Glittering in Gwiezdny Pył

A while back now, Ewa Michalak released the BM cut, an unpadded style featuring a stretch lace upper – a construction which I am always a huge fan of! So, of course, I had to try it out for myself. One style I was particularly lusting after was the BM Gwiezdny Pył, so I was overjoyed when one reader very kindly bought it off my wishlist. Here’s how I found it!

Ewa Michalak BM Gwiezdny Pyl 70JJ Full

My usual size in the S and SM styles is 70K (32K), but due to the stretch lace upper, I decided to try this in a slightly smaller size of 70JJ (32JJ), with the size 42 (14) thong. This cut is apparently made to have a bit more coverage than Ewa Michalak’s other styles, but the slightly higher cut poses me no problems in terms of necklines, and it’s anything but frumpy.

Ewa Michalak BM Gwiezdny Pyl 70JJ Close-up Front

This style is made with a black laminate fabric, which is very sturdy and supportive, but also very soft and comfortable. The upper cups are constructed with a semi-sheer stretch lace in a sort of charcoal colour, which is embroidered with black and silver thread in a sophisticated floral design, giving an appearance that is reminiscent of spiderwebs, storms and night skies. The lace continues onto the gore and under the cups, with a small bow and gem detail at the top of the gore. The name of this bra translates as ‘Stardust’, which I think reflects the look of this set wonderfully.
Ewa Michalak BM Gwiezdny Pyl 70JJ Close-up Side

The BM cut features narrow, close-set wires, which are average-to-low at the gore and sides, which I find suit my breast shape perfectly. The cups are deeper and more projected than the SM cut, giving a slightly more natural (but still rounded and lifted) shape with a defined apex. The straps are attached to the cups with a triangular piece of fabric reaching down to the horizontal seam, which I think is quite a clever design, as it provides lift at the apex and towards the centre.

Ewa Michalak BM Gwiezdny Pyl 70JJ Close-up Back

The U-shaped band fastens with three sets of hooks and eyes. The band is fairly wide and comfortable, and it’s fairly firm, stretching to about 31 inches, which I find to be a good size for me at the moment. Unlike the SM cut, the BM has fully adjustable straps, due to the triangular panel connecting to the seam rather than the top of the cup. This gives a lot more leeway in strap length than in the SM, which may make the BM a good choice for those who find they can’t adjust the SM straps short enough.

Ewa Michalak BM Gwiezdny Pyl 70JJ Close-up Angled

As I had hoped, the stretch lace upper means cups are more generous than most Ewa Michalak styles. I find the 70JJ to be good in the cups, and I think I may be able to size down another cup, which would hopefully result in a slightly rounder profile. Another difference between the SM and BM cuts in this size range is that while the lower section of the SM is made with three vertical panels, the BM is made with two. While I find the BM still brings me very up and centre, I think the three panels of the SM may be what gives it a rounder shape.

Ewa Michalak Stringi Gwiezdny Pyl 42

I have the thong briefs in a size 42 (UK 14), and they are absolutely stunning – they definitely make the set! They feature the same gorgeous stretch lace wrapping round the sides and back, with small black bows adorning the front and back. These briefs are unbelievably comfortable, and the cut is wonderfully flattering. These are my favourite pair of briefs I’ve ever had from Ewa Michalak, and I am so glad I decided to splash out on them.

Overall this has fast become one of my favourite sets, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more BM sets – I particularly like the look of the Landrynek and Szarotka! I’d say I need a 70J or 70JJ in the BM, so as a starting point, I would recommend going 1-2 cups down from your S/SM size. The BM Gwiezdny Pył is available from Ewa Michalak for 159zł (approximately £27 or $42 before fees/postage).

Have you tried the BM cut from Ewa Michalak? How did you find it? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. As usual, your reviews are comprehensive and your photos show all the details I need to make an informed decision. Thank you.

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