My Lingerie Christmas Wishlist

Following the lead of a few other lovely bloggers, I thought I’d list what I’m currently lusting after in the world of lingerie!

Lingerie santa

1. Stockings and Romance girdles

Pin up girdle

Polka dot girdle

I am an absolute sucker for retro-styled lingerie. Combine that with polka-dots and quirkiness, and I will probably faint from giddiness!

Pin Up Girdle and Kiss Me Kate Polka Dot Girdle, both available at Egg & Chips Clothing.

2. Cleo Zia in Pink Spot

Cleo Zia pink

Mmmm! I love the flashes of pink from the polka dots and bows! The Zia is made with the same cut as my true loves Alexa and Olivia, but apparently runs smaller in the cups. Here’s hoping we get on well whenever I get to try her out!

Panache Cleo Zia in pink available at HerRoom, 28-38 D-J.

3. Boudoir Beau in Jet/Emerald

Boudoir Beau

Something any of my friends will know of is my quest for the perfect emerald green bra. Green is such an uncommon colour in lingerie, and I thought I had found my true love in CK’s Tease Me…only for it to go out of stock and never be found again! The Boudoir Beau combines the oh-so-elusive emerald green with sophisticated black lace, and I am so in love. This may just be one that I have to get the matching briefs for, when I can finally afford it! Please please please stay in stock!

Boudoir Beau available from Bravissimo, 28 DD-J, 30-38 DD-K.

4. Masquerade Rhea in Champagne/Pink

Rhea champagne

An oldie but one I am currently wishing I had! Though it only goes to an H, I’ve seen many H+ ladies rocking the hell out of the Rhea.

Available from ASOS in limited sizes, 28-38 D-H.

5. PL Milady

PL Milady

How fabulous is this set? I think it’s pretty clear by now, but I am a huge fan of red lingerie. Something about the colour is just so sexy and exciting! Combine that with my ever-loved black lace, and add in the option for high-waisted briefs…

The PL Milady is readily available from Ewa Michalak in 30-40 A-GG, though they will make almost any size to order.

6. Giselle high waisted knickers

Giselle brief

The lace panels, bustle, suspenders, the peek of skin through the nude panels, oh god why don’t I own these?! This is one piece I will probably never manage to afford, but a girl can dream, right?

Tatu Couture Giselle knickers available from Violet’s Knickers.

7. Curvy Kate Gia in blush


Though I still haven’t found the unpadded CK for me, after seeing the Gia on Laura, who wouldn’t want to try her?! Combine that with the realisation that I don’t own any nude bras, and I’m definitely going to have to hunt her down!

Curvy Kate Gia in blush available at Brastop, 28-40 D-K.

8. Spellbound Retro briefs

Spellbound retro brief

Another oldie, the Spellbound Retro high waisted briefs from Blush are another one of those pieces that just tick all my boxes. I love the navy polka dots and little coral details!

Spellbound briefs available in limited sizes from Funlove.

9. Morticia corset

Morticia corset

Last but not least, the Morticia corset. Another piece I wish I could afford, but will sadly have to wait a while! Phenomenally modelled by George and Cheryl, is it any wonder this made my wishlist?

Morticia corset available from What Katie Did.

I think I should stop myself there, I could keep going all day! What’s on your wishlist?

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