Perfection in Panache Floris

The Panache Floris was introduced a few seasons ago, and while I own many colourways and would describe it as one of my favourite bras, I haven’t yet gotten round to reviewing it! However, the Floris has been released for this season in an absolutely breathtaking Aurora colourway, and when Panache asked if there was anything I’d like to review from them, I knew exactly what it would have to be.

Panache Floris in Aurora - 30JJ, 14

I would consider my usual size to be a 30K (70K in Ewa Michalak, 30JJ/32J in padded Curvy Kate), but I usually take a 30JJ in Panache, so this is a 30JJ with size 14 briefs. Let’s get straight to the appearance – I am absolutely in love with this set. One of my dreams in life is to see the northern lights, and while I haven’t got to do that yet, this bra has to be the next best thing – it’s like carrying the northern lights around with me! It’s such a mesmerising, beautiful choice of fabric, so unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the lingerie world before.

Panache Floris in Aurora - 30JJ, 14

The Floris features a mesh upper cup with geometric embroidery and a scalloped mesh trim, trellis embroidery on the straps, and small bow detailing towards the centre. As suggested by the name, most colourways of the Floris have been floral-based, which is another reason I was so thrilled to see this dreamy, auroral night-sky colourway! This colourway features ethereal shades of green, purple, pink and white dancing over a navy blue base, and I don’t have the words to express how much I adore it!

Panache Floris in Aurora Front Close-up

Cut-wise, this is one of Panache’s rarer unpadded balconette styles. The Floris is a Cleo-based cut (similar to a more generous Cleo Zia or a firmer-fabric Marcie), but this style has a larger cup range, covering 30-38 D-K. Also, unlike Cleo’s balconettes, the Floris fastens with three hooks in higher cup sizes, and I would also say that the bands are better-made than Cleo’s bands in general.

Panache Floris in Aurora - 30JJ, 14

Something I hate about Cleo bands is that the band elastic tends to be firmer than the band mesh, resulting in bulging between the band elastic (see my Cleo Ellis review). However, in the Floris, the band elastic and mesh have roughly the same tension/firmness, as well as the band being deeper, which (I find) eliminates the bulging issue – huzzah! The band is true-to-size, stretching to just above 30 inches, which I find to be about perfect for me. The bra has a U-shaped back and fully adjustable straps (though higher cup sizes also have plush padding on the straps, which can make them a little stiff).

Panache Floris in Aurora Side Close-up

This bra brings my breasts up and together, giving a very uplifted and rounded shape, with a high, defined apex. The wires are firm and fairly narrow for this size range, following my breast root perfectly without going too high at the underarm. The gore is average-to-low and fairly narrow, especially at the top. I am quite close-set, but the width and shape works for me, though I would (as always) personally prefer slightly lower/narrower.

Panache Floris in Aurora - 30JJ, 14

I find this bra has just the right amount of coverage on me, striking the perfect balance between support and wearability. I was pleased to find that this bra is incredibly supportive, which I think is due to the combination of the balconette construction and firm laminate material (a favourite of mine!). My Floris bras have become a firm favourite for the days where I want a bit of extra support, but I still want to wear something beautiful. I also love that this colourway, whilst incredibly beautiful, is dark enough overall to remain practical, and can easily be worn under any darker outfits.

Panache Floris in Aurora Angled Close-up

I do find my breasts don’t quite reach the very bottom of the cups, which I think due to the cups being slightly shallower at the bottom. While this really pushes your breasts up and gives a great, uplifted shape, with my even fullness, it does result in a little wrinkling at the bottom. This style definitely has deep, projected cups, so this won’t be one for those with a shallower shape. I know various people who have tried this, and I have heard success stories from those with both full-on-bottom and full-on-top breasts (though full-on-top people may need a larger cup, and full-on-bottom people may need a smaller), so I would say this is worth trying for a wide range of breast types/shapes.

