Elegant in Kris Line’s Eva

Kris Line are a Polish large-cup lingerie brand, stocking a wide range of sizes in both padded and unpadded styles. They pride themselves on providing high quality, well-fitting lingerie, using top European materials, laces and embroidery. They produce a variety of styles, including basic pieces, fashion styles, nursing bras, nightwear and swimwear. I have tried Kris Line before, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a large enough cup from UK stockists. However, I was lucky enough to meet the Kris Line team at Moda in August, and as well as enabling me to see all of their lovely AW14 and SS15 collections, they also emailed me a while afterwards, offering to send me something to review – which of course, I gladly accepted!

Kris Line Eva 65L

After some discussion about what size I would need (currently 70K/KK in Ewa Michalak, 65O/P in Comexim, 30K in most UK brands), we decided to go for a size 65L. So, I was sent the lovely Eva set in a 65L & Medium. The Eva does come in both unpadded and padded versions, though the padded version is limited to smaller cups.

Kris Line Eva 65L

My first impression of this set was that it is just absolutely stunning! The colour is most luxurious Merlot red, which is just so effortlessly sophisticated. Both the bra and briefs are covered in swirled embroidery, with very classic floral embroidery across the tops of the cups. I love the sheer upper section of the cup, which really highlights the swirled embroidery. I’ve been trying to think of the best word to describe this set, and I think I have to go with ‘opulent’.

Kris Line Eva Close-up 65L

In terms of fit, the Eva suits me very well! The bra is a three-part balconette, which is a cut that I think almost always does a great job of providing both shaping and support. It features wonderfully narrow wires, which are average height at the sides and gore, so I find they fit my root/breast shape beautifully (not too high or too wide!). Some reviewers have said that Kris Line bras are designed to tack lightly, but the gore seems to tack beautifully on me. The cups are also very deep – in fact, I think this bra has the deepest, most projected cups of any bra I have ever tried (and can I just say, I’ve tried a lot of bras ;)). I find this bra pulls my breasts front and centre, while also giving a naturally rounded and moderately uplifted profile. Finally, this bra is also very comfortable, without a hint of digging or scratchiness to be found.

Kris Line Eva Close-up 65L

One thing I did notice was the amount of projection at the bottom of the cup – the cup is more or less perpendicular to the band, which is the most lower projection I’ve ever seen in a bra. I have fairly full, even breasts, so I don’t personally have an issue with this, but this leads me to think that this bra would be best suited to those who have lots of lower fullness, as those who are more full on top may struggle to fill out the bottom. I also seem to have just a bit of extra space at the top of the cup, but I doubt it would be enough to go a full cup down. The Eva features a leotard style back with three sets of hooks and eyes, with four columns of eyes, which is great for making the bra last a little longer, though unfortunately the straps are only half adjustable. The band is a great fit for me, and feels like a true-to-size 30.

Kris Line Eva Midi Briefs Medium M

The matching cuts available are thong, standard brief and midi brief. When I spoke to Kris Line, the midi brief was the only brief in stock, so these are the midi briefs in size medium. The briefs feature similar detailing to the bra, with sheer panels covered in swirled embroidery, shine satin on the front panels and back, and trellis patterned fabric on the centre panel. Fit-wise, I’m sad to say these aren’t great on me. With my current hip measurement of 42.5 inches (108cm), their size chart suggests I wear a large in briefs, which I think that would be right in this case, as these are a little small. They’re still wearable, but I have to do a bit of wiggling to get into them, and the waistband digs in a little.

Kris Line Eva Midi Briefs Medium M

The fit issues are also exacerbated by my high hips and long rise, as I think the knickers are designed for someone who goes in a bit more, whereas my upper and low hip basically measure the same. Also, due to my long rise, they hit a fairly unflattering point on me – I seem to get digging in for anything that isn’t either super high-waisted or low-rise and very stretchy, so this height isn’t the best for me. But of course, these are personal shape issues, and nothing on the briefs themselves! The briefs feel very high quality and luxurious, and (aside from the too-small waistband) they actually feel very comfortable, so I’m definitely not put off trying any of their other briefs in the future (though I think I may avoid this specific cut).

Kris Line size chart

Finally, I just thought I’d share the Kris Line size chart. Due to their system of using 2cm cup jumps, it’s a little tricky to convert between UK sizing and Kris Line sizing, and the “Other” column for cup sizes is not accurate for UK. However, using my UK band size (30) and current bust measurement (approx 112cm leaning, which is usually the most accurate for me when calculating size) gives me a 65L, so I would say the size chart may be worth using as part of trying to work out which size to get.

Overall, I am really impressed with this set. The level of detailing and amount of care taken in designing and crafting this set is outstanding, and it really does show in their pieces. I am definitely hoping to be able to try more Kris Line sets in the future – in particular, Kris Line also makes half-padded bras in large cups, which I have heard great things about (if only I could track my size down!). For those who have trouble finding bras which are narrow and deep enough, I would definitely recommend checking Kris Line out.

If you’d like to try Kris Line, you can buy from them directly at their web store. Some styles are also available at Brastop (who sometimes have older season bras at reduced rates), and if you’re in the US, keep an eye on Zulily for sales!

Items provided for review by Kris Line. Though this set was received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own. I would also like to take this moment to introduce our newest advertiser, Curvy Intimates! They’re a new online lingerie store stocking a variety of full bust brands in C-K cups. Be sure to check them out!

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