Moda Preview: Freya SS15

I’ve been on holiday recently, so I haven’t been able to get online to write any posts. But, I’m back now, and ready to carry on with my Moda previews! So, next up I’m covering the Eveden/Wacoal group, starting with another big favourite, Freya. This season from Freya features lots of zesty brights, electric blue, bright pinks, cool mint and blush.

Freya Deco Vibe Black Continuity SS15

Freya Deco Vibe Thong Black Continuity SS15

Freya Deco Vibe Watermelon SS15Freya Deco Vibe Papaya SS15

Freya are popularly known for their Deco plunge, so let’s start by going through all of SS15’s iterations of the style. First up, the Deco Vibe! This style has just been introduced for AW14 in the continuity colours of black, blush and mocha, and SS15 will bring two gorgeous new fashion colours of Watermelon and Papaya. Orange lingerie is very uncommon, so I am a big fan of the Papaya colourway.

Freya Deco Zest SS15

This is the standard Deco, here in the fashion colour of Zest, a neon bright yellow with leopard print detailing. There is an inverted Print colourway, featuring a leopard print base with neon yellow detailing, which can be mixed and matched with this one. This won’t be a style for everyone, but I am yet again pleased by all the yellow lingerie showing up for this season!

Freya Deco Spotlight Ivory SS15

The Deco Spotlight will be released in this somewhat minimal Ivory colourway for SS15.

Freya Deco Darling Ivory Continuity SS15

This style is the new replacement for the older Deco Shape, the Deco Darling. This was released in a plunge and strapless for AW14, in the continuity colour Noir. For SS15, a babydoll style will be introduced, and a new continuity colour of Ivory will be added. The matching pieces include a thong, brief, high-waisted brief, suspender belt and garter, so this will have a lot of potential for bridal wear.

Freya Deco Charm Ballet Pink SS15

The Deco Charm in Ballet Pink. I adore blush pink lingerie, so this is another of my favourites.

Freya Icon Milkshake SS15

Freya Icon Babydoll Milkshake SS15

The Deco Icon in Milkshake. This is an interesting style introduced in AW14, featuring the moulded base of a Deco with a lace overlay connecting to the straps. I can’t say I’m a fan of this style, and the colourway really doesn’t appeal to me (I think AW14’s grey/hot pink is much nicer), but I imagine it will have its fans. It’s nice to see Freya branching out and trying something different, at least!

Freya Idol Nude Continuity SS15

This is the Idol, available in “Nude” (i.e. beige) and Black. This is described as a moulded balcony, and (don’t quote me on this) I believe is made with a spacer fabric. Spacer foam cups are quite popular in the US, as they give the smoothness of t-shirt bras but the less-rigid material makes them easier to fit a larger range of shapes. They aren’t very common in the UK, so (assuming I haven’t misremembered) I’m looking forward to seeing how it fares. I was surprised to see that this will be available in 30-34 HH, 28-36 GG-H, 28-38 D-G and 32-38 B-C, so it may be worth trying for those in larger cups who have trouble finding a t-shirt bra.

Freya Ignite SS15

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of every Freya piece I wanted to photograph as I had to leave, so I’ve had to scan in some brochure pictures. This is the Ignite, a plunge balcony bra available in 28-38 bands and B-H cups. This features the same zesty yellow seen in a few other pieces of the collection.

Freya Firecracker SS15

Another plunge balcony, the Firecracker in Sunset. This features a floral fabric in tropical tones of bright pink, zesty orange and lemony yellow.

Freya Eden Balcony Bra SS15

Freya Eden Chemise SS15

Freya Eden Half Cup Bra SS15

This was one of my definite favourites of this collection! This is the absolutely stunning Eden style in Eau-de-Nil. This style will be available in a plunge balcony (D-G), balcony (GG-K) and padded half cup (B-H), as well as an unbelievably beautiful chemise, which I fell in love with at first sight. I adore the soft mint base with the delicate floral, and the lace trim is just stunning. This may be one piece I end up getting for myself!

Freya Starlet Peppermint SS15

Freya Starlet Electric Blue SS15

I believe this is another new style, the Starlet in Peppermint and Electric Blue. I love the look of this style – the fabric choice is so interesting and eye-catching, and both of the colour combinations are gorgeous. This will be available in a plunge balcony (C-G), as well as an unpadded “vertical seam bra” (B-F). I am very interested in the vertical seam bra (pictured above), as I believe a purely vertically seamed unpadded bra is new territory for Freya. It’s a shame that the size range is relatively small (32-38 B-C, 28-38 D-F), but hopefully if it’s a success this may change.

