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Halloween is probably one of my favourite days of the year – the costumes, the scares, and (of course) the sweets. To get into the Halloween mood this year, I’ve been looking around for some fabulous Halloween-themed lingerie. So, since it’s just a few days away, today I thought I’d take a minute to share some of my favourite pieces.

1. Emerald Angel Monster Movie Set

1. Emerald Angel Movie Monsters

This is one of the sets that I have had the hugest crush on for so long. I loooove pin-up and rockabilly fashion, so this combination of the elegant girdle and quirky monster material is right up my street. Unfortunately I can’t see a halterneck bralet working for me, but the girdle is a very tempting possibility!

Movie Monsters Bra/Cami Top and Girdle/Garter Belt, both available from EmeraldAngel on Etsy.

2. Spiderweb Tights

2. GravityUS Spiderweb tights

It’s just not Halloween without an abundance of spiders. These tights are spooky but cute – if I had these, I would be tempted to see if I could wear the picture on the back with a below-knee skirt, to get the appearance of spooky seamed tights.

Spiderweb tights available from Gravity-US on Etsy.

3. Skull Garter Belt

3. Voluscious Skull Garter Belt

There are so many things I want from this shop! This girdle/garter belt from Voluscious is a bit more subdued than some of the other items on this list, which means it could easily be worn at any time of year. This could be a great option for those who want their shapewear to be a bit more fun, but without being too out-there.

Powernet with Skull Print 4-clip Garter Belt available from Voluscious on Etsy.

4. Pentagram Harness

4. Hopeless Pentagon harness

I can’t get over Hopeless Lingerie’s designs. I love bondage and fetish inspired lingerie, and Hopeless Lingerie’s pieces (particularly the harnesses) provide a great way to get the look even with full-bust bras. This pentagram harness would look great with a plunging black dress.

Black Satin Elastic Pentagram Harness available from Hopeless Lingerie on Etsy.

5. Spiderweb Embroidered Bra

5. ASOS spider bra

Sadly only a small-bust option, but it’s so perfect for Halloween that I had to include it. This would be great for anyone who likes their clothes to be a little more dark and gothic.

Spiderweb Embroidered Bra available from Kallisti by Marios Schwab on ASOS, 32-36 A-D.

6. Crystal Skull Choker Strap

6. Esty skull choker strap

One of the few items on this list that I actually own! This choker strap attaches to the centre of your bra, giving the harness bra look without the restricted size range. The skull comes in lots of different colours (red, pink, green and orange), which adds just a bit of fun to an otherwise minimal piece.

Black Satin Choker Bra Strap with Crystal Skull available from Esty Lingerie.

7. Cobwebs Halloween Bodysuit

7. Knickerocker Hallowen bodysuit

Here’s one that gets right to the point 😉 This bodysuit features an orange base with black spiderweb print, and can be worn either as loungewear, underwear or outerwear. Personally I think this would look great worn with a leather jacket and long, sheer black skirt, though the cold weather might not agree with that idea!

Halloween Bodysuit available from Knickerocker on Etsy.

8. Bat Suspender Tights

8. ASOS Bat Suspender Tights

Another item to celebrate Halloween without going all out. I love that these could either look like plain black tights under a regular dress, or be shown off in a mini or some high-waisted shorts.

Bat Suspender Tights available from ASOS.

9. Skeleton Overbust Corset

9. Sweet Carousel Skeleton corset

This might only be everyday outerwear for the very confident! This is definitely a high quality corset rather than a dress-up piece, so it might not be one to get just as a one-off. I would personally wear this with a red high-waisted pencil skirt, to give it an outerwear look without going over the top. Adding a black sheer top over it could also help to tone it down a bit. For most people, this could be worn as unusual shapewear, or as part of a bit more sophisticated skeleton costume.

Skeleton Overbust Corset available from Sweet Carousel Corsetry on Etsy.

10. Spider Nipple Pasties

10. Emerald Angel Spider Pasties

Finally, these nipple pasties. These come in a variety of colours, and could be fun to wear as a little secret under your clothes (if you can go braless). In my fantasies, they would be great for a creepy burlesque look. Or for a gothic mermaid costume. Is that a thing? That should be a thing.

Spider Nipple Pasties available from EmeraldAngel on Etsy.

Are you looking forward to Halloween? What are your plans? :)

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  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday for a lot of reasons. This year I plan to stay home and give out candy as we haven’t done that for a couple of years and I always feel guilty not giving out candy as my child hood memories are full of joy about all thing Halloween.

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