Moda Preview: Cleo SS16 (Including Cleo Swim)

Today’s Moda preview is one of my favourite brands, Cleo by Panache! The Cleo SS16 collection takes a slightly new direction, using retro influences and combining vivacious reds and pinks, muted lilac and cool blues.

Cleo Della Pink Leopard

Cleo Harley Floral Print

Let’s start with two new styles, the Della (picture 1; 28 E-H, 30-38 D-J) and Harley (picture 2; 28 F-H, 30-38 D-J). These are both very retro inspired, and I am definitely a fan! The Della features a beige base with pink leopard print, set off with black mesh panelling and piping. This is a balconette cut bra, and it has the most gorgeous matching deep suspender brief that I am definitely going to have to try out myself! The Harley is a full-cup cut, featuring a red base with tattoo-esque floral print, black mesh panelling and contrasting edging. Despite the full-cup cut, this looked to give quite a good shape, so I’d be interested to see how people find this!

Cleo Kali Bra Red Cerise

Cleo Kali Babydoll Red Cerise

Cleo Blake Cerise

Red is a strong colour for this collection, as seen in the Kali bra and babydoll in Red Cerise (pictures 1-2; 28 E-H, 30-38 D-J), and the new Blake in Cerise (picture 3; 28 F-H, 30-38 D-J), a sleek block colour balconette with white edging along the top.

Cleo Koko Muse Melon Sorbet

Cleo Breeze Longline White Multi Close-up

Cleo Breeze Longline White Multi Full Front

Cleo Breeze Longline White Multi Full Back

As expected for Spring, there are some wonderfully cheerful pieces in the form of the Koko Muse in Melon Sorbet (picture 1; 28 E-GG, 30-38 D-G) and the Breeze Longline (pictures 2-4; 28-38 D-H). This colourway for the Koko Muse is a light coral with neon yellow highlights, while the Breeze is a delectable floral in tones of pinks, oranges and reds, with flashes of green, blue and yellow.

Cleo Kayla Print Multi

Cleo Marcie Bluebell

Cleo Mimi Blue Animal

Another strong colour for this collection is muted lilac, set off in these pieces with contrasting neon orange detailing. The above sets are the new Kayla (picture 1; 28 E-H, 30-38 D-J), along with the returning styles of Marcie (picture 2; 28 E-H, 30-38 D-J) and Mimi (picture 3; 28 D-H, 30-38 C-H). Kayla features a kitschy weave print in muted lilac and white, with contrasting highlights of red, orange and yellow.

Cleo Skye Aqua Close-up

Cleo Skye Aqua Full

Finally, another of my favourites of the collection, the delectable Skye in Aqua, a sherbet-tastic set of bright blue lace, neon yellow highlights and candy pink bows. Available in 28 F-H, 30-38 D-J. Additionally, two styles I didn’t get the chance to photograph were the Tilda and Riley, two new Maddie-based styles (moulded balconettes) in solid colourways of deep coral and navy blue respectively, available in 28-38 D-H.

We also got the chance to check out the Cleo Swim collection! This season’s swimwear collection primarily features cool blue bases, combined with clashing prints and contrasting highlights.

Cleo Swim Lucille Bandeau Bikini Sailors Knot

An old classic, the Lucille in Sailors Knot, a very nautical style featuring a white knotwork print and cerise pink highlights. Available as an unpadded balconette (28-38 D-J), a bandeau bikini (pictured; 28-38 D-G) and a tankini (30 E-H). One style I didn’t photograph is the Matilda, which will be returning in the same cerise pink as the detailing on this, so they will be possible to mix and match together.

Cleo Swim Suki Plunge Bandeau Floral

A new style, the Suki in Floral, a blue pansy print with highlights of white and cerise. Available as a plunge bandeau and a padded plunge, both in 28-38 D-G.

Cleo Swim Blaire Triangle Bikini Floral Stripe

Another new style, the Blaire in Floral Stripe, a tropical floral layered with stripes and neon highlights, giving a clashing, almost digital effect. Available as a triangle bikini (28-38 D-J) and a bandeau bikini (30 E-G, 32-38 D-G).

Cleo Swim Avril Balconette and Bandeau Bikini Abstract Print

The Avril in Abstract Print, a new style featuring an artistic brushstroke print in shades of aqua, cerise, yellow and black. Available as a padded balconette bikini (upper right, 28-38 D-H) and a bandeau bikini (lower left, 28-38 D-G).

Cleo Swim Hattie Bandeau Black White

Finally, the Hattie in Black/White, an older bandeau bikini style returning in this a monochrome tribal-esque print. Available in 28-38 D-G.

So, that’s the full collection! Though I don’t think this is my overall favourite Cleo collection, I am definitely a fan, and I do think that is contains what are likely to be some of my all-time favourite Cleo styles – namely, the Della and Skye! I love the retro inspired pieces they’ve gone for in this collection, as well as all the youthful, sweeter pieces that we’ve come to expect from the brand.

What do you think of the collection? Any thoughts on the direction Cleo are taking? Any favourite pieces? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Moda Preview: Cleo SS16 (Including Cleo Swim)

  1. Oh man those first two… take my money!!! Do you know if that breeze longline is the same cut as the minnie longline? I really like the breeze but the minnie longline didn’t work for me shapewise, and they look similar.

  2. I agree that it’s not my fave. I guess they can’t all be fantastic. There are some cut options here though. The Della is definitely my fave. Along with the sailor’s knot swimsuit.

    • I dunno, I quite like the swimwear collection personally! Not so much the Blaire, though that definitely looks better in person. I think the Avril’s pretty great, though.

    • Cleo don’t have any wireless options as far as I’m aware. There’s aren’t as many wireless options around, but Panache have a very good wireless sports bra, Ewa Michalak have a wireless lounge bra, and Lepel, Freya and Gossard all have wireless t-shirt plunge bras. Outside of those you’ll likely be looking at maternity and mastectomy bras (such as the Panache Sophie, Freya Rosie and most Royce bras). Two very good retailers are Bravissimo and Brastop, both of which have specific sections for wireless bras. I’d suggest checking those out :)

  3. Hm, sad that Skye and Blake are only starting at F cups in 28 bands, seems Cleo is phasing out small cups in the smallest bands. Glad to at least have Marcie, and Kayla looks like a fun print!

    • Aye, I noticed that there seemed to be fewer sub-D cup than in the last couple of collections, but I forgot to note it in the post. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to add a note in. It’s definitely a shame.

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