Freya Parade Balcony Bra SS15

Freya Parade Longline Bra 2 SS15

The Parade is available in a plunge balcony (D-G), balcony (GG-K), padded half-cup (B-H) and padded longline (C-G). Though I do like the colours of this style, I’m really not a fan of the floral design.

Freya Rapture Half Cup Bubblegum SS15

Freya Rapture Half Cup White Continuity SS15

Rapture, available in a padded half-cup (B-H) and a side-support plunge bra (D-H). Black and white are continuity colours, with the ultra-girly Bubblegum fashion colourway.

Freya Fifi Longline SS15

Another of my favourites, the Fifi in Ballet Pink. This will be available in a plunge balcony (D-G), balcony (GG-K), padded half-cup (B-H) and padded longline (C-G). Blush and black is quite possibly my favourite colour combination, so I’m a fan of this just for that. The geometric base with stamped floral on top is a very interesting pattern choice, and one which I think works quite nicely.

Freya Siren Black Continuity SS15

Freya Siren Sunkissed SS15

This style is the Siren, which I believe is new for this season. It is pictured here in Black (which will be a continuity colour) and Sunkissed. This will be available in a plunge balcony (C-G) and balcony (GG-J). I’m not sure whether or not I like this style – I do adore anything with completely sheer cups, but I’m not entirely sold on the embroidery. The Sunkissed colourway in particular reminds me a lot of the AW13 Cleo Lucy in Neon, which again, I’m sure will have its fans, but isn’t quite for me.

Freya Minx SS15

Finally for the lingerie, another style I didn’t get to photograph myself, the Minx in Leopard. This will be available in a plunge balcony (C-G), balcony (GG-K) and padded half-cup (B-G). The plunge balcony has an interesting cut-out detail at the gore which isn’t present on the balcony style. Despite seeming a little mish-mashed, I do actually rather like this bra – the cornflower blue lace sets the leopard print off nicely, and keeps it from looking trashy. I actually really like the half-cup version of this, which features a leopard print lower half and lace upper, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of this either – argh!

Freya Moulded Sports Bra Zinc SS15

Next up, sportswear! I only got a couple of pictures in this area, as there weren’t many new pieces/colourways. This is the Freya Active Moulded Sports Bra in Zinc.

Freya Crop Top Sports Bra Zinc SS15

Freya Active Crop Top Sports Bra with Moulded Inner in Zinc.

Freya Pip and Watermelon Swimwear Coral SS15

Onto the swimwear! There were two watermelon-inspired ranges, Watermelon and Pip (top right), which can be mixed and matched. I wasn’t really a fan of Watermelon, I think due to how busy the pattern is, but Pip actually really appealed to me. The Watermelon range includes a halter bikini (C-H), padded bandeau (B-G), halter tankini (D-G) and a bandeau dress. The Pip range includes a padded bikini top (D-GG), halter bikini (C-H) and a padded halter suit (C-FF).

Freya Rock The Beach Halter Bikini Black Gold SS15

Rock The Beach in Black Gold, available in a halter bikini (C-H), bandeau tankini (D-GG) and padded halter suit (C-FF). I wasn’t sure at first whether this had sheer lines, but it is actually just a black base with gold lines.

Freya Zulu Triangle Bikini Zebra SS15

Zulu triangle bikini (C-H) in Zebra, also available in a sweetheart bikini (D-GG). I do like the look of this, but ‘Zulu’? Really? You do realise the Zulu people are people, not a place, not a zoo, and definitely not an exotic fashion statement? What does a zebra print top have to do with them? Why would you reduce a whole people to an animal print bikini? Honestly, this comes off as racist exotification to me, and I’m pretty unimpressed. Poor choice, Freya.

Freya Superstar Suit Black SS15

Freya Superstar Halter Bikini Top Black SS15

Poorly named bikinis aside, there were some really great pieces in the swimwear collection. I loved the Superstar range, available in a halter suit (C-FF) and halter bikini (C-H). The clean lines and sheer black panels are sleek, minimal and eye-catching, and are so the kind of thing I would love to have myself.

