SIL Preview: Charnos AW16

Next up is the second of the LF Intimates brands, Charnos! Charnos aims to provide pieces with a little more luxury and sophistication, with the Charnos AW16 collection featuring shades of raspberry, deep purple, ivory and gold, and plenty of options available up to a J cup!

Charnos Violet Set in Raspberry (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Violet in Raspberry (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Sienna Set in Deep Purple (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Violet in Raspberry (pictures 1-2; 32 C-J, 34-38 B-J, 40 D-F) ; Charnos Sienna in Deep Purple (picture 3; 30 D-J, 32-38 B-J, 40 D-F)

The main fashion colours of this collection are raspberry and purple, used here in the Violet and Sienna. Both of these styles are available up to J cups, something I’m very happy about! Both of these are side support full cups, but while the Sienna features a rigid upper, the Violet instead uses stretch lace, which means that if one doesn’t work for you, it may be worth trying the other. Also, I really love these colours! I believe this is the first colourway of the Sienna which has used contrasting colours for the base and detailing, and I think it’s a great way to liven up a classic design.

Charnos Suzette Set in Black (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Suzette in Black (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Suzette in Black (30 D-J, 32-38 B-J)

Another J cup style, the Suzette. This has been released in ivory and scarlet so far, but I think this black colourway has to be my favourite. I know, I’m boring, but it looks like it’ll be a great basic piece, and I love how the black embroidery on the sheer upper cup really stands out against the skin.

Charnos Bridgette Set in Black Gold (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Bridgette in Black Gold (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Bridgette Chemise in Black Gold (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Bridgette Full Cup Bra in Black/Gold (pictures 1-2; 30 D-J, 32-38 B-J) ; Charnoss Bridgette Chemise in Black/Gold (picture 3; S-XL)

Black and gold is a popular combination this season, and Charnos are using it for this new style, Bridgette! I believe this is a full cup style, featuring an inner support sling and a stretch upper cup. While this isn’t described as a plunge, the gore does look quite low (far closer to their plunges than their other full cups), so this is a style I’m definitely excited to try out myself!

Charnos Bailey Strapless and Garter Belt Set in Ivory (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Bailey Strapless in Ivory (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Bailey Padded Bra Set in Ivory (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Bailey Padded Bra in Ivory (Charnos AW16)

Charnos Bailey Strapless in Ivory (pictures 1-2; 32-38 B-G) ; Charnos Bailey Padded Plunge Bra in Ivory (pictures 3-4; 32 C-G, 34-38 B-G)

Finally, the Bailey returns in a lovely new shade of ivory. There are some new additions to the line in the form of a strapless bra, suspender belt and separate garter, giving a great range of pieces to choose from. Obviously this will be a great new bridal option, but due to how pretty and versatile it is, I think it makes a great choice for a slightly more luxurious basic set, regardless of occasion.

Along with these, there were two new styles that I didn’t get a chance photograph: the Rosalind in Soft Pink (a ballet pink/blush shade), and the new Superfit Lace ‘Moulded Bra’, a moulded t-shirt style in Black/Nude, featuring solid black cups and lace appliqué on the band. Overall this is another small-but-sweet collection from Charnos, with some really lovely pieces throughout. I’m glad that, unlike Lepel, Charnos are continuing to produce and develop J cup designs, and I’m really looking forward to trying some of them out!

What do you think of the Charnos AW16 collection? Are you a Charnos fan? Have you tried out any of their H+ styles yet? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “SIL Preview: Charnos AW16

  1. I am in love with this brand. All the sets are just stunning. I really like the Violet for the stunning print and as i like a bit more coverage on the bottoms, these ones are perfect. Very pretty set. The Sienna is also a lovely set that looks great for everyday wear. I like the full cups and lovely colour. The Suzette is so wonderfully feminine, the lace is so pretty that it would look good peeking out as it is too good to hide. When i got to the Bridgette Chemise i fell in love. It is so lovely and would make any woman feel like a princess. The detailing is just so pretty you would want to wear it every night.
    Thank you for a wonderfull post on this brand. I will be looking out for them.

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