shadow Harness Cage Top by Battie Clothing; Lonely Sabel Longline Bra; Esty Lingerie Black Satin Elastic Harness Bra; Sacha Kimmes Geometry Brief; Bandage Tights; Made By Niki String Suspender Belt. Centre: Runway Dreamz Silver Studded Lace Bustier. Continue reading

Bravengers Assemble!

A few days ago, the lovely Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed wrote a post combating body snark in the bra-fitting world, with viewpoints from the various Bravengers. Most of the brilliance is of course Miss Shapen’s, but I also got the chance to join in, dress up in lingerie and pretend to be a superhero. There are some great pictures and a great message, so make sure you check out her post here! I had a lot of fun making superhero costumes solely out of lingerie, so I started thinking: If the Avengers were all women, and for some reason, exclusively wore lingerie, what would they wear?

So, let’s start with Iron Man! Iron Man is a total show off, and despite the seeming simplicity of his suit’s design, the whole thing gives off a vibe of sleek grandeur.

Iron Man lingerie2

Clockwise from top left: Iron Man; Custom Red and Gold Corset from Lovesick Corrective Apparel;  Avocado Nina (Red); Cervin Seduction Couture Coloured Stockings (Red); Curvy Kate Ritzy (Ruby/Spice); Leg Avenue Satin Opera Gloves (Red); Wonderbra Ultimate Lace Strapless (Red); Burlesque Boutique Red Satin Bloomers.

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