My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: DD Atelier

DD Atelier is a Russian retailer, dedicated to creating clothing to fit and flatter a full bust. They provide a wide range of clothes in a variety of styles, from evening dresses to casual shirts. Their clothes are available in sizes 65-85 (approx 23-32″ waists) and three bust sizes of D, F and H (allowing up to 12″ waist/bust distance), though various bloggers have found their sizing to be generous.

DD Atelier Lace Dress Nude

Lace Dress in Nude, available in sizes 70-85 D-F.

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My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak (Effuniak) is a Polish brand, offering a fantastic range of sizes and styles. Their mission is to provide bras for everyone, regardless of size or breast type, something that they do quite well! Their bras are readily available in band sizes 65-100 (approximately 30-44 UK), and cups AA-KK. However, many of their bras can be custom ordered, giving a custom size range of band sizes 50-105 (approximately 24-46 UK), with cups up to a 70M and sister sizes.

Ewa Michalak skin tone bras

L-R: S Czekolada, SM Nana beżowa, PL Toffik, S Porcelanka, S Satine

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My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Hotmilk

Hotmilk are a maternity and nursing lingerie company originating in New Zealand, aiming to provide sexy, trend-setting and empowering maternity lingerie for full busts. With a philosophy is to celebrate and empower women and a fresh, creative approach, they have rapidly grown to become a global leader in sexy pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie.

Hotmilk Show Off Blue Nursing Bra

Show Off nursing bra in blue, available in 32-38 D-H.

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My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Hips & Curves

Hips & Curves is an award-winning online lingerie store, dedicated to providing the latest and greatest in plus-size styles. They sell a huge variety of playful and provocative plus-size lingerie – from corsets to costumes, and from demure to unashamedly sexy. They are one of the most popular plus-size lingerie retailers around, and looking at their selections, it’s not hard to see why.

Hips and Curves Strappy Stretch Lace Bra Black

Strappy Stretch Lace Bra in Black

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My Blog’s 2nd Birthday: Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate are currently one of the biggest names in the full-bust market, and when you look at their designs, it isn’t hard to see why. They are dedicated to providing fun, flirty sets, in an impressive size range of 28-40 D-K.

Curvy Kate SS14 Brochure

L-R: Portia Lime/Rose, Eden Rose Print, Dreamcatcher Rose. All available in 28-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G.

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