Moda Previews: Panache SS15 (Including Panache Swim & Sport)

One of the biggest previews I’ll be doing this year, the Panache SS15 collection, including Panache Sport and Swim. This season from Panache primarily features lemonade yellow, crisp mint, and bright pink.

Panache SS15 Floris Ivory Multi

Let’s start with what I think is my favourite of the collection – the Floris in Ivory Multi. The last few Floris colourways haven’t really appealed to me, but this is absolutely divine. The bright and beautiful flowers on the crisp white base are so fresh and summery, and considering how much I love the Floris cut, this is definitely on my list. Available in 30-38 D-K.

Panache SS15 Andorra Yellow

Panache SS15 Andorra Yellow

The first of Panache’s yellow offerings, the Andorra full-cup in Lemonade. I adore this style and the soft, buttery yellow so much, I’m really wishing I fit into the size range! In addition to this colourway, the Andorra will also be available in Heather, a sort of soft mauve. Sadly, I believe the Andorra will only be available in the full-cup cut this year, not the plunge cut. Available in sizes 28-40 D-J.

Panache SS15 Tango Lemonade

Another yellow piece, the Tango balconette. The Tango is a tricky fit for some women, but for those who it does work for, I’m sure this delectable lemonade piece will be very popular! While the Tango plunge isn’t being discontinued, I believe the Tango plunge will only be available in continuity colours, so it won’t be available in this colourway. Balconette available in 28-40 D-K, 42 D-J, 44 DD-FF.

Panache SS15 Fern Floral Spot

A very interesting design, the Fern in Floral Spot. This is a full-cup style, which isn’t always popular due to the amount of coverage it gives, but I think may yet appeal to a younger audience due to this cute dotty colourway. Available in 30-38 D-K.

Panache SS15 Envy Ivory

Panache SS15 Envy Mint

Another of my favourite bras, the Envy! For SS15, this will be introduced in a new continuity colour of Ivory (first), as well as a fresh Mint (second). I don’t think the colour came out very well for the Mint, but it is a gorgeous shade, similar to the Rhapsody shown below. Sadly there won’t be a bodysuit version of the Envy this season, but there will be a new padded plunge version of the Envy, which I think will be a very interesting addition. Full-up available in 30-38 D-K, padded plunge available in 28-38 D-H.

Panache SS15 Rhapsody Mint

Another lovely fresh pastel piece, the Rhapsody in Mint. I haven’t tried the Rhapsody before, but this soft icy colour combined with the swirled detailing is really appealing to me. Available in 28-40 D-K, 42 D-J, 44 DD-FF.

Panache SS15 Hepburn Misty Jade

The Hepburn in Misty Jade. This picture has been colour corrected slightly, as the set looked quite blue in my photo, whereas in person there is definitely a green tint. I would describe this set as a muted teal colour. This is a new style, based on the Jasmine but with a non-stretch upper. So, if you find the stretch lace of the Jasmine to be too loose and/or unsupportive, you may get along better with the Hepburn! Available in 30-38 D-K.

Panache SS15 Porcelain Élan Beige

This is the Porcelain Élan, a new version of the Porcelain t-shirt bra. While it’s obviously a basic piece, I was very interested to hear about all the improvements Panache have made between this and the original Porcelain. The Élan will feature padded hooks and a convertible back, and they have also improved the sewing/construction to make the underarm less bulky and the bottom of the cup smoother. I believe this style will gradually replace the original Porcelain, and with the improvements they’ve made to it, it’s not hard to understand why. Available in white, black and “nude” (i.e. beige), sizes 28-38 D-G. In addition to this, there will also be the Porcelain Grace in Watermelon (bright pink), and the Porcelain Viva in Duck Egg Blue, which (sadly) I did not get pictures of.

Panache SS15 Olivia Apricot

My other favourite piece of the collection, the Olivia in Apricot. This is a new style, constructed as a balconette with stretch upper. This is such a stunning basic! It is described as Apricot but it is more of a soft ballet pink, featuring polka dot detailing over the cups and lace panels on the band. This bra is so beautiful, soft and smooth – if it works for me, I can see it becoming a firm favourite of mine. I am so excited to try this style out! Available in 30-38 D-K.

Panache SS15 Clara Graphite

Next up, the Clara, a style which has been around for a while. It is something of a more luxurious version of the Andorra, featuring a similar construction with satin panels and some added details. This will be available in two new continuity colours of Charcoal/Black (shown above) and “Nude” (i.e. beige), as well as the fashion colourway Sherbet (a bright watermelon pink). Available in 30-38 D-J.

Panache SS15 Jasmine Houndstooth Black Pink

A bit of a surprising colourway, the Jasmine in Black/Pink, featuring a houndstooth print over a bright pink base with black lace panels. I initially thought this was the Envy due to the houndstooth pattern, so this may be popular among those who like the look of the Envy, but find the all-over stretchy fabric doesn’t quite give them enough support. This is a very unusual colourway for Spring, but I think at least there will be an option for those who can’t stand Spring’s overload of pastels and florals. Available in 30-38 D-K.

Panache SS15 Jasmine Pink

Finally, the Jasmine‘s other colourway of Pink Floral. This features a large muted floral print on top of a bright pink base. Not necessarily my style, but as always, there will be some people who like it! Available in 30-38 D-K.

