Review of the Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty (70K)

I mentioned in my review of the Ewa Michalak S Gazeta that I usually take a 70K (32K) in my Ewa Michalak S bras, but I haven’t actually reviewed any of these yet! So, today I thought I would review another of my S styles, the S Turkusowe Kwiaty!

1 - Ewa Michalak S Turkutsowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

The Turkusowe Kwiaty is a beautifully sweet and summery piece, featuring a delectable floral in bubblegum shades of blue and pink, with smaller pops of bluebell, sunny yellow, blush pink and rose red. The straps, band elastic and bows are bubblegum blue, while the cups are trimmed with bright pink lace, which I think is a really fun and eye-catching combination!

2 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

As this bra is made in the S cut, the construction is identical to that of my S Gazeta. The bra is lightly padded, but it also comes with removable padded inserts, which you can place into a pocket in the bottom of each cup. These can be used to even out asymmetry, to fill empty space if you’re between cup sizes, or just to give your cleavage a boost! I I personally find this style to fit me perfectly without needing the inserts, however, I usually leave them in anyway – I feel like the extra layer adds a bit more sturdiness and support, and a bit more cleavage never hurt anyone 😉

3 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

The floral fabric is wonderfully soft and smooth, with no hint of roughness or itchiness, and (like all of Ewa’s bras) the cups are lined with cotton for breathability and comfort. The cup material isn’t stiff foam, but it isn’t overly flimsy/flexible either, striking a happy medium of comfort and support. Unfortunately I didn’t get my hands on the matching briefs for this bra, so I’m wearing the bra here with some basic Topshop knickers.

4 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

The bra brings my breasts up front and centre, giving a beautifully rounded and lifted shape, with the subtly marked apex giving a light silhouette under clothes. I also find that the sides of the bra are lower than most of my other bras, fitting comfortably with no digging or rubbing under my arms (woo!).

5 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

In terms of fit, this bra is an absolute revelation on me. The narrow wires encase my breasts perfectly, the deep cups fit without giving any overspill or gapping, and the band is snug and supportive. The fit is beautiful in nearly every way. The gorgeous fit combined with the summery look makes this bra a firm favourite of mine – putting it on never fails to lift my mood at least a little bit!

6 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

The bra fastens with three sets of hooks and eyes, with four columns of hooks to give some range in fit. The straps are fully adjustable, which is good news for taller and shorter people alike, and the U-shaped band feels comfortable and secure.

7 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

My one issue with this bra is that the straps are set slightly further apart than I would like. However, I do find that they are closer set than my old PL bras, and I don’t seem to have any issues with the straps rubbing my underarms/shoulders during regular wear, so this is more just personal preference!

8 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

So, as for the technical stuff! As expected from Ewa Michalak, the cups are narrow and deep, which makes them great for fuller busted people like me who find that their boobs are pretty much just on the front of their chest (rather than going back into their armpits). The wires are average height at the gore and sides, and the gore is narrow, which is perfect for my close-set breasts. The cups have a fair amount of vertical volume and are somewhat open on top, with plenty of projection in the bottom of the cup.

9 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

For those who know their breast type, I would say this style would best fit those with projected, average-to-tall breasts. I would also say that (without pads) it would best suit full-on-bottom to even breasts, but those with full-on-top breasts may also be able to wear this style if worn with the pads in.

10 - Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty 70K (32K)

Overall, once again, I really love this style! One of the great things about Ewa Michalak’s bras is that she uses the same basic cuts in different styles, so once you find a cut that works well for you, it’s a fairly safe bet that other styles in the same cut will fit well, too. In my case, I find the S cut to fit me wonderfully, which means that I’ve been amassing a rather impressive collection of these bras! Unfortunately this particular style is now in the outlet, however, there are still limited sizes available, and if you’re really set on a just-discontinued style, it might still be worth getting in touch and seeing if they have any leftover fabric!

So, what do you think of the Turkusowe Kwiaty? Do you have any favourite styles from Ewa Michalak at the moment? Is there anything you’re hoping to see from them in the future? Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

Bra: Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty, size 70K. S available in a large custom size range. Colourway on final sale, RRP 179zł (approx £34).
Briefs: Topshop Full Lace Knickers in Turquoise (Discontinued), size 12. Available in 6-16, RRP £4.

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9 thoughts on “Review of the Ewa Michalak S Turkusowe Kwiaty (70K)

  1. Could you tell me if these bras are available anywhere in the United States?
    Deperate to find a bra that actually fits me!

    • Hey Sherri! You can order directly from Ewa Michalak online, however, many US consumers prefer to buy from US boutiques and stores such as Zathiya online and A Revelation in Fit in Oakland. The price is a little higher than ordering directly, however, the customer service is much better, and if you have any problems with your bras, it’s much easier to get them sorted and resolved :)

  2. I personally love the print and the one-coloured straps soooo so much! Just as you wrote – perfect for summer. :) I still have not tried any Ewa Michalak bra but as I am searching through all the rewievs of this brand I think it is a neccesity to do so. :)

    You look very chic in this set btw, the colours suits you so well. <3

    • Thanks for your comment, and your kind words! This is suuuuch a lovely bra, and the time of year feels perfect for it – think I’m gonna have to pull it out tomorrow :) I think every brand is worth trying out at least once, and I am a big fan of EM – if you like the look of Ewa’s bras and it isn’t too hard to get your hands on them, I’d definitely go for it!

      • I am maybe a little worried about the comfort I could get from Ewa Michalak bra. I have this crazy theory that bras under a certain price are not wearable for a whole day for me (yes I’m a little princess I know, haha :D).
        But anyway, the price is also the reason I am not so afraid to try one.

        But I am still not sure which size should I try. I am usually a 32GG girl (Panache, Freya), sometimes 32H (Curvy Kate). Could you help me a litle bit with this? :) I understtod I should go a size or two up in the cups, is that true?

        Thank you and I wish you speedy recovery!


        • Hey Viv, thanks for your kind words! <3

          I actually find my Ewa Michalak S bras among my comfiest. My old PLs weren't, due to the widely placed straps, but the strap placement of my S bras is about the same (if not better than) my usual UK-brand bras.

          I consider my usual starting-point size to be a 30K. I usually wear a 30JJ in Panache (stretchy/open top styles), a 30JJ/K in Freya, a 30K in Curvy Kate's balconettes, a 32J in Curvy Kate's padded half-cups, and a 32K in Ewa Michalak. If your usual size is a 32GG, I'd likely start with a 32H, possibly a 34GG depending on reviews (as many EM styles are known to run firm) :)

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