Panache Floris in Aurora - 30JJ, 14

The back of the bra and briefs are made with an opaque navy blue mesh which is not at all rough or itchy. The briefs look a bit large in these pictures, but I think this is just because I’m lying on my front, as in most positions I find this whole set both flattering and comfortable! I really do absolutely adore this set, and this has to be my favourite colourway yet.

But of course, as well as the delectable Aurora colourway, I also have these three in a 30JJ (click to enlarge)! These are the Purple Floral (top), the Bravissimo-exclusive Red Floral (middle), and Grey Mix (bottom). I find the fit and sizing to be pretty much identical to the Aurora for all of these colourways, with all of them giving the same beautifully rounded and uplifted shape. Of the floral colourways, the Grey Mix and Ivory Floral have to be my favourites. Speaking of which…

…I have the Ivory Floral too! I knew I had to have this delectably fresh and summery set the moment I saw it, and when I saw it on sale a while back, I snatched it up as fast as I could! Unfortunately my usual 30JJ was not available, so I instead opted for a 32J. The band is fairly true-to-size (perhaps slightly on the firm side), so it’s a little looser than my usual bras. I still find it pretty supportive – it just tends to be one for those days where either my underbust is slightly larger, or those where I’m irritable and don’t want to wear as firm a band. Despite being a sister size, I also found the cup depth was smaller than the 30JJs by about 1 inch, which means the cups are a little too small for me (as can be seen in the side profile). I’m not sure if it’s that this colourway runs smaller or that the sister sizes don’t have identical cup volume, but it might be something to keep in mind.

Overall I am so, so in love with this bra. The fit and shape are the best I’ve found in just about any bra, and combined with the absolutely gorgeous colourways available, I have quite possibly found my all-time favourite bra. If you’re a Cleo fan but need a bigger cup and/or (like me) dislike their bands, or if you’re a Jasmine/Envy fan but want a firmer fabric, I would definitely recommend trying out the Floris.

The Panache Floris is available in various colourways in sizes 30-38 D-K at Brastop, Bravissimo and Belle Lingerie, and retails for £30 (with some older colourways available on sale).

Bra measurements (L-R): Aurora, Purple Floral and Grey Mix in 30JJ, Ivory Floral in 32J

Panache Floris in Aurora set provided for review by Panache Lingerie. Though this set was received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.

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8 thoughts on “Perfection in Panache Floris

  1. The Floris was the first bra I picked when I was properly sized at Bravissimo and it never gets old, I have had one in every colour except the Aurora and it looks so gorgeous I want to go out and get it when it the price comes down a bit!

  2. As a guy I’ll say I absolutely prefer girls with curves. Having found this blog by accident I simply had to post and make a point that girls there are so many guys who adore and prefer girls with curves. All the women I see here are beautiful and attractive to me.

    What so many sometimes think of as flaws are really examples of real women with real bodies and not the impossible “ideal” model. Such have no interest to me what so ever and are not attractive. Please believe me, ladies, you are lovely and attractive to us guys. The guys who have hangups about your tummy, or a stretch mark are the shallow, self-absorbed, and vacuous. A man who thinks and knows true beauty sees it in you, not a fashion model.

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  4. What a wonderful review, Thank you. I am such a huge fan of florals and all these bras are so lovely. My fav would have to be the purple and the ivory florals. I think that it would give you the coverage under both lighter and darker tops. I am the same as you and like the U shape in the back of my bras as they seem to give great comfort and are very supportive. I love this brand, they always seem to produce very well made and long lasting bras that hold there shape well. As a side note, I like higher waisted pants and with more coverage on the bottom and these pants look wonderful and exactly what i look for in my knickers. Love your reviews and will be keeping my eye out for these sets here in Australia.

    • Wow, most people don’t tend to be fans of the purple floral! The ivory floral and aurora colourways have to be my favourites :) I’d love if these had full high waist briefs – maybe some day!

      • i dont know why i like the purple, maybe as it goes well under darker tops, but yes i would go for the ivory colorway first. If these set had high waisted briefs i too like you would line up for them,,,,one day

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