My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad “Thrill Me” Habit

Back in June, I reviewed all of the unpadded Curvy Kate sets I owned, and I also mentioned that I had bought the Thrill Me in Jade/Fuschia in a 30J, which fit more like a 30HH/32H. Well…that was a bit of a slippery slope. I’ve since bought more sets and, since I took lots of pictures for my SIAB entry, I thought I’d share a few.

Jade Thrill MeThe Jade/Fuschia in a 30J, size 14 shorts. The set that sparked my love for this set, in all of its ruffley, jewel-bright, two-cups-too-small glory…sigh.

Purple Thrill MeThe second set I acquired: Grape/Jade in a 30J, for which I own both the thong and shorts in a 14. Once again, it fits two cups too small for me, it has a stretchy band, and I still absolutely love it. I don’t know what it is with me and ruffles, or the Marie Antoinette style cleavage, or this combination of vibrant purple and jade, but whatever it is, it means that I am hopelessly in love.

Azure Plum Thrill Me

And finally, the Azure/Plum in a 30J, size 16 shorts. A bit different in this much more subdued colour, but still just as gorgeous. I found all three bras to fit pretty similarly. For anyone wondering if they could get away with going down from their usual size (or anyone who wants a laugh…), here are the various stages of bra wear. As soon as I put it on (and stuff my boobs into the cups)…

After putting onAfter a few hours of wear…
After wear

And if I scoop and swoop properly…
If I scoop...

And that, children, is why we shouldn’t stuff ourselves into bras that are clearly much too small. Yet of all the people who should know better, I just can’t help myself. It’s like lingerie Stockholm syndrome: no matter how badly it fits, no matter how many times I hastily tuck my nips back in, I constantly convince myself that the fit isn’t that bad, that it’s okay to carry on wearing. Not to mention my burgeoning desire for more Tease Me sets. Gulp.

Sadly (or should that be luckily?), Curvy Kate has already discontinued the Thrill Me, and the Tease Me is going the same way after SS13 not in AW13 but should be back in SS14, making room for new styles. You’d think this would encourage me to step away from the Showgirls, but if anything, it just means I’ve started looking for them everywhere so I can stock up before they disappear. Problem? Me? Nah.

As I said, these were my SIAB entry pics. Obviously I didn’t get through, but on a related note, voting for the top 10 has just opened. If you haven’t voted already, go check it out here!

The Thrill Me has been discontinued, but you may still be able to find sets on Brastop, Belle Lingerie, or possibly through eBay or swap/sell groups.

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11 thoughts on “My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad “Thrill Me” Habit

  1. This saddens me. I got all excited because I was all, “Hey! If she can make it wearable, then I could too.” Then I saw the photos of you after hours and then I saw the photo of when you swoop and scoop….that’s a bit more than a few cups too small. I grew out of my 30HH/28J last October and now as a 28JJ/K, I don’t think I could pass as fitting into a 30J either. The Thrill Me was amazingly soft and the Tease Me was amazingly supportive.

    But when you first put on the bra you look quite amazing!

    • Aww, I’m sorry! They’re wearable…kind of…I just have to adjust every ten minutes. And not put them on properly. It’s…it’s okay…totally fine… perfectly reasonable…

  2. Thanks for sharing. You are very funny. I love to see girls who are confident enough to wear bras because of the sheer enjoyment they bring. Bra wearing can become too serious sometimes and we often get caught up in the perfection of the fit rather than how much enjoyment we get from our bras and you obviously enjoy yours. As long as you are not in pain compromising on the health of your breasts, then go and order your showgirls until your heart is content.

  3. Well… I was going to write this exact post in my blog… So… Uh… Damn. I will just have to focus on my use of them as sleep bras or something. Man I am obsessed with these. Why are they canceling the Thrill Mes? Everyone loves them! Also, why can’t they just make them in slightly larger cup sizes and neutral colors so I can just wear them all the time. *grumbles*

    • Haha I’m sorry! I’m sure your post will be different, and still be found helpful :)

      The last Thrill Me was AW11, so they’ve been discontinued for a while, really. Luckily the Tease Me isn’t being completely discontinued, it just isn’t in AW13. Hopefully it’s back for SS14!

  4. Oh God, I feel you. I have a Tease Me bra and I keep using it because it’s so pretty but the cup is way too small and I thought I had been too optimistic with it u.u (part of me still hopes I’ll lose a couple of cup sizes and be able to wear it properly orz)

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