Reinventing the Classics with Gossard

Editor’s note: Today’s review will be of the Gossard “Gypsy” set. While I understand that this set is a remake of a set made in the 1980s and is named as such, it would be extremely ignorant of me not to point out that G**** is a racial slur, still used against Rromani people today. It is not a synonym for bohemian, free spirit, hippie or anything like that, and to use it as a bra name is very trivialising of the Rromani experience. For this reason, the bra will be simply referred to as “G” throughout this review.

As you may know I recently received the Gossard Desire set (which I previously reviewed here), and I surprisingly received a second set, which was the Gossard G Non Padded Bra in Caramel with the matching Deep Short. The G is one of Gossard‘s iconic styles, originally introduced in the 80’s as the bra that “made men faint”. It’s been out of production for a while, but a few months ago, the style was modernised and re-released as a non-padded bra, padded bra and basque, in two continuity colourways of black and caramel.

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (3)

My usual size is a 28G, but as always Gossard’s bands start at 30, and as I had heard this particular bra runs a little big, I decided to try out a 30F with XS briefs. Usually, the type of bras I go for are padded plunge sets (as I have quite close-set breasts I find the low gores work best for me) – but I unexpectedly love this non-padded bra!

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (6)

I was surprised to find out that the G set was not part of their VIP range, as it looks and feels absolutely gorgeous! The bra itself is floral lace in a beautiful pink-based caramel shade. On the gore sits a delicate little bow and just beneath that – their signature letter ‘G’ on gold hardware. The fully adjustable straps are ruched, adding a bit of a classically feminine vibe, but smooth on the underside for added comfort.

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (1)

The floral lace covers the front of the bra, but also a little way after the cups wiring ends, and the band at the back is made from caramel-nude stretchy mesh. I found the gore quite interesting as the fabric doesn’t go to the top (where the cup wiring ends), giving a little peek-a-boo/cut-out effect.

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (9)

When checking the measurements, the band measures 23 inches laid flat and 30 inches when stretched, so I find the band is true-to-size. In this size, the G fastens with three sets of hooks, and I find the band to be an okay fit on me. As I have previously said, I usually wear a 28 band, so if they were available I would’ve liked to test one out.

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (4)

The matching briefs are just as beautiful as the bra, and the XS size sits comfortably on my 37 inch hips. The shorts are super high-waisted – which I absolutely love! I personally find the style to be very flattering and thanks to the floating inner control panel, it smooths and sculpts the waist. They are made from the same floral lace fabric with an identical bow to the bra sat on the centre of the waist, at the back there’s a small mesh triangle at the top (I imagine in order to have a little extra give in the waist).

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (7)

I think the cups of this bra run quite big. I had already sized down by one cup-size, but I still get a small amount of wrinkling on the outer top of the cups, though it isn’t too noticeable. The cups do have a little bit of stretch in them, so I think it would be best to try out 1 and 2 cup-sizes down to try and find the best fit.

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (8)

The cups seem fairly average width and depth, with a relatively average gore height. As it is unpadded and the fabrics are quite stretchy, I find that I get a fairly natural shape in this bra. I find this bra works nicely as an everyday nude bra for me (as well as when I want to wear something pretty), though it won’t be the best choice is you want lots of support, as I don’t think running in this bra would be particularly enjoyable!

Gossard Gypsy Unpadded Bra and Deep Brief in Caramel - 30F, XS (5)

To summarise I am absolutely delighted to have this set in my collection – it is just stunning! The lace lies super flat and feels really soft and breathable on the skin, and the colour and design of this set is very elegant yet really comfortable, so it would be ideal for either the bedroom or every day wear! If you want something pretty, practical and comfortable, I would definitely recommend this set!

What do you think? Were you a fan of the original style? Do you have any ideas for a better name for it? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

Bra: Gossard ‘Gypsy’ Non-Padded Bra in Caramel, size 30F. Available in 30-38 bands, A-G cups, RRP £30.
Briefs: Gossard ‘Gypsy’ Deep Short in Caramel, size XS. Available in XS-XL, RRP £22.

Gossard ‘Gypsy’ set provided for review by Gossard. Though this set was received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. This is gorgeous, pity about the name. Maybe something like Giselle? It sounds similar but without the negative connotations!

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