Moda Previews: Fantasie SS15

Continuing with the Eveden/Wacoal group, today I’m covering Fantasie‘s SS15 collection, which primarily features shades of fresh blueberry, eye-catching reds, soft blush and cool mint. As of SS15, another of the Eveden brands, Fauve, will cease to be, and many of its styles will instead be incorporated into the other brands – in particular, Fantasie. This means that along with the sorts of styles Fantasie has included before, Fantasie will now incorporate some more luxurious, higher end pieces.

Fantasie Alicia Side Support Bra Blossom

Let’s start with one of my favourites of this collection, the breathtaking Alicia bra in Blossom! This bra features a beautiful watercolour floral base, with eye-catching splashes of red and orange embroidery at the top of the cup. This is available as a side support bra in sizes 30-38 D-J, 40 D-FF. It is also available in a plunge, sizes 30 D-G, 32-38 C-G.

Fantasie Mae Half Cup Lipstick

Fantasie Mae Half Cup Continuity Champagne

The Mae half-padded bra in Lipstick (fashion colour) and Champagne (continuity), available in 30 D-G, 32-38 C-G. This is also available as a strapless (D-GG), side support bra (D-H) or basque (D-G). I’m not so sure about the Lipstick colour, but the Champagne is absolutely stunning, and I can see it being a wonderful luxurious bridal option, especially considering all the matching options (brazilian thong, brief, high-waisted brief, suspender belt and garter).

Fantasie Susanna Side Support Bra Fuschia

The Susanna side support bra in Fuschia, available in sizes 30-38 D-H, 40 DD-G, 42 DD-F. We saw quite a few bras with side support panels and a stretch lace upper this season (which I am always glad to see!), and I believe this was one of them.

Fantasie Rebecca Honeysuckle

Fantasie Rebecca Sea Mist

Fantasie Rebecca in Honeysuckle and Sea Mist, a moulded bra made with spacer foam. As at present, this is available in 30-34 D-H and associated D+ sister sizes for bands 36-40. I love mint and seafoam tones, so the Sea Mist colourway is definitely appealing to me.

Fantasie Julia Side Support Bra Blueberry

A new style for the season! This is the Julia in Blueberry, another side support bra with stretch lace upper, available in 30-38 D-H, 40 D-FF. I am definitely a fan of this colourway! This is also available in a Raspberry Ripple colourway, which features ivory lace and mesh for the band and upper cup, with a muted raspberry floral fabric for the rest of the cups.

Fantasie Eclipse Moulded Bra Viola

A new iteration of the Rebecca (released AW14), this is the Eclipse, a spacer moulded balcony bra available in 30 D-G, 32-36 C-G, 38 C-FF and 40 D-F. The regular Rebecca is a full cup, whereas the Eclipse will be a balcony bra, which I think will definitely appeal to those who find the full cup version a bit too much bra. This will be available in the fashion colourway Viola (shown above), a new continuity colour of Ivory, and the current continuity colours of “Nude” (i.e. beige), Ombre, and Black.

Fantasie Allegra Black

A style I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of myself, the Allegra. This style is being released for AW14 in Black and Butterscotch, and SS15 will bring another colourway of White (all continuity colours). It is available in a side support bra (sizes 30-38 D-GG, 40 D-FF), and a vertical seam bra (30 D-G, 32-36 C-G, 38 C-FF, shown above). This bra is so unbelievably beautiful! This is definitely part of the Fauve integration – the sheer cups and intricate embroidered swirls are so opulent and luxurious. As with Freya’s new Starlet style, a vertically seamed unpadded bra is new for Fantasie, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how it fares.

Fantasie Alex Side Support Bra Continuity Black

A new unpadded style, the Alex, which will be released in Black and White (both to be continuity colours). This is side support bra available in 30-38 D-J, 40-42 D-FF. I’m not 100% certain, but I believe this had a firmer lace upper section (like the Alicia), rather than stretch lace. Visually, this bra is fairly minimal, featuring a plain black base with structural embroidery on the upper cup.

Fantasie Jacqueline Continuity Nude

Another new unpadded style, the Jacqueline, a full cup bra with side support available in 30-38 D-H, 40 D-FF. This bra is something of a sister to the Alex style, designed to be a bit less of an everyday option, though with a bit more coverage. This will be released in Black and “Nude” (again, beige), both of which will be continuity colours. The Jacqueline features a geometric textured fabric, with classically styled embroidery on the upper cup. I do quite like the look of the black colourway, though I will say the beige isn’t quite doing it for me.

Fantasie Eloise Side Support Bra Sorbet

Fantasie Eloise Brief Sorbet

The Eloise in Sorbet, another side support bra, available in 30-38 D-J, 40 D-FF. I saw this set and fell in love – the soft ice cream colours, the pastel embroidery on the sides, and the blue dot detailing at the centre are all so delicate and beautiful, I just loved it. It may end up being a little sickly for some, but this is definitely one of my favourites of the collection.

Fantasie Elodie Side Support Bra Peach Blossom

Finally, a new colourway for the Elodie! This is the Peach Blossom, and my god is it beautiful. I am a huge fan of lingerie in blush and peach, and this bra is just…I honestly don’t have the words. As before, this is available in 30-38 D-J, 40 D-G, 42 DD-F.

Overall I am actually really loving this collection from Fantasie. The only thing I do question is the size range – the cover of the SS15 brochure proudly proclaims that Fantasie produce lingerie up to a K cup, but not a single piece in this collection does. The highest cup size in any style is a J cup, which means that not one of these styles is available to me. I do understand that it can be difficult for brands to have a large and inclusive size range, but I am still disappointed to have found this change, and I am really hoping there will be more options in the season after.

In terms of colours, there is a clear continuity throughout this collection, and it is definitely visually cohesive. Aside from the colours, however, there is a lot of variation in the styles, covering everyday basics, luxurious pieces, minimalist styles, bridal and more. While this could end up as something as a mish-mash, I think this approach has paid off for this collection, hitting a great balance of the different styles without sacrificing overall aesthetic.

What do you think of the collection? Do you think the addition of Fauve-style pieces works? What are your favourites? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Such great reviews. I am a fan of Fantasie — in fact, I’ve never found a bra that fits better. It’s still not perfect since the seam is too thick and shows under thin fabric (and isn’t everything thin these days?) But these very thorough reviews will help as I start to replace older bras.

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