SIL Preview: Lepel AW16

Next up, Lepel (AKA Audelle)! The Lepel AW16 collection primarily features shades of fuschia pink, brilliant blue and deep purple, balanced with neutrals of black, gold and blush.

Lepel Roxy Balconette Longline Set in Blue Print Multi (AW16)

Lepel Roxy Balconette Longline in Blue Print Multi (AW16)

Lepel Roxy Plunge Set in Blue Print Multi (AW16)

Lepel Roxy Plunge in Blue Print Multi (AW16)

Lepel Victoria Plunge Push Up Set in Deep Purple Brilliant Blue (AW16)

Lepel Victoria Plunge Push Up in Deep Purple Brilliant Blue (AW16)

Lepel Roxy Balconette Longline in Blue Print Multi (pictures 1-2; 30-38 B-G) ; Lepel Roxy Plunge in Blue Print Multi (pictures 3-4; 30 B-F, 32-36 A-F, 38 B-F) ; Lepel Victoria Plunge Push Up Bra in Deep Purple/Brilliant Blue (pictures 5-6; 30-36 B-F, 38 B-E)

Blue and purple are strong shades for this collection, as shown here in the Roxy and Victoria. I absolutely adore the Roxy! I believe this is Lepel’s first venture into a longline bra, and it is just so lovely. The Victoria is also one of my favourite Lepel styles (those seamed cup panels!), and this electrifying purple/blue colourway does not disappoint!

Lepel Fiore Padded Plunge Set in Fuschia Brilliant Blue (AW16)

Lepel Fiore Full Cup Set in Fuschia Brilliant Blue (AW16)

Lepel Victoria Moulded Balcony Bra in Fuschia

Lepel Daisy Set in Black Fuschia (AW16)

Lepel Fiore Padded Plunge in Fuschia/Brilliant Blue (30 B-G, 32-36 A-G, 38 B-G) ; Lepel Fiore Full Cup in Fuschia/Brilliant Blue (30 D-G, 32-38 B-G) ; Lepel Victoria Moulded Balcony in Fuschia (30 B-G, 32-36 A-G, 38 B-G) ; Lepel Daisy Padded Plunge in Black/Fuschia (30-38 B-G)

Fuschia is the next strong colour for this collection, shown throughout the FioreVictoria and Daisy. The bright blue shade from the Roxy and Victoria continues onto the Fiore, giving a really bold and eyecatching look. As far as I’m aware, this is Lepel’s first two-tone Fiore colourway, and I think this might be one style which divides opinions! I didn’t get a picture of this season’s colourway of the Victoria, however, I believe this photo I took of a different colourway sample last season is very close to how it will look. Note that the Victoria will only be available in fuschia in the balcony cut, not the plunge.

Lepel Lyla Set in Black (AW16)

Lepel Lyla in Black (AW16)

Lepel Matilda Push-Up in Black Gold (Lepel AW16)

Lepel Fiore Padded Plunge Set in Soft Pink (AW16)

Lepel Lyla Moulded Plunge Push Up in Black (pictures 1-2; 30 B-E, 32-36 A-E, 38 B-DD) ; Lepel Matilda Moulded Plunge Push Up in Black/Gold (picture 3; 30 B-E, 32-36 A-E, 38 B-DD) ; Lepel Fiore Padded Plunge in Soft Pink (30 B-G, 32-36 A-G, 38 B-G)

We have a few new neutral options in the Lyla PlungeMatilda Plunge and Fiore! Lyla is currently available as a standard moulded t-shirt bra, so this plunge cut is a little something new. We also have something similar happening in the Matilda, which has been available as a moulded balconette for a few seasons, but will be introduced as a moulded plunge in both Black/Gold and Ivory for AW16. Let me just say, I absolutely love this style! I’m a little disappointed that it currently only reaches E cups (as opposed to G cups in some of Lepel’s other moulded plunge styles), but I am hoping this may change in future. Finally, there will also be a lovely blush shade for the Fiore, both in the padded plunge (pictured) and the full cup.

Lepel Lilly Set in Leopard Print (AW16)

Lepel Lilly in Leopard Print (30 B-G, 32-36 A-G, 38 B-G)

The last piece of the collection is Lilly! Lilly appears every season in a new, fun print, and this season, it’s going to be leopard print. This colourway is a bit of a change (Lilly usually features brightly coloured, somewhat cartoony, teen-appropriate patterns), but I personally really like it! The leopard print means this style can appeal to a wide range of ages, but the pink trim along the cups and straps still keeps it cute, fun and accessible for a younger audience. I think this is probably my favourite Lilly colourway so far!

Overall I do really like the colours Lepel have chosen for this season, and I think the new cuts and styles they’re introducing are very exciting (hello, longlines)! One thing I am disappointed to see, however, is that there are once again no new J cup styles available from Lepel this season. I was so excited when J cups were first introduced from Lepel and Charnos, but a couple of seasons later, there is only one J cup style available. I’m hoping this isn’t permanent and Lepel are just taking some time to adjust fit and such, as I’m going to be so gutted if not!

So, what do you think of the Lepel AW16 collection? Any favourite pieces? Any favourite colour combinations? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “SIL Preview: Lepel AW16

  1. It seems that soft colours and bold floral prints are really in vogue in 2016. I love the flurty and fun prints in this post. All the sets are to die for. I love the soft pink set for the details and it really would make you feel like your in spring. The pants in these sets would be great for when you don’t want a vpl under tight fitting clothes.. I look forward to seeing what other sets are in this brand.

    • I think Lepel have got some really great designs, too! The floral on the longline is so deep and fun, I love it. I’m glad you’re enjoying these previews – I really appreciate your thoughts on the different collections :)

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