Boxer Briefs for Women from TomboyX

TomboyX are an underwear and clothing brand, offering androgynous-styled pieces aimed at tomboy and queer women. The brand was launched in 2013 by Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, a gay couple who saw the lack of non-feminine styles on the market, and decided to do something about it. They aim to empower women by providing comfortable, well-made, fashionable clothing that is neither ultra feminine nor super masculine. I was recently contacted by TomboyX asking if I would like to review any of their underwear, to which I gladly agreed!

TomboyX Short Briefs in Plum, size Large 1

TomboyX Short Briefs in Plum, size Large 2

There are currently five brief styles of different lengths available, covering standard briefs all the way through to 6.5″ inseam boxers. I was sent the “Tomboy Short” briefs in Plum, a new boxer brief style with a shorter 2.5″ inseam. My full hip measurement is approximately 42.5″, so (as per the size chart) I requested a size large. Currently pricing between 18-27 USD (approx £12-18), these are similarly priced to most briefs I buy. If you usually stick to 3-for-£10 package deals TomboyX’s offerings might seem a little on the expensive side, but I would say the comfort and quality definitely justify the price.

TomboyX Short Briefs in Plum, size Large 3

Getting straight to the point: I absolutely adore these briefs. They are quite possibly the comfiest pair of undies I have ever owned in my life, and I love the look of them. The briefs are styled after your typical men’s boxer briefs, featuring a wide elasticated waistband with the brand logo, wide hems around the legs, and contrasting grey piping to highlight the centre panel. However, while they are clearly menswear-inspired, the shorter inseam gives them a less overtly masculine feel, and I would say makes them much more of an androgynous choice.

TomboyX Short Briefs in Plum, size Large 4

As these briefs are targeted at women, they don’t have extra space in the front (though I would say they’re a slightly looser, more comfortable fit in that region than most women’s briefs). They also have more of a curve to the hips than men’s briefs. This means they would likely best fit those AFAB looking for more masculine options (whether cis women, non-binary individuals or trans men), though they wouldn’t be the best choice if you want to wear a packer.

TomboyX Short Briefs in Plum, size Large 5

I was worried that the elasticated waistband would be itchy or dig in, but it is incredibly silky soft and smooth, and feels wonderfully long lasting. The rest of the fabric is similarly lovely and soft – the briefs are made with 95% cotton, 5% spandex fabric, so they feel very breathable whilst also retaining a comfortable amount of stretch. In place of an often-itchy tag, they also have the brand/care details printed in the back, which I think is a great choice comfort-wise, though there is a chance these details will rub off over time. Together, all these things make them an extremely comfortable pair of undies, and they seem to be holding up really well. While I wasn’t sure what to expect from these in terms of shape, I found the legs of the briefs curve up around the back, which I personally find very flattering on me, and I love how they make my booty look.

TomboyX Short Briefs in Plum, size Large 7

Overall I really do love these briefs, and I am quite likely going to have to get my hands on more! They’re great for the days when I don’t feel like wearing something super feminine, as well as when I just need something comfortable. They work great both for long days on the go and for lazy days lounging on the sofa, so if you’re looking for more androgynous or menswear-inspired choices, I would definitely keep TomboyX in mind.

What do you think of these briefs? Are you a fan of androgynous pieces, or do you prefer your briefs to be more fabulously feminine? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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Bra: Panache ‘Sport’ in Red/Grey, size 30H. Available in 28-40 bands and B-J cups. Reviewed here.
Briefs: TomboyX ‘Tomboy Short’ Briefs for Women in Plum, size large. Available in XS-4X, RRP $21.50.
Shirt: Boston Crew Plaid Shirt (discontinued).

Briefs provided for review by TomboyX. Though these briefs were received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.

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