Panache SS15 Sport Magenta Spot

Panache SS15 Sport Ultra Violet

Next up, the Sport! The Panache Sport bra will be available in two shiny new colourways of Magenta Spot and Ultra Violet. The Magenta Spot is so eyecatching and cute! I’m not usually a fan of bright pink or orange, especially not together, but this really works for me somehow. I was also pleased to hear that Panache have improved the construction, to reduce the issue some people had of the wires popping out under the arms. Underwired sports bra available in 28-40 bands and B-H cups (lower cups not available in smallest or largest bands).

Panache SS15 Swim Britt Bandeau

Panache SS15 Swim Britt Suit

Panache SS15 Swim Britt Halter Bikini

Panache SS15 Swim Britt Halter Bikini 2

Panache SS15 Swim Britt Bandeau 2

Onto the swimwear! My absolute favourite of the swim collection had to be this super retro Britt in Red/Navy. Just look at it!!! The Britt collection includes a halter bikini, bandeau bikini, a halter swimsuit, high-waisted brief, gathered brief and foldover brief, all of which I just adore. My favourites are definitely the high-waisted brief (which has a removable bow) and the swimsuit, which has an almost skirted kind of look. All available in 30-40 D-H.

Panache SS15 Swim Veronica Red

The gloriously nautical Veronica swimsuit in Red/Navy, 30-38 D-K.

Panache SS15 Swim Savannah Suit

Panache SS15 Swim Savannah Bikini

Savannah in Floral, a vivid floral in tones of pink, purple, orange and yellow over a black base. This style also has a matching kaftan available, which is great if you want to cover up a bit. Bandeau suit available in sizes 30-38 D-G, and I believe the balconette bikini is available in 30-38 D-H.

Panache SS15 Swim Tallulah Suit 1

The Tallulah in Purple Leopard. I think this is really cute! It’s definitely a fun variation of leopard print. This is available in a balconette bikini, tankini and swimsuit. I am not 100% certain on the size range for this style, but I believe it is 30-38 D-J.

Panache SS15 Swim Eadie Bikinis

Panache SS15 Swim Eadie Cover-up

Finally, Eadie is a new style, featuring deep navy blue mesh over a white base. The Eadie collection includes some gorgeous pieces, including both an adorable swim skirt and a cover-up. This is definitely a bit more grown-up than most other options from this season, so hopefully there will be something for everyone this season. I believe the balconette bikini is available in 30-38 D-K, with the bandeau available in 30-38 D-G.

Overall I personally really love this season from Panache. I like the vast majority pieces, and I love their colour choices – yellow, mint and teal are all fairly unusual colours in lingerie, and I am so pleased to see more of them. I also really love the abundance of red, navy and purple in their Swim collection. I think my wishlist for this season might be quite long!

What do you think of the collection? Any pieces you’ve got to get? Anything you’re not so keen on? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Moda Previews: Panache SS15 (Including Panache Swim & Sport)

  1. Really glad this page has gone up, I’ve been waiting for a Panache page to show up on the blogsphere ever since seeing a preview on Stanikomania’s Flickr page. Love the Andorra, it’s a great fit. The new colours sound fab and the lemon yellow is lovely, and I want it, and I’ve never wanted a lemon yellow bra before! Is the new Floris very similar to Bravissmo’s ‘exclusive’ version or is it me?

    • I’m glad you like the post! I have the current Bravissimo-exclusive Floris and I personally think the SS15 print is much nicer! The Brav one is kind of abstract, with lots of pink, purple and teal flowers and almost watercolour splodge effects. I love the sweetness and the simplicity of the SS15 Ivory Floral.

  2. Having just double checked the bravissimo floris, I agree with you! It seems nice&fresh. My only concern would be wasting it and worrying about the colours bleeding together. Like the envy too but it was too stretchy for me when I tried it. Such a shame!

  3. I love the high waist bathingsuit! Now that i have started buying bras that actually fit i feel like as much as i loathe swimsuits i need to find one so i can take my kids swimming but ive struggled since 1pc options are slim above a GG (im a 30hh) and having the misfortune of not looking pregnant until i was 7-8m pregnant with both my kids and having a 9.5 and 11lb babies i have stretchmark city going on. Mainly between pubic bone and ribs, so i might be able to get away with the high waist brief.

  4. :O Really looking forward to trying the Olivia ^_^ I’m always up for new options in the 30J/JJ range (being that I’m somewhere between a 28JJ/K)

  5. Olivia may not be my style, but I do like the construction. There have been new shapes coming out the past year and a half that gave people so many more options on the side and top.
    I do like the new Floris design! Also lemon yellow things. Mmmm now I want lemon frozen yogurt or something. That may be a sign that I need to eat more lunch…

  6. Liking the look of this whole collection! Especially the Floris bra and high waisted swimsuit. Something stylish which also looks like it will give me the support I need. Panache is not a brand I always think about looking at but I will definitely be giving it a go when this collection comes out.

  7. I am totally drooling over the floris! I have just begun finding bras that fit in the past 6 months, and the floris is my best fit so far (32J) – I’m curious what you think is the closest cut to Floris? I have an envy (too shallow, pinches underneath) and a raspberry Marci (band much too stretch, terrible in-cup quadding in a 32HH). Plus the Floris gives better projection than either of those, which I’ve finally decided I like

    • Hmm, it’s definitely more of a Cleo cut than a Panache (Superbra), with the addition of a better made, three hook band…I’d say the cup construction is perhaps closest to the Cleo Zia, maybe Millie.

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