Guest Post: Cake Lingerie’s ‘Ginger Macaroon’ Set Reviewed

A few months ago, I was contacted by Cake Lingerie asking if I would like to review something of theirs. As I am not in their size range and am not familiar with the specific needs of pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, I did not feel I would be able to write an in-depth review of their bras. Instead, I asked an expectant friend of mine if she would like to write a guest post, and I am pleased to say she accepted. So, here is my first ever guest post, written by the wonderful Bronwen.

Cake Lingerie are a maternity brand, providing luxurious, fashion-forward maternity and nursing lingerie. Their range of maternity bras includes flexible wired bras, non-wired soft cups, moulded cups and even sleepwear, in lots of beautiful designs. When I was asked what I would like to try, I decided on the beautiful Ginger Macaroon Bra and Brief, which is available in sizes 32-38 C-GG, 40 D-GG, with matching briefs available in sizes 10-18. I opted to try the 34GG with size 12 briefs, and I’m pleased to say it was a great success.

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Maternity Bra

The bra itself looks fantastic – the colours of it contrast beautifully, and the black lace gives that ‘my underwear is making me feel pretty and confident’ vibe. The cut and colour are practical for the clothes I wear, as I tend to wear dark clothes, so it doesn’t really stand a chance of peeking through the fabric. When I wear vest tops it can show slightly over the top of the vest, but I tend to like that kind of look anyway, so I guess that depends entirely on personal taste. The shape it gives tends to be rounded and slightly uplifted (though not too much), which makes it more comfortable. The cups bring your breasts up in front of you, but still provide separation in the centre, which is extremely helpful when they’re sensitive and aching after a feed!

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Maternity Bra

I found the bra to be true to size, both for the cups and band. It has 6 columns of hooks and eyes, giving the stretched band a range between 32-34.5 inches when new, which is very handy when you haven’t fed in a little while and the breasts become very swollen. It also has stretch fabric at the top of the cup, to allow for growth or fluctuations in size. This bra fits me, personally, perfectly. There is no gapping or overspill, and it tends to be most comfortable on the 3rd (middle) sets of eyes, unless the breasts are swollen, in which case I just move it to the 1st (loosest) set for a little extra room. The bra is supportive without being uncomfortable, which is fantastic, as I’ve found many maternity bras you either have to sacrifice the comfort or the support. This bra is definitely great for everyday wear, but I personally found it comfortable enough to use as nightwear as well.

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Maternity Bra Interior

The fabric of the inside of the cup is soft cotton which doesn’t irritate the nipple at all, and the fabric on the outside is wonderfully silky and luxurious. Milk can leak through if you have a heavy flow of milk and you don’t use nursing pads, but it does have slits inside the cup so that the pad can be concealed more easily and not irritate the nipple. I personally had more issues with the nursing pads irritating my nipples than the actual bra, so being able to use the slits to stop the pad moving around was definitely useful for me. Because of the little compartment inside the bra that you can conceal the nursing pads in, the pads really don’t show up through clothes at all, they sit in the right shape and don’t cause horrid looking lumps and bumps

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Maternity Bra Interior

The wires are flexible so as to avoid pressure on breast tissue, and they aren’t too high on the sides or centre gore of the breasts, making the bra much more comfortable to wear, as the wire seems to sit just right on my frame. The wire width is good – wires on breast tissue can obstruct milk ducts and cause mastitis, so I was glad to find they were wide enough not to pose a problem. The nursing flaps are easy to use, and can easily be done up and undone with one hand, as it’s an easy clip-on system. The breasts are still supported when the nursing flaps are down, as the wire and the bottom of the cup still sit under the breast. You can easily breastfeed or use a pump whilst still wearing the bra, it doesn’t seem to be obtrusive in the slightest.

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Maternity Briefs

The briefs fit comfortably, and they don’t dig in anywhere or sag either, which is a problem I often have. I tend to sit between two sizes  – if I go for the lower one it digs in, and if I go for the higher one it sags, so it’s nice to have briefs that fit right! They are very comfortable, especially on the sides, as that’s normally where I have more problems with digging in. I was pleased to find they have plenty of lower belly room – not once did it dig in whilst I was pregnant, nor when losing the baby weight after giving birth. The cut of these meant they sat just right, and the soft fabric definitely helped to add to the comfort. I also thought that they gave just the right amount of coverage, both in the front and back of the briefs. They don’t go over onto the tops of the legs, and they aren’t too small at the back (so you don’t have half a butt cheek hanging out)!

All in all, this is a great set which I found to be very practical, supportive and comfortable. I would definitely recommend to a friend, or any other expectant mothers looking for a good nursing bra.


Ginger Macaroon bra retails for 64.90 USD, with matching briefs retailing for 29.90 USD. Item provided for review by Cake Lingerie. Though it was received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.

Bronwen Rees - Guest Author at 'Bras and Body Image'Bronwen is a clothing and crafts artisan based in the UK. In her spare time, she enjoys cosplay, baking, video games, and spending time with her little one.

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  1. What a useful review! :) I’m not in a place of needing or wanting nursing bras but the nursing bra reviews are scarce and typically involve Panache, Freya or Royce. Hopefully this helps someone out who wants a pretty nursing bra! :)

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