Freya Malibu Padded Bikini Sherbet SS15

Malibu padded bikini (D-GG) in Sherbet, also available in a triangle bikini top (C-FF). I’m not usually a fan of brightly coloured leopard prints, but this mint, pink and yellow combination is nicer than most, though still perhaps not for me.

Freya Revival Bandeau Bikini Surf SS15

Revival bandeau padded bikini (D-GG) in Surf, also available in a regular padded bikini top (D-G) and bandeau tankini (D-GG). This is yet another favourite of mine – I think the colour choice, the clean lines, and the button detailing make it a very solid design.

Freya Floral Pop Bikini and Tankini Rainbow SS15

Floral Pop in Rainbow. This range includes a padded bikini top (left, D-HH), a halter bikini top (C-FF), a halter tankini (right, D-G), and a bandeau dress to cover up with. I’m not too sure about this style, but I think it may be more popular with others, so I’m including it here anyway.

Freya Bondi Longline Bikini Vibe SS15

Here’s my absolute favourite of the swimwear collection, and possibly every SS15 swimwear collection I saw. This has a very Bond girl vibe, and is appropriately named Bondi. It will be available in a padded bikini (D-GG), a triangle bikini top (C-F), and (my absolute favourite) a longline bandeau (D-G, as above). Really though, look at it! The bold colour-blocking, the black piping, no fussy details, it is just amazing. The matching pieces for this include the usual classic brief and tie-side brief, but also a stunning high waist brief and a sleek swim skirt, which will be great for covering up.

Freya Tootsie Padded Bikini Marine Blue SS15Freya Tootsie Padded Tankini Marine Blue SS15

This is the Tootsie in Marine Blue, also available in Black (continuity). I do rather like this almost minimal design, especially in the nautical blue colourway. This style is available in a padded bikini (D-GG), bandeau bikini (D-GG), bandeau tankini (D-GG) and triangle suit (D-F). There are a few swimwear styles I haven’t shared here, so this isn’t an exhaustive list, but this covers what I think are the better pieces.

Overall I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this collection – I seem to like around half of it, and the other half…eh. I think Freya often try to have a lot variety, in the hopes that there will be something for everyone. On the one hand, this may be good upon release, but when looking at the season as a whole it can feel a bit all over the place. I don’t think it’s Freya’s best collection, but there are some lovely pieces all the same, and I definitely have a few favourites.

What do you think of the collection? Are you a Freya fan? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Moda Preview: Freya SS15

    • The Deco Icon seems to be quite popular with other people! I wonder what it is I’m not getting about it? The Deco Darling we can definitely agree on!

  1. I’m pleased with the happy warm colors of the Deco and Deco Vibe. I am curious as to how the spacer fabric on the Idol will work: Fantasie’s Rebecca and Elomi’s Amelia are among the easiest to find stateside.
    Other than that, nothing really ticks all my boxes, but I guess I’m getting a bit old for Freya and am more curious about the next Fantasie collection.

  2. Why is the top of the standard Deco showing an extra edging? That seems to be pictured in their look book too. Do you know if that is a change to the style?

    • Yes, all new iterations of the Deco are going to have the sewn down top. It’s supposed to improve the fit and contouring at the top, as it’s common for those with lower fullness or soft tissue to get gaping, but it’s not such a good change for those with other breast types. People who have tried the AW14 Deco Vibe have reported that the change makes it fit smaller, especially for those who are full-on-top.

  3. That is a lot of Decos. Am I the only person who thinks that that’s a lot of Deco variations?

    I mean I’m a fan of the Deco style, just… eight?

    • Including continuity colours I’m pretty sure it’s more than eight! There are rather a lot of Decos. I think there are around 3 options in my size (30JJ/K) – it would be nice to have more, but it’s understandable that they would go big with their most popular style/size range.

    • It’s a huge improvement, considering they’ve been guilty of constantly reproducing their awful “bullet bras”. Deco offers a modern look, and as their brand is designed and geared more towards young women, Deco is a must-have.

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  5. So thrilled about the Idol: I have been in agony trying to find a decent nude T-shirt bra in a 30FF (Deco is too “presented” for me to fit under my everyday and button-down tops, and Fantasie does not support me – just digs into my armpit/pulls my ladies down). I’m not sure the Idol is spacer though – other bloggers have touted it as molded: either way, I’m in! But Freya – I can’t wait til MAY!! :'( haha

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