Besotted with Burek

My last Ewa Michalak review was of the S Wiśniówka over a year ago, and while I adored the bra and found it both stunning and supportive, my boobs grew and I stopped fitting into it seemingly immediately. While I have longed for more EMs ever since then, not knowing which size I’d need, the possibility of size inconsistencies, and the price of custom ordering kept putting me off. That is, until I saw some of the amazing styles that had been released, and last year’s SM Burek on sale. So, taking a risk, I ordered two bras in a 70K.

Ewa Michalak SM Burek 70K

This is the absolutely stunning SM Burek. I have been in love with this bra ever since I first saw it, and looking at these pictures, I don’t think it’s hard to explain why! Larger-cupped versions of bras can easily end up losing their delicate appearance, but this bra manages to stay beautifully sweet and romantic in every size. I’ve matched the bra here with some coordinating Matalan briefs, as (sadly) the matching briefs had sold out, and I haven’t been able to track any down.

Ewa Michalak SM Burek 70K

The SM Burek features four-part mesh cups, embroidered with a stunning muted green and pink floral pattern. The single layer of cup fabric is very sheer and delicate-looking, but beautifully firm and supportive, with no need for the (often unsightly) extra lining many UK brands add to sheer bras. The band and front of the straps are a soft dusky rose tone, matching the floral embroidery of the cups. One thing I have noticed is that the seams and the embroidery are both very flat, and I have had no issues with them showing through shirts or dresses.

Ewa Michalak SM Burek 70K

Fit-wise, I found the 70K to work fairly well on me. The wires are narrow and close-set, which makes them wonderful for me. The wires are average-to-low at the gore and sides, so overall they are just low enough and close together enough to sit perfectly on my shape. The cups are quite projected (a good depth for me), though I think the very bottom of the cup is slightly too shallow for me, resulting in some wrinkling where my breasts push the cup material down slightly (see angled pictures). I also find I have something similar to what happened in the Cleo Ellis – the cup is structured and fits quite well, but the very top of the cup is more open, resulting in minor in-cup quadboob and loose fabric at the top. It’s not noticeable under clothing, and without alterations, I think this is the best cup size for me, though I imagine a cup up and a small dart in the top of the cup would also work for me.

Ewa Michalak SM Burek 70K

I was pleased to see this style gave me what I would consider a really great shape – uplifted and rounded, but with a nicely defined apex. One thing I did notice was that the straps are attached with a triangular piece of fabric, rather than straight straps just going to the edge of the cups. I definitely like this, as I think it gives more uplift and support towards the centre. As with just about all bras, the straps are still slightly too wide-set for me (resulting in some rubbing around the armpit). However, I did also notice that the armpits aren’t cut as straight or as high as many other bras, which is definitely a plus for me.

Ewa Michalak SM Burek 70K

Departing from the dusky rose tones, the fastening and the elastic are instead a sort of buttery pecan colour, so a slight contrast. The band fastens with three sets of hooks and eyes going over four columns (rather than the usual 3), which should give this bra a bit of a longer lifespan. Due to the triangular strap attachment at the front, the straps are only half-adjustable, which is fine for me, but may be an issue for some. The band stretched to just over 31 inches when new, so it is on the firm side for a 70, which I am definitely relieved about! I could do with the band being slightly firmer, but I’m quite certain a 65 would have been too small for me.

Ewa Michalak SM Burek 70K

Overall this bra is absolutely stunning, and I am unbelievably pleased to have it in my collection. I think a 70KK with armpit/strap alterations and a dart to the upper cup would likely be my “perfect” fit in this style, but (seeing how I’m too lazy to actually do said alterations), I am quite happy with the 70K. Based on this, I would advise those around my size range to go 1-2 cups up from your UK size, and 1 band size up if the band is noted to run tighter. The SM Burek was on sale when I bought it, and is nearly sold out in every size, so I imagine it is too late for most people to buy this bra. However, there are various other beautiful SM styles currently available – I particularly love the Motylowate, the Wróżka and the Summer Time!

What do you think of this style? How do you get along with Ewa Michalak’s bras? Let me know any thoughts in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Besotted with Burek

  1. This is soo strange – you look way smaller (boobwise) than my mom who has Burek in 70J (which fits her) 😀

    Not saying that this one is too big for you. Just saying that it’s funny that you can look like you have smaller boobs, yet in reality wear a bigger cup size :)

  2. Ive been in love with several EW styles too but also worried about the sizing fluctuations as i want them to be perfect!
    I really love the new red floral patterned plunge bra.
    Im solidly 30HH in cleo which seems to fit me best and i had some freya 30H bras before migration that are about a cupsize small so id say 30HH in freya as well.

    Had been thinking 70HH – would you recommend differently based on your experience?

    • I would say 70HH sounds like a good place to start, especially for those with removable pads (as then if they are slightly too big, they should still fit with the pads in) :)

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