My Blog’s 1st Birthday: The Rixie Clip

The Rixie Clip (patent pending) is the world’s first bra band tightener, specifically designed to give a tighter, customised and comfortable fit, without altering the bra itself.

Rixie main

The Rixie Clip was thought up by a couple who, noticing poorly fitting bras and wardrobe malfunctions everywhere they looked, decided to take matters into their own hands. A few experiments later, and the Rixie Clip was born!

Rixie before after

Clearly a stroke of genius, the Rixie Clip team aims to fix a lot of problems in the bra fitting world. The Rixie Clip can be used by those who:
1) Have weight fluctuations
2) Are between band sizes
3) Need smaller bands than they can find
4) Have stretched out bras that need new life

Rixie applied

Retailing for $9.95 for one clip or $24.95 for three, they are available to buy through eBay or etsy. As they are a fairly new company, only two-hook fastenings are currently available, but 1, 3 and 4 hook closures are in the works. With glittering reviews from bloggers including CurvyWordy, Bravolution and Thin And Curvy, the Rixie Clip is definitely making a splash! As such, I am very excited to offer a chance to try them out yourself: Rixie Clip have very kindly offered two clips as prizes, each to go to different winners, and the colour of the winners’ choice! To enter, follow the link below and complete the Rafflecopter tasks.

Good luck!


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Images courtesy of Rixie Clip

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15 thoughts on “My Blog’s 1st Birthday: The Rixie Clip

  1. I’m very curious about if this works well, I could definitely use a bra band shrinker! So many bras that could be very good, aren’t made in bands small enough!

  2. I would really like to try this out when trying on sister sizes to get an idea of how the actual size would fit (from taking in sister sizes it’s surprising how much tightening it changes the fit)

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  4. CONGRATULATIONS to the 2 lucky drawing winners Elika and Chrystine!!Thank you to all of you have registered for the Rixie Clip giveaway!! We greatly appreciate all the kind comments and support of everyone through our growing process. THANKS!

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