Introducing: Rochella Lingerie

One brand that I was very excited to see in person was Rochella! Rochella are an independent premium brand launching for SS16, founded by lingerie designer Karen Johnson. They aim to provide beautiful, high-quality lingerie for D-J cups, whilst also supporting a cause closer to Karen’s heart: gynaecological cancer research. As a survivor of one herself, Karen has committed to donate a percentage of all profits towards The Eve Appeal (the only gynaecological cancer research charity in the UK). And, of course, Rochella’s pieces are stunning.

With bras retailing for £59, suspender briefs for £46 and briefs for £30, they have a fairly mid-range price point – enough to be a bit of a splurge piece, but not so expensive as to make them unattainable. So, let’s take a look at Rochella SS16!

Rochella Tattoo Butterfly Bra (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Tattoo Butterfly Bra Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Tattoo Butterfly Bra and Brief

Possibly my favourite style of the collection, the Tattoo Butterfly! Many of Rochella’s styles feature illusion mesh for the upper cup, which should become invisible for all skin tones. Combined with the bold black embroidered detailing, this gives an almost tattoo effect against the skin, which is really gorgeous and striking. All of these bras feature a printed Italian satin for the outer cup, which is delightfully soft, stretchy and comfortable, and a soft, supportive lavender mesh for the inner lining. The soft lavender shade is a nod to the purple ribbon used for gynaecological cancer awareness, which serves as a reminder of the cause you’re supporting when you wear Rochella.

Rochella Minnie May Bra (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Minnie May Bra Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Minnie May Bra and Brief

Rochella have many elegant vintage-inspired pieces, and the Minnie May is definitely one of them. Again, this features a sheer upper with bold embroidery, but the purple mesh and magenta embroidery gives a very different (yet still gorgeous!) effect. Another detail all of Rochella’s bras feature is the small heart charm on the centre gore, stamped with a little R. Rochella’s heart charms, sliders, hooks and suspenders are all made with 18ct gold plating, a little detail which adds a lovely touch.

Rochella Gypsy Bra (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Gypsy Bra Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Gypsy Brief (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Gypsy Brief Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Gypsy Bra and Suspender Brief

This style is called Gypsy, featuring an ivory and rose pink floral over a black base. You can see the amount of detail that goes into every part of Rochella’s designs by looking at this style! All of Rochella’s briefs feature this lined keyhole detailing on the back, which I personally think gives an absolutely stunning touch. However, while the bra itself is probably another of my favourites in terms of appearance, it would be ignorant of me not to point out that (as I wrote about the Gossard bra of the same name) the naming of this bra is very distasteful. The design itself is lovely, but bra brands, please reconsider these kind of names!

Rochella Rosey Posey Bra (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Rosey Posey Bra Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Rosey Posey Bra and Brief

The Rosey Posey is another vintage-inspired design, featuring a picture-perfect rose print in ice cream shades of ivory, pale pink and raspberry red. This again uses scalloped sheer illusion mesh, embroidered with roses and swirls. The embroidery continues along the edge of the upper cup, giving an eyelash lace effect. All of Rochella’s bras use hook and eye fastenings made with a tactile soft microfibre, with 4 columns of eyes (rather than the usual 3) to give a longer lifespan and greater range of fit.

Rochella Pretty In Pink Polka Bra (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Pretty In Pink Polka Bra Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Pretty In Pink Polka Bra and Brief

The Pretty In Pink Polka is another of my favourites, featuring small black polka dots over an icy pink base. This is such a lovely, pin-up inspired style! You can also see the lavender lining a bit better in this picture. I think the lavender is a really lovely choice, as it seems to work really nicely under all of these different colours, as well as being beautiful in its own right.

Rochella Lucy Leopard Bra (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Lucy Leopard Bra Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Lucy Leopard Brief Detailing (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Lucy Leopard Bra and Suspender Brief

Continuing with the vintage inspiration, Lucy Leopard! I adore pink and black together, and it turns out, I adore pink, black and leopard print together even more! The embroidered mesh used for the upper cup here is one of the bolder choices of the collection, featuring criss-cross detailing, thick black lines and opaque circles. This style is also available with a suspender brief, which features detachable suspenders and a light control powermesh, which gives smoothing and support whilst also keeping your stockings up.

Rochella Scarletta Bra (Rochella SS16)

Rochella Scarletta Bra and Brief

Finally, Scarletta! This features red lace print over a pale pink base, with floral embroidery across the upper cup. In the product images it appears to use a sheer white mesh, however, in person this seemed to use the illusion mesh shown above. The product description also describes it as an “invisible net”, so I think it’s safe to assume that it will be illusion mesh, not white. I love piping details, so I really like the bold red piping on the briefs and across the cups, as well as the red satin wire casings.

So, that’s the full collection! Overall I’m really excited about this brand. Their designs are so classic and beautiful, not to mention that launching up to a J cup straight off the bat is very rare, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where Rochella go from here. Rochella’s website states that all of their bras are available in 32-42 D-J, however, looking on individual product pages, the range appears to be 32-34 D-J, 36 D-HH, 38 D-H, 40 D-GG & 42 D-G, with briefs available in sizes 10-24. I am not sure if this is the complete size range or if some sizes (e.g. 38J) can be custom ordered, but for now, I would assume it’s just the sizes shown on the site (which is still a great range to launch with!).

What do you think of the Rochella SS16 collection? Any favourite pieces? Would you try them out? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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Founder and main author of Bras and Body Image. Anna is a lingerie lover, feminist and maths student based in the UK, who hopes to someday cuddle every cat in the world.

16 thoughts on “Introducing: Rochella Lingerie

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand but I LOVE the bras – and the shape / construction is the sort which I wear all the time. Have you actually tried these on? How do they fit?

    • They’re really lovely designs! I haven’t tried these on (nor have I seen any reviews yet), but I’m hoping to be able to try them at some point. I’ve been wearing 32Js in a few styles recently, so hopefully I’ll be able to fit into some of these :) I’ll definitely write a review if I do try them out!

  2. Anna, they are stunning, the fabrics, the prints are uniquely beautiful. The mesh upper cup with tattoo designs are so thoughtful……thank you for introduducing these creations.

  3. Thanks – I look forward to it. I may have to be the guinea pig and try them on a whim. Not generally how I roll since I live in Canada and our dollar is shot right now. These things are expensive in my currency.

  4. Wow these are beautiful! Are these all full coverage? Are there any balconett/half cup styles? Will they be available in the U.S.?

    • From what I understand, Rochella’s bras are intended to be “true balconettes”, and apparently feature lower gores and lower coverage than your average full-bust balconette. Not having tried them, I can’t guarantee that this is the case, but if I do get a chance to try them I’ll be sure to report back!

      I’m not sure about availability in the US – Rochella are a UK-based brand, and their site does have an option to buy in USD, but I’m not aware of any stockists in the US at the moment. It might be worth emailing/messaging Rochella themselves to see if there are any places closer to you stocking them.

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